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  1. Old anecdote USSR era: "Paints a rocket soldier to the arrival of the general. He painted, painted ... Tired. And you need to paint. “Give,” he thinks, “I will throw a bucket on top of the rocket. The paint will run off and color everything! ”It is said - done. The rocket quickly turned into a radical green. And the bucket can’t take off - it’s not painted! Here the general goes. “What is it, soldier? What kind of disgrace do you have on top of the rocket ?" “Well,...... comrade general...... this is an......... ion reflector!” - Hmm ... So I see that an ion reflector. Why not painted?"" I see that this is a Black Arrow .... but why is her nose not painted? B.R. Serge
  2. I sent this joke to a familiar banker. Now they are conducting an internal investigation and are looking for someone who divulged their internal instruction, "What should a bank employee do if his bank is robbed!?" There was such a stupid anecdote in the USSR. How does one nationality (I do not indicate nationality for reasons of correctness) twists a bulb? One takes the light bulb, the rest take him and rotate him in the direction in which the light bulb is unscrewed! And how to screw in a light bulb? One takes the light bulb, the rest take him and rotate in the direction in which the light bulb is twisted! B.R. Serge
  3. Suspicious lack of photos of the model from @Olten .... it seems he was going to surprise us with something again! So, while we all wait I will risk entertaining the audience! These are not my Hurricane's, but I know for sure that the owner will not object to the publication of these photos: B.R. Serge
  4. Steve, FROG/NOVO as Aurora, Hawk, Matchbox, old Heller, Monogram it's cute trade mark - legend. Legend maybe old, maybe not accurate, maybe not quality, but it's legend, it's spirit epoch - Great epoch, warm, lamp era before the computer era, when moulds were made with hands and not made with computers, therefore, is it worth blaming them for not being as perfect as the people who created them? They must be perceived as they are! Because there will be new, better, more accurate, more detailed, designed on modern CAD ... but there will be no such FROG e.t.c..... B.R. Serge
  5. Little, Little! As small as this brandy bottle called cognac here: and of course, small in comparison with this homemade jelly cake. Alas, sometimes you have to be distracted from modeling, on alcohol & eat .... family holidays - nothing can be done! B.R. Serge
  6. Most famous Su-57 photos have panel lines. Perhaps in the future they will be primed as on French fighters or taped as on American fighters, but so far this is not. B.R. Serge
  7. And then see the video for yourself: then the plane* is already better: but it’s difficult to park the plane at the nearest supermarket ... then a helicopter is better! ________________ * - view from other side: https://rutube.ru/video/621122b94c06401bfab8c7822a30e00c/ B.R. Serge
  8. Couldn’t live with that vallejo gray green craig after seeing it in daylight today it was invisible so i re-did all the green parts today mixing my own colour. I shot it in a lightbox to attempt to show the colour accurately here. I keyed everything down finally with a light fine mist of gray at the end but the black anti-glare panel (and radome) got a little ‘speckly’ (not enough thinner in the gray paint mix - silly mistake) and the other new panels too, so i’ll have to give them a delicate once-over tomorrow. In principle, they (real MiG-29) usually fade to such a state that the shades of colors differ very poorly, but then there should be a burned- weathering out insignia and all the stencil and all tactical number and all emblems. There is really one caveat, with such a weathering, the plane usually has lighter shades than your model. B.R. Serge
  9. Do you think you need to give him an airbrush? But suddenly he asks: "Are this airbrush made in Russian Federation? ......whaat????......No Russian Federation airbrush????"...after which a lot of billions of money from the Russian Federation budget will be spent on the development of a national Russian Federation airbrush ..... most of the details in which all the same will be "Made in China". (sad joke) In addition, maybe he basically does not use an airbrush, because he paints according to the old Russian technique called Khokhloma: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khokhloma ??? B.w. there is some truth in every joke....some modelers told me that on rumors in the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation there is a large and good collection of figures of soldiers on various scales and different eras. I also know for sure the model assembled by well known Russian modelers which is in a permanent exhibition Russian Federation MoD. So, modeller's are everywhere! B.R. Serge
