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  1. WOW!!!!! Si-204 it's not my interest, but I don't see this photo before. First of all, it's desert...then probably this photo from Middle Asia. Second, it's no standard positions number on fin. Yes, it's was almost standard in early WW2 but late, without red star... Maybe it's aircraft for training cadets? I don't know... But it's very interesting photo.... B.R. Serge
  2. Absolutely no problem....I understand that this war is not interesting to the majority of the population of the planet except those who are directly involved in it and those who make money on it. I do not have goals and objectives for someone in something here to persuade and someone to prove something about this war. I also perfectly understand that Britmodeller is not a branch of the world government, or the White House, or Downing Street 10 or the Kremlin e.t.c.and has absolutely no influence on politics or propaganda ....and even if all Britmodeller users start writing “stop this war” or “leave these people alone,” no one will do anything. Because this war is only a small part of the new big cold war. with the only difference that the same systems are fighting in this new cold war, there is no opposition between capitalism and socialism as it was before, i.e. in fact, the situation is like in WW1, when one empire wants to destroy another. It is from this logic that one must proceed to understand propaganda from both sides. Therefore, I understand everything and do not think that you need to apologize for anything, because you are not making money on this war, so why should you apologize? It was Putin. He said something like that. ( ...А-ha, @modelling minion listen to the deep night enemy's voices RT? ) In fact, 130 km from me to the border with the Russian Federation, so they can always bring their troops here in a couple of hours, but neither I nor you can identify them, because they don’t run around the city showing everyone the documents in which it is written: "This is a Army Russian Federation"? Probably in 2014, when both republic was on one step from destroyed, in ILLovaisk was Russian troops who are called "tourists" but maybe this was private military company...I don't know....all about this I'm know from Internet, as and you.... Just, I'm used to trusting documents, but I know perfectly well that any evidence and any document can be faked.... I'm not expert. But of course I'm help if I can. B.R. Serge
  3. Best "book", as no strange, it's @ya-gabor , but he left Britmodeller. No good monograph which would be recognized as a full-fledged research MiG-21 as book Mikheev about MiG-29, Fomin about Su-27 or Benretdinov about Su-25 e.t.c. Because, Russian forum's only....yeppp MiG-29 & Su-27 more research than MiG-21! An incomprehensible story with this ram, because it is unclear what happened to his gun. Someone writes that his gun did not work, someone writes that he did not have the time and opportunity to use the gun .... but in any case, he died performing his military duty .... now there are few such people, soon there won't be at all ... but then there were such people, and these were other people... B.R. Serge
  4. So, little....very-very little progress. First of all, I smoke all manual to which my tentacles could reach ... although not.....the Aardvark, after all, has claws? Amazing, but picture background radiator Typhoon no in any book who have claim for a serious design study Typhoon! But this part have in book about building Airfix 1/24 scale model! Well, let's take it for a sample! In second, I'm sanding with handle drilling the partition inside the fuselage and now my radiator is getting inside: Next stage radiator tunnel (integration him with fuselage inside it's hard task) and after cocpit. B.R. Serge.
