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  1. I'll be very interested in anyone who posts a compare and contrast between the three kits. I have Italeri and Hasegawa in the stash with the hope of finding sets of slats for at least one of them. Even wanting to support Airfix, as the 'home team', I can't see buying one until there's a slatted version - but next time I'm allowed out I'll pick up a copy of the mag.
  2. Very well put together. And combined with the photos, particularly the first few, present a very purposeful looking Typhoon tooled up with full war load and ready to go. Very nice.
  3. Very interesting subject choice. And I too like the results achieved with the mottling. Very nice indeed.
  4. A couple or three comments about the photography there... Thanks for the positive comments, but I'm no photographer. Nor do I build complex or detailed dioramas. Here's a shot of the set up... see below. There's more information on my website about the 'tricks' and camera settings, if you'd like to know more... webpage link = Taking Pictures of Models Cheers, Paul.
  5. Thanks! The backdrop is a quick snap taken while on the way home from work, somewhere just south of Lechlade-on-Thames.
  6. Flaps sounds adventurous. That'll need proper cutting into the under wing parts as they are moulded closed. I think the Korean version comes with rockets in the kit. Good luck on those flaps.
  7. It wasn't really a chore. I felt that the area could have been more detailed, but I was hoping to be able to have the gun covers 'on' or 'off' to vary the display for the photographs. But once the guns are all assembled the covers don't quite fit and can't be used to cover the guns. The air brakes just looked too simple and lack detail especially the missing actuator jacks when in the open position. The only aftermarket used was the decal sheet. I cut out and scratch built navigation lights in the wing tips (don't know why these were not clear parts) and I changed the pitot tube for
  8. Outrageously good! Certainly setting a very high standard. And, a lifetime ago, I used to avoid this 'grey' USN scheme and think it dull and boring - your Phantom couldn't be further from that! Amazing/bar setting!
  9. Yeah!! I saw! Thanks. I'm not normally as prolific with my builds - a model every couple of years is more normal - but with 4 in one year, I'm getting used to seeing some of the same characters in the modelling community pop-up regularly and on multiple sites! Thanks for positive comments. Cheers.
  10. Very kind words, thank you. On a previous post some years back somebody here suggested that wheel chocks would just tip the balance for the photograph. I took that feedback and ever since I have tried to set the scene. It really is just a few bits (mostly from Airfix) plonked down and arranged on the table top. It's not what I would think of as a diorama - more case of scene dressing - and took seconds to pose.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments. The gun bays are not too bad - I just can't fit the covers now that there are actually guns in there. But it's really the air brakes. At this scale I think they look a bit simple and crude. They look 'thick' and 'plastic'. So PE would help, or some resin jacks propping them open. Or just glue them shut. By the time I came to fit them everything was painted and weathered and I didn't fancy a re-paint. Hey-ho. 2 more in the stash so plenty of chances to improve (not counting four Classic Airframes kits, the Sword Mk 14 and the 2 earlier versions from Tamiya! )
  12. Yeah, that over-chipped fire extinguisher. I used masking fluid which was a bit gloopie. I'd use hairspray and a toothpick if I was to do it again. My previous builds suffer from the same trait. Thanks for the comments!
  13. Another Airfix Meteor, another lockdown build - 4 builds in a year, I'm on a roll! The kit is OK. It has its problems but nothing that can't be sorted. I regret posing the airbrakes open - I should of added jacks to them, and next time I'll leave the gun bays closed. My intent was a more weathered appearance but I didn't work the paint layers very hard. However, I'm very happy with the High-Speed Silver paint (like most RAF 'silver' aeroplanes, it's not meant to be polished bare metal). The colour was achieved by using Tamiya's LP-11 with a dash of white. Anyway, here you go... comm
  14. Yeah, looks very good to me! As I was scrolling down through the photos I was thinking that parking a Spitfire next to it would be interesting - and you did!! Nicely done.
  15. Very nice Tiger Moth!! Got one in my stash that's now moved up priority for next build! @Troy Smith pointed to a previous post of mine, but there's a bit more detail on the taking pictures on my website, including some notes on camera settings, here's the address if interested... https://www.vexillummilitaris.co.uk/?page_id=1299.
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