  10. No, just my specific humor. On first photo Head Russian MoD Shoigu Sergei Kozhuhetovich, Kozhuhetovich it's second name...on second photo You know who, he was born in 1952, and spent his childhood in Ligovka, one of the criminal districts of St. Petersburg, then Leningrad.... So now you understand my joke: About my participation. I would like to first finish the projects started here and not generate unfinished. B.R. Serge
  11. But only @Mike know have on Britmodeller users with name Vlad_Ligovka (or maybe Vlad1952 ) & Kozhuhetovich or not! B.R. Serge
  12. I just know (not personally, no! ) of two who work with wood .....but I don’t know if they are members of the Britmodeler?! I think that with them this GB will break all records in the number of views and participants! B.R. Serge
  13. http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_78534_start_180.html From author master-model for ResinMagazin: "In order from left to right - http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1570989_1567692079_89928496-72B0-4DE5-9ABD-465EDA2434F5.jpeg.html 1 - ResinMagazin 2 - new Zvezda 3 - old Zvezda 4 - Hobby Boss Further comparison with the new Zvezda. http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1570989_1567692081_05832426-A8E0-4153-B04F-CF607A8FEC8C.jpeg.html http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1570989_1567692083_784E5F7D-B12E-4E09-B57C-AB29CC5AB68E.jpeg.html http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1570989_1567692086_C5DB1901-A480-4312-939A-1057FF9C819A.jpeg.html http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/img_1570989_1567692088_F02EBC54-32C1-4619-B347-D6FA6B98F049.jpeg.html The width of the fuselage in the bow is consistent with what is flying now. And this is important, unlike the old Zvezda. Otherwise, everything is treated and corrected quite simply (in my opinion). Only one thing panel line was disappointing - a weak, almost none, layout. More precisely, its absence. Even the old Zvezda had an order of magnitude richer. To summarize, for myself - a normal model, which, if desired, can become a solid blank for a good model." B.R. Serge
  14. Why @Rabbit Leader support Pavla or Falcon as a manufactur, when it can support you as a "manufactur"?! "Buy own! Buy "Made in Britmodeller"!!!" B.R. Serge
  15. Hi, Pete! It's interesting question. I did not think about that. When I bought Airfix, I proceeded from the fact that both to the MPM, so to the Xtrakit , you need to buy aftermarket from CMK. So why paying big? I limited Meteor for my - Meteor F.Mk.III & Meteor F.8 for single version. B.R. Serge
  16. P.S. Gentleman's, last post was irony! With main wheel bay all normally!! Everything was planned! This old Soviet plastic will still survive all us !!! B.R. Serge
  17. Interesting idea! I know a person who could pay good money for the models on this list, but for me personally .... I have to remember this old Soviet poster again: Because for my more interesting Maintruck- Project X ! B.R. Serge
  18. All, bad....the main wheel bays failed down: I don’t know how it turned out, probably the old and bad Soviet plastic is to blame: B.R. Serge
  19. Oleg, You run the risk of being categorized as accomplices of terrorists! However, I remember that you are not a "witness to the sect of "St." bindera." I honestly warned everyone of their danger: So, I have no choice but to upgrade my build! B.R. Serge
  20. yepp, pessimists believe that the stash is half full, optimists believe that the stash is half empty .....realists teach the Kalashnikov assault rifle ..... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Is_the_glass_half_empty_or_half_full%3F oh, excuse me, about the Kalashnikov assault rifle this is probably from another saying! I look forward to GB on Tamiya, Meng, GWH, "rare resin" e.t.c! B.R. Serge
  21. Correctly "Xtrakit/MPM/Airfix offering" because Airfix also repack F.8 from Xtrakit/MPM. I have one Airfix F.8 he had a fantastically low price in comparison with Xtrakit/MPM. B.R. Serge
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