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  1. Hi SafetyDad,


    Could it be one of the RLM 79 Variants?


    And in your opinion, would this apply just to the NASM airframe, or could it be an Arado's approved practice, perhaps applied to the production from a given Werknummer on?


    Thanks for your input.





  2. The caption to a picture on page 69 of ARADO 234 BLITZ, by J.R.Smith and E.J.Creek, Monogram Monarch - 1, states " When NASM staff were working on the interior of the undercarriage stowage bay they found this unusual buff color ".


    I thought RLM 02 or un-painted were the only options, but the evidence shows otherwise. Can any Luftwaffe color expert cast some light?



  3. 22 hours ago, 72modeler said:



    See if this helps a little. My favorite version, too! I have the Hasegawa "beast mode" kit, and I can't wait to hang all that nasty stuff under it- looks really mean, but VERY unstealthy!




    Hi 72modeller


    it helps and I have already downloaded the full MIL-STD-2161 in pdf.


    What I was referring to is just the color of the upper part of ALL the landing gear struts (I've since found out it applies to all the three members, not just the MLG).


    Check out the following links (F-35B)


    Wiki MLG


    Wiki NLG


    ...and compare the color of the same details in the F-35A...




    ...and F-35C






  4. I've been Google-image searching pic's of various details of the F-35B, in order to accurately build Italeri's 1/72 scale kit.


    I've noticed that, unlike the F-35A and F-35C, the F-35B's top portion of the main landing gear struts is painted what appears to be a medium/dark (metallic?) grey, instead of the customary gloss white.


    Can someone cast some light, i.e. FS color?





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