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  1. Good one to do!!! I flew in WK630 when it was part of 2AEF / SUAS at Hamble. It was in the light grey and dayglo strips scheme at the time.
  2. Nice work. What would be a great base for it is the 7inch vinyl picture disc special that was released all those years ago, in the shape of a plan view of Gary's Harvard in full colour.
  3. I recall making an Airfix one(one of many) and used the same decals. I don't have it anymore though. It will be nice to see how this turns out.
  4. A few more progress pics of work done on it today. Fuselage buttoned up. Motor unit. Exhaust ring with the opening end opened up... only for it to be hidden when I fit the long exhaust from a spare leftover an old Airfix kit Canopy and the modified rear deck. The curved pencil lie in approximate place as a guide. Wings on. Found myself progressing quite quickly with this build. Maybe I need not have panicked to get it done.
  5. Hello. I signed up to this GB but haven't started yet so with time ticking away I thought I had better get a wiggle on!! My choice is this original issue by Heller bought very cheaply a couple years back. As for markings it will have, those shown, by Leading Edge. Also a vac form replacement canopy by Aeroclub which I have already prepped. It needs this particular type as the side panels lack the centre frame but still has the rear most curved part and fortunately my remaining Aeroclub part is right for it. The kit canopy part is to the left and Aeroclub o
  6. The image of the mystery cockpit is nothing like the Stirling , Sunderland or Lanc! Those port holes don't even resemble the Stirling either.
  7. Haven't done much with these lately and very much on pause;but will get on with at least one of the Aztecs very soon. Still need to decide on the longer nosed Aztec and Cherokee.
  8. I'm intrigued to see how you go about the rear mounted camera station. Looked a bit drafty on the real one. Will you be moulding your own directors dome for the top of the fuselage/
  9. Still not right for a Sunderland though. Its those extra port holes on both sides and that angled 'quarter light' windows?? The DC-8 jet airliner and DC-9 had the same but the subject isn't either of those.
  10. Not a Lanc and not a Stirling either. That angled corner of the windshield at top left corner is odd and below it are what looks like two more roundish windows. I think its something French maybe despite the English placards. Further more and lower down on that page is a pic saying Lancaster being bombed up but is a Stirling.... yet again a case of whoever wrote the captions knows nothing much about aircraft.
  11. According to a new bit of blurb on the colour scheme sheet in the kit, KL-B was not used by Al Deere but another pilot and there is doubt about the Kiwi logo too. However, the build is not for me but a friend who is not a perfectionist but just wanted a well made model of which I hope will fit the bill. Incidentally the colour sheet in my kit , the KL-B option was printed on both sides and nothing for the optional LO-B 'Bogus'.
  12. Very interested in getting a couple more to add to my 144th models. How can I get them?
  13. Thanks . I wasn't sure if it ever got released. I got mine at Southern Expo several years ago on pre release and at the time wasn't certain if it was going to be. So mine was really a test shot with no decals or instructions etc. Just a poly bag with scaled down plans.
  14. A couple 1/144thtypes from my shelf of doom unfinished builds. The DH89 is the never released kit fBy John Adams of Aeroclub fame and the DC-3 is the Minicraft kit. First the Drag Rap: DH-89A ZK-AKY of Ritchie Air Services , New Zealand 1950s. Not sure why the gap in the cheat line, I'll have to ask the Old Model Decals chap. Not brilliant but at least after many years languishing in my unfinished works its out to be aired. Looking tiny against the 787! ( in the same scale!!!) Next, the Minicraft DC-3
  15. long sausages of white tack and scraps of cheap masking tape. The white tack on mine has taken on a mix of colours but still works well. Just roll out lengths of the stuff and fix to your model on the lighter camo colour first, then fill in between the the white tack with the masking tape to leave the area to be painted the darker colour, in this case; Dark earth first all over the top side , mask and then apply the green. Simples but a little time consuming but worth it. Hope this helps
  16. One mystery I have come across regardless of which decal solution is the 'white residue' run off surrounding the decal area. Its cause is what I would like to know and how i can be cleaned off without causing too much colateral damage. I have tried water of varying heat levels for instance but not a lot of luck. As for the Humbrol stuff i may be a good idea to wipe away residue before it dries with warm water.
  17. Not my usual scale but I have just completed this for someone. The kit as we know dates back to 1970 and this re issue in the Classic range has all the signs of an old tool. I have never done this one before so was quite fun tucking in to it. Lots of pairing down of mould seams and flash was essential to get good fits. I didn't think much of the rudder pedal assembly as there is hardly anywhere for it to fix too so I left it out. I fixed a piece of plastic card cut to shape to the openings for the ailerons as this area is quite flimsy(see photo). As my customer wants to hang the model t
  18. Love the head on with the stationary rotors extended!
  19. Don't forget to sort out the propeller... its back to front.!! Maybe an aftermarket one out there or correct it yourself.
  20. A new build( despite me saying I was putting a halt to any more but I couldn't resist making this one). Basically the RS kit and decals. I had to mod the rear cockpit by removing the headrest and blanking the opening off. No parts or much guidance given in the intsructions to do this though. The decals are very nice BUT very thin and need great care in handling... not very user friendly! I used pies of scarp plastic and a bit of filler to cover the rear seat, appliance white and Humbrol red no. 220. The windscreen needed to be carefully cut out and the folds the get it to shape.
  21. So, if they plan to build this carbuncle on the car /coach park, where will all the supposed hotel customers and general public visiting the museum be able to park pray tell me!!!!????? Over the road and make a trek across that bridge? I fear that a lot of regular visitors will be driven away and only the hotel customers being the visitors... making it quite 'clicky'. By the way, I see the images in the link at top were by a company called 'propiteer' more like PROFITEERS!!!!! AND I don't think aircraft hangars a a blot on the landsacpe, they are a sign of a good airf
  22. Looks like a blot on the landscape. Hideous design and what next? More developments and gradual decline of flying with nimbys complaining about the noise and what if something tragic happened? Nah! It will ruin the skyline of the area, OK so it will attract big revenue for the IWM. But thats about all as far as positives .
  23. Just read through all this on waking up at 7 this morning. Some delightful reading I have to say. Regarding the under boom fairing, Italeri got it right with the curvy shape in their 1 /72 kit. But you know what's going to happen.....some manufacturer is going to announce an all singing, all dancing 48th kit of this subject just as you are about to finish it.... Glad to see my photos are of help to you. Shame I wasn't brave enough to climb in to the cockpit at the time..it looked a bit risky.
  24. Lovely pics. I was there on the day. Has anyone else noticed the front cowl on '486 in the red white scheme???
  25. Anazing pics indeed. Ugly looking V-22s but awesome just the same. Where were all these? And any pics from St Mawgan yet??
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