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  1. No understand, on RN/RAF aircraft size wheel not indicated on rubber tires? If not, (which is strange for me*) then need to look at the wheel manufacturer, probably the exact dimensions should be indicated in his catalog. _____________ * - it’s just that the majority of the wheels used in aviation of the USSR / Russian Federation are systematized and tabulated by Russian modelers based on data from manufacturers and inscriptions on tire covers or sizes indicated in the technical manual , therefore usually problems if they arise then with very rare experimental aircraft for which there are no technical manual and photos. B.R. Serge
  2. Hi, all! As we know in WWII many US manufactures used own interior green which was differences in shadow from during with mid-war standard ANA ( ANA 611 interior green), "mysterious Bell interior green", "Curtis interior green" e.t.c whether the practice of using one's own original colors on experimental, pre-production aircraft of US aircraft firms continued or after the IIWW everything was painted in ANA 611 standard? As examples: - interior green in cocpit Curtis XF-87 Nighthawk was "Curtis interior green" or "Interior green ANA 611/ late FS34151"; - Convair XF-92 Dart was own "Convair interior green" or standard "Interior green ANA 611/ late FS34151"; - Bell XP-83 was in "Bell interior green" or standard "Interior green ANA 611/ late FS34151" e.t.c. Why the question? I painted cockpit XF-87 in "Interior green ANA 611/ late FS34151" but now I doubt maybe cockpit XF-87 was "Curtis interior green"? B.R. Serge
  3. (pacifism mode "on") I think this happens to many who have been bitten by the military-industrial complex, regardless of country! (pacifism mode "off") But for some reason, after reading You posting, I thought about this: ( transparent aircraft based on Yakovlev AIR-4 https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/АИР , see tab "невидимый самолет") Everything new is well forgotten old, therefore, attempts to implement the invisibility mode in the visual spectrum due to new technologies are possible. B.R. Serge
  4. Sprues may not coincide, the question is how much the details on the sprues differ? As I understand it, in the new model there are no rivets on the main details, this is different. But how different wheel bay details, cockpit details, wheel details, e.t.c.? How differences geometry accurate with wing angle, how differences geometry accurate with nose cone...they wrote about all this in this topic as possible errors of the old model, are they still present in the new one, or are they fixed? Or were the old nose and wing correct? Then where are the arguments in defense of the old Mirage from the manufacturer? B.R. Serge
  5. Silver A-10? Because thanks to new weapons technologies, everything can return back to silver coatings: Without any silver panels effects!! Just a mirror cover! Welcome to new mirror Would?! B.R. Serge
  6. Almost agree. I immediately wrote about this: But when I wrote, I really doubted the correctness of the definition "Coloring"...."colorization"? "Colorization", is there such a word in English? It seemed to me that this was newspeak ....in general, with this interpenetration of cultures, I suspect that if someone reads (for example) Russian model forums through a Google translator, he encounters a lot of delusional translation, because many model terms taken from English are Russified, acquiring a local flavor that is not available for automatic translation. This is neither good nor bad, it's just life. In any case, attempts to make history color should not be taken badly, because they stimulate interest in history for modern generations who are used to seeing the world in bright colors thanks to modern technology and do not perceive black and white well. In addition, as far as I know, Marina adjusts her work if she is reasonably pointed to a discrepancy. B.R. Serge
  7. "Helicopters are coming! STOVL- Fatherland is in danger! You volunteered for this GB with STOVL?!" B.R. Serge
  8. Wrong?! But what You want from this lady? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_Amaral I think she pays more attention to the colorization faces in the photo, in addition Amaral is advised during colorization by medieval historian Dan Jones, therefore, in this case, questions must still be asked by a consultant historian and not by an artist. B.R. Serge
  9. Coloring photo from Marina Amaral: (When I'm watched this collection coloring photo: https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/5975361.html remember about this topic) B.R. Serge
  10. McDonnell Douglas v.s. Boeing??? Holywar??!! "Modeller, remember about McDonnell Douglas JSF, avenge Boeing X-32 behind MDD JSF!!!!" B.R. Serge P.S. At that time, this was true, at the time of writing current post .... is no true.
