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  1. HI Beefy looking really neat. Great paint job all over and looks like a steady hand on those PE bits. Cheers Guy
  2. Hi Kev Just managed to catch up on this one. Great stuff as usual. Fantastic tip about cutting tubes, Ive never managed to do it properly especially when making cable reels. Wish I had seen this a while back as most of them look like someone has driven a car into them... Cheers Guy
  3. HI Murdo I haven't been around for a while and tied up with a load of work. Remember you saying you had this in the stash and was going to gove it a buld. looks like you are nailing it. Well impressed with the rigging and stays on the funnel. Great tip on mounting the boats on the davits after tying on the cables. Going to give that one a go, thanks. Impressed, Cheers Guy
  4. Hi BigDave. Nice job on the strips and they look the business. All that extra effort has really paid off. Cheers Guy
  5. Hi Rob. Like the quay a lot and totally agree the water effect is superb. Cheers Guy
  6. Hi Gremlin 56. Thank you for the kind words. It is small and that hides some of the messy bits. If I was to do another I may look at some 1/350 Oerlikons. I've seen them for sale in a pack of 20 from Master. Al the rest is in the box to make it nice. Cheers Guy
  7. Hi Murdo Thanks for the comments and I'm sure you enjoy the build. Thanks for the tip about the chain. Also that Laser bond looks a bit easier than dab glue, try and hold in place and then possibly try and apply accelerant. Will give it a go... looks a bit more manageable and be interesting to see it in acton Cheers Guy
  8. Hi Foxy Thanks for the feedback and not sure now. I have a small type vii U-boat 1/350 again. Seen a lot of nice 1/72 ones on here so may do that. Also something for the corvette to chase... Cheers Guy
  9. Cheers Kev and thanks for looking in. Tanks I mean thanks Guy
  10. Hi Kev Just keeps getting better and better... Taking a break for a wingy thing or tank? Go Tank for the excellent quay. A MkV Male will look well out of place though. Cheers Guy
  11. Hi Gremlin56. Wow that is some bright colour scheme. Neat job especially with a brush. Does it go down the sides of the Hull? Cheers Guy
  12. Hi Rob All pics did return. Wow that is a really neat paint job and got to be proud of the number in the camouflage. Good job Cheers Guy
  13. Hi Rob Thanks for looking in and thanks for the info about the bridge supports. Wish I knew that... That explains why on a good fit kit two parts didn't. It was me.... I might try and adjust them. Thanks again Cheers Guy
  14. Hi all and thank for looking in and all the comments and feedback on this build. I look forward to seeing your build Murdo. Hi Gremlin maybe time to fish it back out..with a bit of Gremlin Gizmology? Thanks Martian and Rob thanks as well. I managed to get another full day on this one over the weekend. Started work by finishing the bridge area. For those who are looking at this build here's a bit if a heads up. There was a slight issue with the bridge fit and the supports under the bridge wings to the deck. When seating the bridge down all looked great but the instructions called for the supports to be fitted prior and there is no locating pins. Then when I tried to position them they were to tall and would have been at a very strange angle. This was remedied by simply sanding the tops and bottoms of the support so they fit. It didn’t need much and then all went together nicely. Dry test fitting then sanding will save any problems here and apart from the hull halve is the only parts that have not gone together. I then put the railings around the funnel areas. I would recommend doing this before putting any fittings on. Darby was right the etch is very bendy. I struggled to get in position then stick. Also had a mare with the super glue. I try using white glue but lost patience, as it needs a quick grip to hold in place while fixing around the section. It now looks like someone has dropped a sack of cement all over the place!!!! More practice require and then a bit more practice…. It will get there with time…There is also a slight problem with the pipe that goes to the funnel. I simple cut the railings so it fitted. It looks a bit of a mess now but filing and sanding down now will prove too difficult.The railings around the rear deck went on with no issue though. And in this area I would leave until the final stage. The PE around the gun platform went on well though as there was nothing in the way. I simply rolled it using tips given to me and then stuck with superglue I also looked at putting a chain on for the anchors. The spare bit of chain looked massive and to be honest silly as it wouldn’t have even fitted through the hawse pipes… So I twisted some wire and used that. Simply cut to length and bent around the gear wheels and stuck in the pipe. It looks ok in the flesh. So I then finished off and assembled. Then it was time to start the rigging. I have some EZ Line now and had practices a little with this. I personally find this easier than stretched sprue and fishing line. The results are ok but I have stretched it a bit too much and put too much strain on the mast. I find it difficult in holding such a small strand steady to the attachment point and ended up with to much glue again. I may try jell glue and a pin next time… I managed to get them all on (Well most on) in the end. I still need some more practice before I’m comfortable trying the complex rigging on Mikasa. The Decals are good but very fragile so take care when applying. On the other side of the ship there is just the number 08 and nothing on the stern... Anyway I’m calling this one finished as if I try redoing the rigging I’ll probably mess it up. The kit itself is fun to build. What you see in the picture apart from the main gun barrel, Tamiya tape on the dinghies and the rigging is all in the box. Quite impressive and also in my opinion good value. The kit is small so most of the imperfections we see with the close up lens aren’t all that noticeable. As seen here. Hope you all enjoyed the thread and thanks all for looking in. Also thank for all the feedback and suggestions along the way. :Learnt a lot on this one as well.. Cheers to all. Thanks Guy
  15. Hi Paul E First build was fantastic and here we go again. Never built with resin and it looks a real skill. Cheers Guy
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