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  1. Thanks for the comments Not quite for Quidditch... The ball being Heli-tele
  2. 1/72 Airfix Lynx built as the HAS.3 special fit as flown from the type 22 frigate, HMS Brave; along with a Bedford Tactical Refueller in Royal Navy Scheme. Some decals were poorly printed but overall not a bad build.
  3. Thanks for the comments. It was an enjoyable build and am glad it looks ok
  4. First time at attempted Crash Tender style bumper so know it isn't extremely accurate.
  5. Tamiya Rover 7 finished as an RAF Crash Rescue Ambulance.
  6. Hi Nige. It might be another UN beastie. Rolled, burned out and abandonned. Give myself some new skills and techniques to play with. Wing mirrors, winch and cable installed. Sand ladders strapped onto the side, and headlight lenses added.
  7. Thanks Nige! It's starting to come together quite nicely now. Glad I didn't put the whole project in the bin.
  8. Just a quick update. Starting to take shape now.
  9. Thanks Alpha Delta! Can't move for land rover bits at the moment, but relieved to have found another body to use.
  10. Take 2 is underway, and being kept well away from anything potentially warm.
  11. Thanks Nige. I'll be looking to use it as a roll over (possibly camel trophy scheme), especially as this arrived in the post today... So we are back on track but with yet another build to do!
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