  11. Epic photo flying Su-57 over memorial Soviet cosmonaut and test pilot Igor Volk : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Volk https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Волк,_Игорь_Петрович Resource: https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/5974165.html B.R. Serge
  12. This sprue at the top is just defective, it shows the under-spreaded Sidewinder case. Maybe Falcon will be in other time.... B.R. Serge
  13. This is not enough, because helicopters attack, they are becoming more and more! Well, there are still not enough materials on the Hawker P.1154 .... therefore, I am still thinking .... whether I should join with the MiG-23PD or the Mirage III V? In principle, I still have three days to think and choose something .... if I decide. B.R. Serge
  14. Hi, Pat! Ahhh, helicopters are winning! All fans of the STOVLs to fight with helicopters! More, more STOVLs!!! B.R. Serge
  15. Is the electronic tablet and planet Earth also on the planned You build list for this GB? Wishes for recovery and positive (only positive! No negative!) emotions! B.w. is there a ratio of how much Helicopter v.s. Autogyro v.s. STOVL is claimed under this GB? B.R. Serge
  16. They are the "Model 401" from Scaled Composites (Lockheed Martin) Yeep, birds from the laboratory Burt Rutan always was amazing birds! B.w. general scheme the "Model 401" from Scaled Composites close to classic MiG-37B from Italeri ! B.R. Serge
  17. Why no one posted this video on June 20th: as a motivation for those who have not yet decided on the choice of model's? B.R. Serge
  18. The fact that one of the options for AMT-4 is its equivalent FS34151 / FS24151 I'm writing in this topic here: with reference to a Russian monograph written by professional historians working in the aviation industry of the Russian Federation. But understand, that they are Russians, do they really know something about their own colors? Why do i need Gunze's Mitsubishi cockpit green (C126) if Gunze's maked Mr.Color 351which is part of the kit "Interior colour" and is the direct equivalent FS34151? It’s great that Humbrol began to make acrylic paint turning his face to the modelers, and not what they stood before the modelers before, but there is one more nuance related to the question: “How long can the Humbrol acrylic paint be stored without losing its properties?”. I am interested as the owner of several bottles of acrylic Humbrol as in Your photo on the right, because the acrylic paint in these jars turned into some kind of flakes, and I did not open these paints for a long time since the acquisition, i.e. they were in unopened factory packaging. In this case, we see the difference in shades of green between the metal part of the frame canopy and the wooden fuselage! It would be interesting to make an analysis of the chemical composition of the paint on the fuselage and on the frame canopy.Because, as I already wrote in the Pe-2 topic, it should be different in chemical composition, one for wood and AMT fabric, the other for metal A, and of course their colors will be close but not always the same! Therefore, I am a little surprised by the search, in this topic, for one single shadow AMT-4 correspondence, when the Russians themselves write that there could be THREE shadow such correspondences! B.R. Serge
  19. As for my very close. B.R. Serge
  20. Now this camouflage is no longer relevant, outdated, the future is with overall mirror coatings: (Resources photo: https://afirsov.livejournal.com/557375.html#comments ) as a means of protection against laser weapons. Therefore, I don't know who was* ex-owner You model: but he definitely possessed information about future developments in the field of protection against laser weapons! _____________ *- maybe he came from the future for termination Your future Italery MiG-37 .... termination with his poor build? B.R. Serge P.S. On photo, probably really tasting mirror cover as protection cover from Air-to-Air laser weapons.
  21. For mutual understanding. Where there are rivets, there is naturally metal cover: Resource: http://rusplane.ru/mig3.php B.R. Serge
  22. This is when they are not drunk! But under good vodka or whiskey .... B.R. Serge
  23. Yes, it’s hard to see, nevertheless, the MPM (which is also packaged in Extrakit, Airfiх and Special Hobby boxes) gives for their Meteor's family models in 72nd scale only one small (wrong) part inside intakes, while Dragon for F.III has nothing there! Of course, for models developed in 60-70 (as in Airfix F.III for example) it is foolish to require air intake ducts, but in 2000 there were already slightly different requirements. In addition, for example, it doesn’t give me pleasure to see a gaping void in the model’s air intake, or even worse, the inside part main wheel bay as on HA-300 from A&A models, as example. But it's my point view. B.R. Serge P.S. In Yak-23 from Special Hobby also install Dervent ( Soviet name RD-500) which is not visible at all, but it is there! One detail, but ..... by the way, RD-500 from Yak-23 Special Hobby a good candidate for cloning under Dragon Meteor F.III air intake! Moreover, in Sea Venom, Dragon made the engine completely, although it is certainly not visible there if do not remove the fuselage panels, agree Dragon has a strange strategy!
  24. In Russian article which I refer to here: as equivalent AMT-4 mentioned FS34151/FS24151, FS32102/FS24102, FS34098. FS34151= Humbrol 151 FS34102 = Humbrol 117 FS34098 ~= Humbrol 149 Humbrol 151 not produced, Humbrol 149 approximate equivalent, so from Humbrol , no alternative Humbrol 117. But, FS34151 it's also USAF primer colour equivalent, so you just need to see what color Revell gives in own models assembly for USAF primer colour and also for Vietnam camouflage where used FS34102 as US Light green. Those You need to watch what Revell offers in models assembly for F-100D, F-102, F-104, F-105 e.t.c. in Vietnam. B.R. Serge
  25. Dragon Meteor F.III. have mistake with: - nose part canopy - Pavla vacu canopy may help; - tail surface, but if You do not reject the surface tail then the error is automatically eliminated! - Not correct colour insignia, this mistake correct Barracuda decal, but correct decal set from Barracuda decals very rare now. Also there is no of the front of the engine in the air intake. There is no imitation of a very complex tread on the main wheels, correct aftermarket also no. In addition to these annoying misunderstandings, this is a very good kit. Very recommended! With Pavla cockpit set ( vacuum canopy including) and Eduard photoetched* maybe build great model F.III. B.R. Serge _______________ *-An interesting point, a big set of Eduard contains an air brake, but after a while Eduard made a separate set of photoetched only with an air brake .....this leads to suspicions that there is a mistake in large photo-etching, which was then probably corrected by the release separate set of photoetched only with an air brake....
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