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  1. Hello fellows, I did a little continue the kit. Please watch the pics. Dirk
  2. Hello Deacon, thank you for your interest. I will finish the little cat: Tank 813, Panzer-Regiment 7, 10. PzDiv., Maknassy Pass (Tunesia), March 1943. Very seldom I use aftermarket stuff, but this RB-barrel, I got very cheap...so it's ok. Dirk
  3. Hi Fellows, I'm a little confused. I want participate in the Bomber GB. My favorite subject is the Junkers Ju88. But original it was developed as a dive bomber. But dive bombers are not allowed in this GB, right? So, I think I should choose another subject. Happy Modelling Dirk
  4. Hello fellows, here's my entry to the GB, the Tiger I Ausf.H. The kit is made by Revell in 1:72 scale. I started it last winter, so it's time to continue. It's around 50% done. Happy modelling. Dirk
  5. Hello together, please count me in. I have too many kits, which wait for finish. First I want finish the Me Bf 109 E-3; 1:72; ICM. and the Tiger I Ausf.H; 1:72; Revell The Bf 109 is an oob-projekt, the Tiger got an JB barrel. Both kits are 50% done. First I will continue the Tiger. I hope, this GB will help me to finish one kit more. Regards Dirk
  6. Hello, please count me in. I just ordered the new Airfix Messerschmitt Bf 110's. I think,one of them will be a nice subjekt for the GB. When it will start?? Dirk
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