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  1. Can any one help with images and pairing up of serials belonging to Territorial Air Force Squadron Harvard's in New Zealand. Any colour scheme images ext will be of great help. I have the decals and a model built but just need the above info and guides May be our Kiwi members will have the info I need. Thanks in advance
  2. Am enjoying following this work. However, I hope you don't mind but I would like to post some pics of a derelict piston engine verson that used to be a cafe attraction doen the A29 just south of my home. Its now gone most likely scrapped, but hopefully these pics will be of some help. (MODS: if you need, these pics can be moved to walkround section if more appropriate)
  3. Lovely pics of one of the most elegant of jets! Nice to see some black/white images too.
  4. Cheers. By the way, I logged 7614C in 1974 at Shoreham.
  5. My favourite subject types and era! Great work.!!
  6. here you go. Two slightly different images of B-25 N7614C at Shoreham some tie during the 1970s. Definitely not the one used in the making of Battle of Britain but another camera ship. Flew in to Shoreham , never paid fees so was impounded, crew disappeared so I believe. Eventually ended up at Duxford as I mentioned above. Talking of Mitchells, I wonder what happened to the one that languished at Biggin Hill around 1968? I know it was used in 633 Squadron for a paradrop sequnce and then ended up at Southend Museum. But what next? Then there are the five tha
  7. The B-25 at Shoreham was NOT the psychedelic monster! This is a different Mitchell, Not too sure about its history but it was impounded there. It is now at Duxford hanging in the American Air museum there. The BoB film psychedelic monster is still airworthy and currently in Australia as a war bird. I can post pics of N7614C at Shoreham once I find them.
  8. If it is a shadow,then why does it start above and slightly ahead of the tail plane leading edge root particularly on the second one along on AL 693 still wearing the equal proportioned fin flash yet to be updated?
  9. It looks like the area under the tailplanes of all three are in shadow but are not! The shadow goes the other way. I feel its the US drab green with a straight demarcation by the RAF(?) when they were repainted to UK standard colours of green / earth and around the serials and the same for the blue wheel caps being the U.S colours (Du Pont?) Bit confusing how ever. Still a very interesting picture.
  10. Chances are the tools may appear in another makers boxes?
  11. Interesting observation in the mix of national insignia between the three. Middle one with early fin flash, right hand one with odd sized roundel centre and the grey code. Also I recal that AL963, the centre one, was the subject of the 1960s Airfix kit but with the later fin flash.
  12. Very nice. But the underlying serial to the port wing should have the 'X' go the outboard, reading from the rear. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. However it is very nicely made.
  13. That looks sooooo bad! Nicely built but you would have thought the warping would have been noticed during the building???!!!! Maybe its been taken out of the mould too soon. Just hope when we get our hands on them they will be perfect.
  14. That saggy looking wing is real bad! Such a disappointment. Sincerely hope it's sorted before release. I'm happy to wait a bit longer for it rather than have something of a caricature.
  15. Such a stunning collection! How did you come about the markings decals? I take it the Mount Cook ones are by Old model decals ? I have just the old Monogram 1/41st kit modelled as a Mount Cook example. Beautiful builds and please try to leave some of those KP kits for us thanks!
  16. Or the wide bodied version as seen in that TV add for some insurance outfit or whatever Superb !!! BUT we still need a decent one in 1/72nd to replace the old Heller kit that has served so well.
  17. Thanks Charlie but It doesn't bother me.. just makes my choice easier. Anyway its not for me but my mew friend, the heating engineer/plumber. He will dangle the build from the roof in his mancave and is talking about wanting to have a 109 next. And from my experience the 109 is a better kit. This Spitfire is the first time I have tried it... so far is a surprising experience shall we say. But I am loving your build.
  18. I have just been going through this thread to see if I can be inspired to use some of the improvements on the one I am building. But no chance. I really admire the work going into this one but mine will be straight out the box and finished as best I can for my client. After all, he is only going to hang it up in his mancave so any super detailing as yours, will be lost. One of the really weird things I found is the working undercart just does not work properly. And it has taken a lot of flash being scraped off, especially the mould seam lines. However I am gobsmacked at the work done
  19. I have been handed the above as a commission build.(haven't decided on what to charge the build for yet.... )only happy to do this as I have never built the big scale Spit before. One thing that stood out on opening the box was the colour diagram sheet for the markings option. Its the same on both sides!!! Only the KL-B coded option given but the decals are still the same. Has anyone else found this? I might get in touch with Airfix about it... doesn't bother me but may upset other buyers of the kit. As for the plastic it really is showing its age. Something for me to get my knife and glue
  20. Excellent!! Many thanks for that. I don't know how I missed this one. IT might have been when it seemed quiet and me and my driver buddy( who recently joined BM),(Thanks Ken)went to tour the hangars
  21. I think there is another in a few weeks. Check the airshow listings on line. But one thing for sure... it was such a thrill and treat to be going out to an event for the first time since last year!! And the furthest I have travelled in that time too.....I hope there will be more.
  22. Thanks. It was a fairly good turn out considering he grotty weather we've been having. I think there were about 32 turn up of the promised 70 odd.
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