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  1. On 5/25/2023 at 12:37 PM, Dennis_C said:

    Hi Giorgio, 

    Thanks for insights into Italy politics. I personally do not expect anything other than F-16 coming to Ukraine any time in the foreseeable future. But who knows.

    As to AMX usefulness - I think anything could be useful and in particular AMX could probably replace Su-25 when no more would be available from Ukrainian allies. Of course if you choose between F-16 and AMX - F-16 is a go for option. But in case a nation gives just some incremental AMXs - why not to take 'em?

    Anyway Italeri AMX can be in time to at least do some what-ifs.

    I don't know...in terms of survivability, I believe the AMX is nowhere close to the Rook

  2. 11 hours ago, Giorgio N said:


    The rest of the cockpit is in "good old" FS 36231 used on US aircraft since the '50s. 

    This is not included in the Air Force document as the latter only lists exterior finishes but has long been used in Italy for cockpits of military aircraft 

    Thanks Giorgio

  3. Does anyone know what color the lower part of the cockpit of the ItAF AMX happens to be?
    In color pictures, it appears to be a blue-gray, slightly darker than the exterior color.

    The exterior color, at least to my untrained eye, seems to have been extended to the upper part of the cockpit interior.

    From what I could glean, the exterior color should be FS 36280 "GRIGIO CIELO MEDIO" per Table 1 (list of colors) of Publication AER(EP).M-P-100.

    There are three more grays listed in Table 1, specifically, Dark Gray "GRIGIO SCURO" FS36081, Dark, Sky Gray "GRIGIO CIELO SCURO" FS36152, and Light Sky Gray "GRIGIO CIELO CHIARO" FS36314.

    FS36314 should be the most likely candidate, given its closeness (FS595-wise) to FS36280, but I'm gonna leave the final word to the experts...




  4. What really annoys me is that, despite the relatively high price, slats and flaps are not separate parts and on the real aircraft, when parked (no hydraulic pressure), they are down!😠


    Reckon Italeri has decided to give business to the aftermarket manufacturers...😏

  5. Hi SafetyDad,


    Could it be one of the RLM 79 Variants?


    And in your opinion, would this apply just to the NASM airframe, or could it be an Arado's approved practice, perhaps applied to the production from a given Werknummer on?


    Thanks for your input.





  6. The caption to a picture on page 69 of ARADO 234 BLITZ, by J.R.Smith and E.J.Creek, Monogram Monarch - 1, states " When NASM staff were working on the interior of the undercarriage stowage bay they found this unusual buff color ".


    I thought RLM 02 or un-painted were the only options, but the evidence shows otherwise. Can any Luftwaffe color expert cast some light?



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