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  1. Very happy to see this close to release! I will be buying two. I will build one as an A-37B and the other as an OA-37B. Ken
  2. Thank you Julien! I have "liked" their page so now hopefully I can keep up on the status. Looking forward to several of their kits. Ken
  3. Has anyone heard if Kitty Hawk is still planning on putting out the 1/32 OV-10A? It has simply disappeared from the Kitty Hawk website. Ken
  4. Does anyone know anything about this? It has disappeared off of Kitty Hawk's website. Did they cancel it? Ken
  5. So has anyone heard any plans for the "B" model? Ken
  6. I saw that Cybermodeler listed that the "B" version will be released in March 2015. Ken
  7. Cybermodeler has the Trumpeter A-37B listed as being released sometime in 2015. Ken
  8. This is most excellent! I would like to build it as a SC-54D Skymaster. Can't wait to see it! Ken
  9. Okay, I finally got my hands on the A-37A kit! Anybody know when Trumpeter plans on releasing the A-37B version? Ken
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