  5. Of course! If I have paranoia, it does not mean that they do not watch me! ..... especially Airfix !!!! B.R. Serge
  6. Yeeep......only on the morning of last thursday saw this Humvee https://www.google.com/amp/s/riafan.ru/amp/1176535-dostavshiesya-ot-vsu-amerikanskie-trofei-pokazali-na-repeticii-parada-pobedy-v-dnr ....without machine gun and AGS-17 but with infantryman with RPK-74 in the cargo compartment on one central streets city.....as say "voentorg" They were so heavily armed that they rushed to the tanks with their bare hands: (e.t.c) And in this video, Girkin complains that only one tank (!!!) was assaulted by a tank reserve base in Artyomovsk (with hundreds of reserve tanks), and another tank (one tank!!!!) was assaulted by armories with millions reserve of small-arms barrels reserve base in Soledar: ( sorry but no translate) these two tanks were destroyed, and the assault groups suffered losses without achieving success. But weapons from these warehouses, as they say, still participated in the conflict ... they simply sold it to the participants of the conflict for money. Therefore, I, as a person living in directly in this conflict, are very interested in how you define these “Heavily armed Russian tourists”? And don't It is necessary to bring tales of the opposite side, because they have been told before the Russians use atomic bombs here, becouse can write right away: "Buryat airborne equestrian divers." https://dambiev.livejournal.com/571643.html (sarcasm) Of course volunteer was, of course many was from Russian, as and from Italy, and from Serbia, and from UK, and from Spain, and from USA (I even went down in the elevator with one of them with the call sign Texas when I was in one of the local ministries).....does that mean it's worth writing about “Heavily armed UK tourists”, “Heavily armed USA tourists” e.t.c. (sarcasm) B.R. Serge
  7. But this capability were at the limit of opportunities for the Sche-2, because it lacked the power of the M-11 engines. https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ще-2 The Yak-6 was a mixed-design aircraft made in a very short time with an unsuccessful wing profile for him, so O.K.Antonov, the father of the An-2 and in fact, the father of the Yak-3 redesigned the Yak-6, https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Як-6 making the Yak-8. https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Як-8 but by the number of crew and passengers Yak-6/8 & Shche-2 I classified Si-204 as some class. But comfortable....it's a very different! However Si-204 was very bad for extreme climatic conditions Arctic and Central Asia, as they say in Russian sources. B.R. Serge
  8. Hi, Martin It’s better to see the problem once! Do you have any drawings Mystere IV and an opportunity to take a picture of the model Azur along with the drawings? B.R. Serge P.S. Almost agree!
  9. Most likely version. Why? See Yakovlev Yak-6 & Shcherbakov Shche-2 But they were not as comfortable as Si-204, but since this category of aircraft was used as VIP-transport priorities Si-204 obviously. Also have/use prize it's more prestige! B.R. Serge
  10. First fly in 1948: Lavochkin La-174 Alekseev I-215 Curtis XF-87 Gloster E.1/44 Douglas F3D Lavochkin La-15 Lavochkin La-168 Northrop F-89 McDonnell XF-85 SAAB J-29 Yakovlev Yak-30 Convair XF-92 Lavochkin La-176 Vouth F7U McDonnell XF-88 SO 6020 Espadon ...and this only fighter, but was also and other aircraft first flying in 1948. Other way: B.R. Serge
  11. As written German Wikipedia: https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siebel_Flugzeugwerke in late WWII Siebel work on DFS-346. After war factory was dismantled and removed to Soviet Union where return work on DFS-346. I think for Soviet Union DFS-346 was more priority than Si-204. But Si-204 also manufactured Aero in Czech. And after war in Czech was return manufactured Si-204, as Me-262 & Czech version Bf.109 e.t.c., but no precedent official export former German aircraft from Czech to Soviet Union.... B.R. Serge
  12. So, nose Azur thinner than Matchbox....it's funny because I reading what Matchbox it's not a 72nd scale but it's ~ 74nd scale... But what solution in this case do you want? There are exactly four possible solutions to this problem: 1.Leave it as it is. (simplest) 2.Kitbashing with nose Matchbox. (average) 3. Use Millipyt for to create volume. (the longest and unpredictable way) 4. Use new section somewhere after the beginning of the cockpit. Then the thicker part will move forward and You will get the necessary volume, naturally You will have to remove the front part of the nose. And of course You need rescribe new panel line. As for my way 2 optimally, but I have Matchbox. B.R. Serge
