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  1. Normally I'd be submitting to the Aircraft forum, this is a bit of a first to post here amongst the mud movers... My attempt at a vehicle below, the Airfix Bedford MWD completed as the late version option in the kit in RAF colours. The model is straight from the box. Black and white images and colour ones further down. The model was built as prop for photographing along side my aeroplane builds. The kit is typical 'new' Airfix. Gernally good, but with lots of seam lines to clean up and parts fit that needs keeping an eye on. And a couple in colour...
  2. Yep, you're right. It's over done, again. No disrespect to the RCN intended. I need to change my methods. But it doesn't help that my objectives with this meandered over the years it took to build. At one point I was thinking of how it would look having been parked up ready for scrap - I was even planning on a flat tyre. The two Airfix kits really do fit well together making it a fairly easy conversion - as if one was a version of the other's mould - and I wondered why a Mk XV from Airfix wasn't soon available. They're pipped now by the Special Hobby kit which I think Revell re-boxed. I'm just glad to have finished it and cleared the bench. Thanks for the comments. Paul.
  3. That! is really nicely done. I keep coming back to have another look and to study the details, and skill employed. There looks to be a lot of subtle work going on here. I particularly like the way the leading edge of the wings has come out and the riveting too.
  4. ...hmm, since I did't waste the Seafire Mk XVII kit, all I have left really are the wings from the Mk XII - good for any 'c' wing Spitfire from Vc to XIVc. Perhaps there's a high-back Spitfire Mk XIVc if I combine these wings with an Airfix Spitfire Mk XIX, plus some other bits and bobs. Thanks for the positive comment! Cheers, Paul.
  5. ...that's a very good point, it doesn't! I've made one of these Special Hobby kits already and I think it's a pretty fine rendition, with options to do either the early or late versions... here's my attempt here. Thanks for the positive comment! Cheers, Paul.
  6. Given that Airfix released the Spitfire MkXII and the Seafire MK XVII kits in 1/48 about 9 years ago, I think, I can assume by now everyone knows that one can kit bash them together to get a Seafire Mk XV? And this was before I knew of Special Hobby's Mk XV - which makes the effort of kit bashing the Airfix kits a bit pointless anyway. So not long after the Mk XVII release, that was my plan. But it all went wrong. My first mistake was to cut the fuselage to make use of the moulded open hood and rear section 'all in one' part (I won't do that again - vac-form or spares box will be used next time to get an open hood). My second mistake was to damage the part before I used it. And my third mistake was the damage the replacement part!! Doh! It ended up on the shelf of doom for many years. But, with lockdown time on my hands I've got it sorted - only to add to the list of screw-ups. The main remaining issue, after polishing out my second canopy, was to paint the part such that the Dark Slate Grey colour showed through the open hood section as part of the rear airframe. All good. But... having masked the hood, I then managed to get the Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey around the wrong way on the camo pattern - causing a miss match of colour to that shown under the hood!! And I didn't spot this until well after several more coats of varnish and decals!! Double-doh!!! Anyway, here it is, complete with too much chipping (again!)... I didn't want to waste the Mk XVII kit so I used a resin moulding process to clone some of the parts. (Here's a link to the Mk XVII kit I managed to finish some years ago!!) Additional items used in this build: Cloned parts from the Airfix Seafire Mk XVII kit: Large rudder Large oil cooler/radiator tub Carburettor intake Use of the alternative tail hook (extended) from the Mk XVII kit. Uses the folded main wings and supports from the Mk XVII kit. Modifications needed: Clipped wheel covers. Fuselage strengthening strips – longerons Lifting/hoist points Catapult hooks Re-shaped elevator horn balances to later double-cranked style Scratch-built tail wheel guard Enhancements: Resin exhausts from Quick Boost. Resin block tread wheels from Eduard. Brass cannon barrels. Decals from Model Alliance. And, finally, in my haste to finish it up I forgot to add the radio aerial and undercarriage indicators... Calling it done, and moving on! If you're interested, here's a link to my Special Hobby Seafire Mk XV - 13-9/T (serial number unknown) of 806 squadron, Fleet Air Arm based at Trincomalee in 1945.
  7. Oo, exciting! If that's the case they're likely to stay in the stash. Cheers!
  8. Great thread guys, good info as always - especially re the details of the wing variations. Personally, if it's a slatted wing that can be posed open I'll be buying as soon as I can, and more than one. If it's another fenced variant I won't be - I have a Hasegawa Mk 4 and Italeri E in my stash both waiting for resin and I don't want another. I seriously hope there's sprue variants in the kit (just like XVIII rudder in the Mk XIV Spitfire kit, and the Hunter F6 and F4 wing). Fingers crossed!
  9. And I'll be most interested to see how yours turns out! Paul.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, a really good Mk XVIII would be fabulous. Or at least a Mk XVIII rudder would be a start. I'll keep my eye open for your finished Seafire. Paul.
  11. Yeah, I do touch up the images a bit. I'm really trying for a realistic image rather than touching up any flaws in my modeling work. And I'm no photographer, although there are a few 'tricks' to use. There's a description of how I do the photos on my website, here, if you're interested: http://www.vexillummilitaris.co.uk/?page_id=1299 Cheers, Paul.
  12. Thanks for the comments! Very kind words Chris, thank you. I was surprised with the notifications; thought this post was lost in the depths of time by now. Glad it's still of interest. Cheers, Paul.
  13. Very neat!! You should post some pics on to the Airfix site, I'm sure they'd be interested in seeing that line up. Very nice indeed. Paul.
  14. That's come out very well - you seem to have caught the look of a modern jet nicely. I have a couple yet to build and can only hope and aim for a similar look. Fabulous stuff!
  15. Fabulous model! Amazing work. But also a great choice of subject to read about. Thank you. Paul.
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