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  1. Difficult to come up with suitable words. Your models are just truly astonishing. Gob-smacked!! Amazing!!
  2. Back to the bench for a bit of finishing off - and to take on some feedback from @Troy Smith... Thanks for all the positive comments. Time to let this one drift off into the depths of previous forum pages. Cheers, Paul.
  3. @gingerbob @Johnson Thanks guys. It does sound a bit odd - given that wing tips have been interchangeable since Mk V days and very much so with the MkVIII airframe, on which the Mk XIV and XVIII is based etc. But the quoting of an exact measurement of "3.5in" seemed to give it some gravity. Anyway, since it equates to a potential removal of about 1mm from each tip at 1/48, I think I'll move on. Interesting though. Cheers guys, Paul.
  4. @Troy Smith A-ha!!! I knew I'd seen that stuff on the MkXVIII 'scrapped' wings someplace - spent ages looking for it - spot on!! Many thanks Troy!! Let building (and re-scribing) commence! Cheers, Paul.
  5. Guys, can you help?... Spitfire Mk XVIII questions... (yeah, I'm going to build a couple of the Airfix MkXVIIIs)... Wing outer panels: The wing was strengthened and only fitted with 1x20mm and 1x0.50cal per wing. The outer .303 bays being empty. But... were the outer panels and access doors for the .303 bays re-worked or left 'as is'? I thought some place I read that they were and that the space was used for survival equipment? Does anyone have specifics on this - hopefully and accurate view of upper and lower wing panels outboard of the 20mm cannons. Camera holes: On the FR Mk XIII, i.e. with a fuselage ready to accept cameras, were there always apertures in the fuselage for all positions, and not just left or right oblique but also for the 2 vertical positions (like a Mk XIX). So if fitted for right-oblique there would still be unused holes in the fuselage undersurface should the camera configuration need changing. Or were FR XVIIIs built with either vertical mounting, or oblique and never both? Wing tips - standard, but not quite: There is a note in Morgan & Shacklady, in the MkXVIII section (page 448), about the wing where it says "Wing span decreased by 3.5ins when Air Ministry decided that tips should be detachable. New tips were less pointed". This seems to suggest that when 'standard' tips were fitted (not clipped or high altitude), that were interchangeable rather than fixed, that they were a couple of inches shorter and consequently a bit more rounded that the fixed 'standard' tips. This is the first I've come across this, Are there any other references to back this up as fact? Or is this incorrect? Anyone got any details on the above questions? Sorry if this has all been asked/discussed before - chuck some links my way if that's the case. Cheers, Paul.
  6. Thanks for the nice comments and feedback everyone! I tried a couple of new things (for me) on this model. One of which was rubbing back through the paint layers... The model was painted with an aluminium colour on all the metal surfaces, and red dope on all the fabric and wood areas. During painting I did the usual chipping back but also did a lot more 'sanding' back of the paint layers. You can see an example of this effect clearly on the replacement rudder. By the way, there's a mistake on the rudder - one side is the A scheme pattern, and the other is the B scheme (or vice versa, I can't remember), but I got the Dark Earth and Mid Stone round the wrong way. I also tried to use foil sheet cut into patches and clued over the gun ports - then cut them back from the holes to try and replicate the torn and ragged fabric patches after the guns had fired. But I think that was a bit of a fail. I'd like to say that the model isn't displayed in a 'diorama'. It's more just a bit of scene setting that took about 10mins to set up. It's a plywood board with a couple of handfuls of lumpy ready mix mortar (sand and cement) sprinkled on top. And there's a few bits of of the Airfix ground crew set - tool boxes, fire extinguisher (which seems to make it on to every photo shoot) and wheel chocks. The Bedford truck is Airfix too. Here's me caught on camera making some fine adjustments... You can see from the shot above that there is very little post-processing on the PC. Mainly cleanup on the seam lines of the background image and I upped the the brightness a bit - so there's no real post photograph 'photoshopping' going on. And a couple of in-progress shots...
  7. Great photos - just the kind of thing I spend hours looking at. Yeah, good input. I hadn't noticed that excessive wear on the rear. It's quite apparent when one looks. Cheers Troy!
  8. Nice sunny day for some photos... Airfix's 1/48 scale Hurricane Mk I Tropical... done as a machine from 73 Squadron, North Africa in 1942. Pretty much from the box, except resin wheels and exhausts, and PE seat belts. Markings are Montex masks and masking tape. Cheers, Paul.
  9. My understand is 'not really' as the -40 wing is the thicker cord with slats, where as the Mk4 with slats is the narrow cord - the non-slatted Mk-4 is has the thicker cord - the Airfix kits share the thicker cord. More knowledgeable folk can jump in and correct me. But I am still thinking the same - somehow, it might be do-able.
  10. I'll be very interested in anyone who posts a compare and contrast between the three kits. I have Italeri and Hasegawa in the stash with the hope of finding sets of slats for at least one of them. Even wanting to support Airfix, as the 'home team', I can't see buying one until there's a slatted version - but next time I'm allowed out I'll pick up a copy of the mag.
  11. Very well put together. And combined with the photos, particularly the first few, present a very purposeful looking Typhoon tooled up with full war load and ready to go. Very nice.
  12. Very interesting subject choice. And I too like the results achieved with the mottling. Very nice indeed.
  13. A couple or three comments about the photography there... Thanks for the positive comments, but I'm no photographer. Nor do I build complex or detailed dioramas. Here's a shot of the set up... see below. There's more information on my website about the 'tricks' and camera settings, if you'd like to know more... webpage link = Taking Pictures of Models Cheers, Paul.
  14. Thanks! The backdrop is a quick snap taken while on the way home from work, somewhere just south of Lechlade-on-Thames.
  15. Flaps sounds adventurous. That'll need proper cutting into the under wing parts as they are moulded closed. I think the Korean version comes with rockets in the kit. Good luck on those flaps.
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