  13. Hi, Russian source: (use translator) https://www.sovsekretno.ru/articles/taran-kapitana-eliseeva/ https://svpressa.ru/post/article/105464/ G.N.Eliseev MiG-21SM on version: http://airaces.narod.ru/all12/eliseev.htm G.N.Eliseev MiG-21SM on version: http://www.airwar.ru/history/aces/acepostwar/pilot/eliseev.html https://aloban75.livejournal.com/4286463.html http://www.warheroes.ru/hero/hero.asp?Hero_id=475 B.R. Serge
  14. As I say: Why did everyone decide that the color of the engine hood is red here: and not black? Formal logic dictates that the engine exhaust smokes, there are oil leaks, so from the point of view of the mechanics on black, everything will not be as noticeable as on red .... then why can't it be black? Now this photo: It's poor quality photo....but aircraft static displays on airfield. If the plane is long on the airfield, it is partially covered with covers. Therefore, in this two photo may not necessarily have painted the hoods of the engines, it can be just covers! Of course if we had more quality photo... Understand, I can say about some nuances that can be in the photo, but I can not predict the color in a black and white photo, I'm not Nostradamus! B.R. Serge
  15. What a problem with Azur nose? Thinner than Matchbox? Don't understand, Azur have intake A11+A12 & A13+14: .....do You want a more deeper intake? I do not have Azur, I have Matchbox, but I plan to buy Azur, so Your problems with this model interested for my. In this post used photo from: 1. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/azur-frrom-dassault-mystere-iv-a-t6058.html 2. https://www.super-hobby.ru/products/Dassault-Myste-re-IV-A-Indian-Air-Force.html B.R. Serge
  16. "Aeroflot" for Si-204 it's not correct, because "From 1935 until the early 1990s, with the exception of the Czechoslovak airplanes for local airlines Aero-45/145, L-410 and the Polish aircraft for agricultural work M-15, Aeroflot operated aircrafts exclusively of Soviet manufacture, including the number released at plants in the CMEA countries (GDR - Il-14, Poland - An-2, Mi-2, Czechoslovakia - Il-14) as part of socialist integration." https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Аэрофлот Of course "Aeroflot - in the Soviet period - the generic name for all civil aviation of the USSR, " .....but continuation of the sentence.... ""Aeroflot" (MCX: AFLT) - in the Soviet period - the generalized name of all civil aviation of the USSR, consisting of many state-owned airlines." for more correct: "General Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet of the USSR" https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Главное_управление_гражданского_воздушного_флота_при_СМ_СССР later "Ministry civil aviation USSR" https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Министерство_гражданской_авиации_СССР So, silver(?) or RLM 02 was from Regional Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet of the USSR, but Si-204 H-376 white was from "Aviaarktika" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aviaarktika B.R. Serge
  17. ??? I don't understand....You compare green or grey/blue with probably red Sibel 204 H-376 white with silver Sibel 204D H-398 black It's difference aircraft!!! One has Sovier registration number "H-376 white" and the other "Н-389 black" on art & "H-399 black" on photo: Probably RLM 02: Soviet Force officialy captured as minimum 9 Si-204 but in fact was more, because many Si-204 was unregistered and use as a connected plane at headquarters Probably no was general paint Soviet standard for Si-204, what for? It's was temporarily aircraft before An-2, IL-14 e.t.c. ??? It's something about "what-if".... ...as written author: "These are all facts, but then my assumptions follow (it may very well be completely wrong). Little is known about the use of Zibele. The plane turned out to be unsuitable for flights in the High North, and after a series of accidents and catastrophes they were transferred to other departments. Here's how they looked can be judged only by a few b / w photos, yes "yellow page" from some magazines. I decided to paint the issue somewhat differently. Green protective — as most of the Li-2 GAs were painted, plus the bright red wing parts, keel washers on the outside, engine hoods and nose fuselage, i.e. made the aircraft as noticeable as possible snow from the standard green-blue. The location of the stars and b / n-for b / w photos from the archive. With the number-lied, there was no such machine." from topic: ""Quote: It seems to be seen gray-green (RLM 02) But this is the color of the Central