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  1. And, once Lone Star Models reopens in September he'll be working on an alternating month schedule... One month taking orders and the next month casting those orders. So, if you really want one of his products be aware it may take up to 2 months for an order to arrive once placed. Tim
  2. Mike, Lone Star Models is currently in the process of moving (to another city) so it will a while before he's up and running and filling orders. Latest information from Mike at Lone Star Models is that he's not accepting orders until after the relocation and the IPMS/USA Nationals. Orders won't be taken until September, at the earliest. Tim
  3. Glad to be of some help Rob. You may find the book 'The Boeing 247: The First Modern Airliner' by Robert van der Linden, to be very useful. And that patchy anodized finish was only found on the very early 247s, most all were painted in gray. Tim
  4. Chris, You may want to have a look at the 'Lockheed File' website: http://www.adastron.com/lockheed/lock1.htm Feel free to contact the webmaster, Ron Cuskelly, as he is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. And the 2-book series 'The RAAF Hudson Story: A History of Hudson's in Australia' by David Vincent may prove very useful. Tim
  5. Rob, Turner's 247 has a very good web presence so period photos should be easy to find. The NASM website will prove useful since you intend to build Turner's 247 in it's later airline markings: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/boeing-247-d Note that the boxart for the Wlliams Bros. 247 kit shows Turner's plane in the very early patchwork anodized aluminum finish. This is incorrect. Tuner's 247 was painted the usual gray Boeing applied to hide the patchwork appearance of the anodized aluminum. The cowlings on the preserved 247 in the NASM are original and unrestored so can be used as reference for the correct gray color. Tim
  6. VH-USB

    Curtiss C-46

    Hi Rob, I'm sure my brother Tom did all the necessary conversion work to correctly model a C-46R. I know he did scratchbuild the larger horizontal stabilizer/elevators, which were part of the 'R' conversion unique to Riddle. Leading Edge Models used to offer a C-46R conversion set, with decals for a RCAF C-46 if I recall correctly. That set is long OOP. Tom supplied the artwork and had American Flyer Decals create a custom decal sheet. Tom has a lot of reference photos of the actual Riddle C-46R, which he took long ago at Chicago's Midway Airport. As kids we used to ride our bikes out to MDW and photograph the cargo planes there. If you have any specific questions on Tom's C-46R build I can pass them along to him. The model was photographed outside the Johnson Wax flight center at Batten Field, Racine, Wisconsin. Tom is senior pilot for Johnson Wax. Tim
  7. Chris, I heard that Whiskey Jack owner Gordon Parker passed away some years ago. Can anyone confirm this? Many people got ripped off by Whiskey Jack decals. One online airline hobby shop lost over $1,000 in prepaid orders. Long ago Gordon Parker contacted me about a planned comprehensive decal sheet for all of the 1934 MacRobertson air racers that Parker was going to produce. I provided lots of information on each aircraft's color scheme/markings but, of course, nothing became of this. I also provided Parker with colors/markings and drawings of Wop May's Lockheed Vega, CF-AAL, for another planned decal sheet. I wonder where all my reference materials ended up at? Tim
  8. Happy to hear you really like the old Comet Aero Commander kit. It does look like it has some nice features, even with the lack of landing gear. It's refreshing to see a builder who doesn't shy away from very old kits and appreciates them and what they have to offer, even today. The old Comet Beech 18 kits are also a favorite of my brother and he has built a couple of the 1/60 scale versions. They too lacked landing gear which had to be scratch-built. I am really enjoying this build and thanks for sharing it with us all. Tim
  9. Moa, I'm loving your build. These old Comet kits need a lot of work and you surely are the one to turn a turd into gold! My brother Tom used to fly the mail, at night, in an Aero Commander way back around 1970 so I have a soft spot for them. Tim
  10. VH-USB

    Curtiss C-46

    With some work the old Williams Bros. C-46 can be built into a nice model. Here's my brother Tom's build: https://www.airlinercafe.com/photoalbums.php?albumid=202 Tim
  11. Hi Chris, Somewhere I have a color photo of the Home Kidston Moth seat cushion. If I can locate it I will send it along to you. Home Kidston saved the seat cushion as it had been signed by many friends who flew with him in the Moth. Cheers, Tim
  12. A couple of the first Lockheed Sirius built were experimentally fitted with similar aerodynamic counterbalances on the rudder. If you closely study photos of Charles Lindbergh's Sirius being tested at the Lockheed plant you'll see these fitted. They must not have worked well as they were quickly removed. Tim
  13. The Kidston family still has the original seat cushion from Home Kidston's DH.60M Moth (G-AAXG) and it is a dark brown leather. Tim
  14. As Roger stated, Alclad is a 'clad' alloy, an inner layer of aluminum alloy with an other layer of pure aluminum to resist corrosion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alclad http://naca.central.cranfield.ac.uk/reports/1927/naca-tn-259.pdf The outer layer(s) were, indeed, pure aluminum. Alclad was a big improvement over the earlier Duralumin which had corrosion problems. Tim
  15. Great news that the new Vega and Orion kits will be in 1/48 scale! Way back when Wylam did his single-engine Lockheed drawings he supposedly had access to the Lockheed originals. However, Wylam got the Vega EDO float drawings totally wrong so be sure to avoid those. Tim
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