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  1. Can I correct you on the Lancaster set. The other option was for Egyptian Lancs not Indian with the Argentina one. I used to have the whole lot but over time used some and sold some but have odd ones left still.
  2. Very nice! Having just completed the 72nd Italeri in CAF colours and started the esci kit to be a civil one seems there is a Dakota/C-47 theme going on. How does the Trumpy kit build? I've seen the kit un built and what does put me off a bit with all Trumpeter kits is the over abundance of sunken rivet detail. But you seem to have disguised them well. Good showand nice paintwork too. Paul.
  3. Not my favourite subject modern jets, but you have done well. keep up the good work.
  4. I really do like this. Sabres are one of my faves and Canadian ones more so and your model fits the bill. Well done. Paul. Reminds me, I've got to keep my 1/72n Academy one fro the Aerobatic team GB and probably pull out the 48th one with a view to start work on it.
  5. Hi All, Many thanks for all your comments. Its all very encouraging. Since the photos, I have tidied up the anti dazzle around the windscreen a bit as one of the images shows the decal, from the set, not settled well enough. This has since been corrected and looks nicer now. I am now inspired to get on with the Esci version of the kit which is an interesting comparison with the Italeri one detail wise but still looks good. Thanks again, Paul.
  6. Very nice job there. I've built one not long ago finished in Frecce Tricolori Italian display team scheme and also found the canopy frame frustrating. But I did replace the wheels with nicely cast ones from Aeroclub as the kit main wheels in particular are quite poor but is still a nice kit. Well done. Sabre fan, Paul. Julien, I didn't know Pavarotti was an F-86 jockey aswell!!:-)
  7. Can confirm it was in the Bond film mentioned above. As for its history I'm not sure but, as you can imagine, it had to be lightened enough to get the beast in to Dunsfold
  8. And to every one else above, a big thanks for all your comments. Now this ones out the way, I plan to do another DC-3 using Whiskey Jack decals for a TCA scheme. And some time ahead, the Italeri C-119 again in a similar Canadian scheme from Leading Edge. Once again many,many thanks. Paul.
  9. Hi Tony Thank you. I forgot to mention the underside grey. Because the grey was supposed to have a 'greenish' tinge to it, the nearest I have and never thought of trying, was ADC grey from the Xtracrylix range. It looks closer to the shade needed than the photomakes it appear but works I think. PS I note you're in Comox, BC. I had a great holiday there in 2004 and visited the museum while touring from the south of the island and heading north to Port Hardy and on to Prince rupert and beyond back to Calgary and home. Lovely place to be.
  10. Hi Chaps, About 2 hours ago I finished my CAF C-47 and here are the 'roll out' images for you all to enjoy. Hope you like. In the above view the tube like items from the exhausts are from scrap parts somewhere, which were added to the model as they are not in the kit. Also the retract bits just behind the main legs and wheel. Below-The windscreen was replaced by some spare from a vacform canopy waste area cut down to size and fitted as the kit parts were too shallow and had the small vertical frame which is not present on this particular machine. The kit is the Italeri from
  11. If I recall, the Academy '51 had 7 (SEVEN) exhaust stubs!!!!
  12. Not wishing to sound anti US,(I'm not,----neutral in fact) but the supposed leasing of EC-135s, the JSF (Yah booo!) and one or two other aircraft it sems the RAF fleet will nearly be entirely US built/designed aircraft. Will the mothballed P-3 join the RAF to cover the role of the Nimrod? Is this the way HMG is heading? The death Knell for the British built aircraft is arriving I fear.
  13. Hi Ludek, Welcome and well done! That is an exceptional model. Also it is particularly interesting to me, as I live only 3 miles from Coolham ALG West Sussex where 309(Polish) Squadron 315(Polish) and 129 squadrons operated in 1944 in support of D-day. In addition, I am part Polish. Naturally I have modelled all 3 squadrons to 1/72nd as well as working on representing all the Polish squadrons within the RAF. Like others here e look forward to seeig more of your work. Paul.
  14. Let alone this kind of money wasting and sacrilege, bases are closing down rapidly, Cottesmore, and Lyneham to start with..... Yes its shades of Wilsons day in power and the TSR2 all over again. We now have no maritime coverage around our shores let alone protecting subs, little air defence, who knows where it will end up. I feel that HMG is under the power of the press and journalists , bankers etc. They are our weak link.
  15. HI, I agree with your views especially in "b" and "c" above, as this explains a lot. Its something that a lot of critics overlook and are so keen to poo poo a new kit before checking anything. Your model looks good so far and looking forward to the finished result.
  16. Got to agree, a very nice finish. I built one in a very similar scheme using Aeromaster decals. Seeing yours has reminded me to visit the loft this weekend and fish out my Spit 21 and also the Corsair as it needs the wings back on!
  17. Hi, I believe you're right re the zinc chromate colours in the insides of said bays. As for the insides of the airbrakes I would have thought they remained grey rather than paint them pink seeing as the pink was applied for what was going to be a 'temporary' scheme. A lot more paint in these areas would probably just add more weight and time consuming. But I daresay more knowledgeable Jag masters will confirm this. Paul.
  18. I've just had a quick look at the link to arcforum and its interesting what they say about the Valiant. As as I'm concerned no matter what criticism they throw at it, its got to be miles better than trying to build the MACH kit. As for the Seafire it looks a if its going to be as good as the XII of which I still have to get one sometime soon.
  19. Closer than you think ----Billyland, you may know where I actually mean? As for Curry night its a thought.....
  20. It would be interesting at the end of this topic to have a count up and see which one comes out on top!
  21. Hi again, I have been busy yesterday and set about adding lots of paint and even more masking to my C-47. The views show various progressions of primer being applied, masking tape and some 'molly coddling' with some tissue to protect the metal and red finishes from Appliance white. Since the pictures, some small detail and touching has been done like the de-icer boots applied free hand. Its Sunday evening and after a weekend of minding my 6month old grand daughter(well some of the time as wife has done more of the minding) and taken the little one and her mother home, I'm going to disappea
  22. I've not had the chance to get the kit yet but it does sound promising. As for later Griffon Spits, maybe Airfix will do a nice job with the MkXIV series(fixing the problem nose as in the Academy kits) including a PRXIX? Even more, the 22/24 ought to get another airing once Eduard have finished with it as well as the promised Seafire 47 coming back. As for 1/72, the Xtrakit is very acceptable.
  23. Sorry. There is always someone who wants to make a few extra bucks and be a jobsworthy.
  24. 1/32 scale is not my bag. But the Revell Hawk is a snip. How can one resist?!!!!?? I may well get one anyway as the Hawk was produced initially at Dusfold, a 10 minute drive away from my home and used to see them on air test frequently, particularly the first export ones. However, at that price I envisage a whole Reds team on display by the time the best model shows are running.
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