Asian aircraft." Yes, there were such people. The flight flew well in the mountains. Most likely they were all like that, and the “northern” ones were simply painted in red or orange (by the way, also a controversial topic)." "It was because of his ideas with color that he changed w / n (as planned). The 376th most likely was gray-red (or some other), the tone of the engines and the nose part is slightly darker than the fuselage, and if I convert my option in b / w, get the opposite" "Yes ... if not red, then it would be more reliable. If we consider the well-known photo of the H-376 as a prototype, then it was most likely painted in the Soviet aircraft workshops at AMT-11 or AMT-12, the German RLM71 was probably preserved on the hoods. Red paint in the 40s probably has not been widely used." .....color predictions for black and white photos are so fascinating! Resource all photo: https://karopka.ru/forum/forum189/topic16571/ B.R. Serge
  18. https://postimages.org/ no? B.R. Serge
  19. As people say, "the first pancake is always a bit tricky" B.R. Serge
  20. As say Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Shackleton "The centre section of the Shackleton's wing originates from the Lincoln, while the outer wing and undercarriage were sourced from the Tudor outer wings; at one stage during development, the tailplane had closely resembled the Lincoln's, but was enlarged and changed soon after.[2]" [2] - Flight 18 May 1950, p. 612. Shack have aerofoil modified NACA 23018 at root: http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=naca23018-il NACA 23012 at wingtip: http://airfoiltools.com/airfoil/details?airfoil=naca23012-il About aerofoil Avro Lincoln no data, but in article Wikipedia Avro Tudor https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Tudor written: "Using the Lincoln's wing, Chadwick, who had worked on the Lancaster, designed the Tudor to incorporate a new pressurized fuselage of circular cross-section" & "The wing was of NACA 23018 section at the root" Summary. It is highly likely that the Lincoln wing had aerofoil NACA 23018 section at the root like Tudor & Shack. Also there is drawings: http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw2/lancaster-1.html Also see: https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1946/1946 - 0101.html Beer....loading... damages car...where did i see it? Really no stereotypes? B.R. Serge
  21. Was 50 FROG test mold without box, instructions & decal: "However, AMT proposed the development of production equipment back in 1967, but then this topic was put off in the back office. The model received the F405 index, but in the UK they managed to make only about 50 test mold, after which the mold was sold to the Soviet Union. No FROG boxes and instructions were printed, although the design of the decal was subsequently used by NOVO. Also, the “Twin Mustang” was missing a stand, which for regular FROG models was a regular attribute (although the cut-out for it was at the bottom of the main drop tank)." From: http://retromodels.ru/f405/ It's original design FROG Twin Mustang. Way mold. FROG (50 mold) => Moscow toy factory "Progress" (about 1000 mold) => Baku toy factory ( main manufacturing) => Rostov on Don ( limited mold after 1991). Current status mold unknown. I have uncomplete NOVO Twin Mustang with defective details of the wings and drop tanks in white plastic. This models it was sold shop in NOVO boxes but without decals. Original NOVO decals was very rare. If I had the opportunity of international mail, I would simply donate this model, but ..... I waiting see a photo of plastic! The problem is that the top photo of the yellow P-39 placed by me in this topic: is classified as the original FROG! The number of mold of the original FROG is unknown, but apparently they are very rare! Therefore, it is worth to think before building the P-39 in yellow, what if it is the original FROG? B.R. Serge
  22. Hi, Continue to make the radiator: I tried to cool through it a test batch of oil .... does not work! Maybe it's because I didn't made the back of the radiator? Need to smoke manuals! B.R. Serge
  23. third from left as yellow-preyellow ???? I see only orange, green , brown, white & grey. First in shop I see probably orange in 1988-1989. Strange, but on http://retromodels.ru/f161/ written what orange was no mold in Donetck, but mold in Uzhgorod in 1990: and after 1990 mold return in Donetck. Yellow I don't remember, but probably it's after 1990. B.R. Serge
  24. Around me I do not know such people! How can people make a mistake by confusing this with this ? B.R. Serge
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