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  1. Hi Steve, I must say that your JP's are works of art, absolutely superb! Well done! I love the mk5 but my favourite is the mk3 both in your models and in reality. They both evoke memories of when I used to visit CF to watch the student pilots do their circuits in the JP's, good times! A question if I may Steve? As a Jaguar pilot did you ever venture over towards Leeds? The reason I ask is because I used to see the odd Jaguar fly near to my school in Rothwell heading towards Church Fenton / Leeds Bradford airport. I assume that they must have been on some sort of recce exercise? Thanks again St
  2. Hi Steve and all, I've just read in this months scale aircraft modelling magazine that Fly are releasing two new 1/48 scale models of the Jet Provost, a mk3 and a mk4! They should be available this month. Can't wait! Superb work on the undercarriage Steve, a work of art!
  3. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I had just arrived at a friends house near Huddersfield when I heard a very distinctive drone in the distance. "That isn't the sound of any civil aircraft" I thought to myself, and sure enough, the incredibly amazing sight of not one, but two lancasters! Just out of this world and a once in a lifetime experience. They both headed out over towards the peak District so my guess Is they'll be doing a flypast over the Ladybower Reservoir where the Dambusters did some of their practice missions. Absolutely unforgettable sight and sound, truly amazing! My on
  4. Hi Steve. I am really enjoying following this thread, it really is modelling at its best and totally inspirational! I love the jp in all its forms and think you are doing a fantastic job enhancing these kits. Keep up the brilliant work and I look forward to seeing the application of paint! Cheers. Martin.
  5. A proper scene of 1980's RAF Lakenheath! Nice diorama sir! Nice F-111 and love the Phantom in the background too!
  6. Why have I repeated the same reply several times!!! Doh!!!
  7. Thanks breaker I'll make some enquiries :-) Martin. Thanks breaker I'll make some enquiries :-) Martin.
  8. Thanks breaker I'll make some enquiries :-) Martin.
  9. Thanks breaker I'll make some enquiries :-) Martin.
  10. Thanks for your reply Gary. I wasn't aware that Hasegawa have recently released a royal navy version, is it available in the UK? Thanks again. Martin.
  11. Hi all. I have a Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom Fgr1 in my stash, and I want to build it as an aircraft in Royal Navy service, problem is I cant find any aftermarket decals for such a machine. Does anyone know where I can source a set of decals? I believe Model Alliance may have produced a set in the past but it appears they are no longer available. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers guys. Martin.
  12. Hello Dave. That's a fine model there sir! I bought this kit a couple of weeks ago and realised its a fairly old kit! How did it go together? Any issues? Well done again, lovely piece of work. Martin.
  13. Thanks for that Steve. I'll definitely have to invest in some of these as the little lamps should look pretty convincing when they are in place. As for the clear lamp cover on the nose of the 1/48 Fly JP, I think it looks a little on the small side when compared to photos of the real aircraft. If you've got one these kits in the stash Steve, have a look and see what you think. Thanks again. Martin.
  14. Hi Steve. I'm building Fly's 1/48 Jet Provost mk5 and I've reached the stage where I'm about to fit the lamps and the clear cover in the nose. May I ask where you purchased the 'Little Lenses' from as these look just the ticket for th jp lights. Many thanks. Martin.
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