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  1. Mikemx

    Scale Scotland 2019

    We @ MJW Models will be trading there. Expect bargain 1/48 Eduard + Hobby Boss aircraft kits, a selection of 1/72 aircraft kits from Eduard, AZ/KP Models, Special Hobby/MPM etc, as well as Eduard mask/etch, some decals and a selection of acrylic pain sets. thanks Mike
  2. Just a quick post to say, we have a few of the new Eduard Mustang's left in stock if anyone is interested! Our price £31 + Post - hurry before there's none left! Follow the link below to order https://mjwmodels.co.uk/edk11134-148-north-american-p-51d-mustang-chattanooga-choo-choo-6914-p.asp thanks Mike
  3. Last week it was RAF Typhoons and maybe an F-35 (heard more than we saw) and just now - an F-15 but not sure what air force it was from. thanks Mike
  4. The KPM Spitfire VC is a variant of the KPM Spitfire I/II and Vb kits with a new wing sprue. It's not the same as the AZ Mk IX's. The KPM boxed Mk IX's, are as far as I can tell, the same as the AZ Model Mk IX's. However, the Eduard Mk IX is far superior to the AZ Mk IX, having built both, I know which one not to get. The KPM early Merlin Spitfires are much nicer to build than the AZ Mk IX's - again from experience, having built the KPM Mk IIb. thanks Mike
  5. Glad you like it! I've just got the new KPM 1/72 RAAF Spitfire Vc and I've even started to build it! I'm hoping they do a boxing with NZ Spitfires too. thanks Mike
  6. Mikemx

    US WW2 Olive Drab

    Sounds good. So the Browny Olive Drab is not wrong then? :) thanks Mike
  7. We've now stocking IBG Models 1/700 ships and 1/72 tanks. We've got the 1/700 HMS Ithuriel and ORP Garland for £13.90 each. We can get the Hunts for £11, if anyone wants them. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ibg-models--1700--kits-475-c.asp We're giving the IBG 1/72 kits a try, starting with the new Crusaders (which I think look quite nice!) for £11 each! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ibg-models--172--kits-683-c.asp thanks Mike
  8. Mikemx

    US WW2 Olive Drab

    Dear admin team - I appeared to have clicked on the wrong WW2 section - please move my post into the WW2 armour section, which is where I meant to put this post! sorry about that thanks Mike
  9. Mikemx

    US WW2 Olive Drab

    I've got a load of US Shermans to paint for the Flames of War game and just want to check what Olive Drab base colour to use. I remember building the Tamiya 1/35 M4 Sherman kit when it came out in the 90's (nice kit too!) and I'm sure it quoted AS06 (spray paint) Olive Drab. I've ran this through the Ultimate Paint Conversion Chart and the closest match in Vallejo (which is what I mostly use) is Brown Violet (RLM81 in the Model Air range). Now Brown Violet or RLM81, does look similar to Tamiya's AS06 if I remember right. What do other people think about US army olive Drab in WW2? thanks Mike
  10. I was looking at the Crusader at the Northern Model show last weekend and it looks quite nice. We might even stock them in our shop thanks Mike
  11. Another thought has occurred after seeing the pics of the Ithuriel kit. HMS Ithuriel was not part of the original RN batch of I class, she was one of four being built for Turkey. According to the Wiki entry for the I class, the ships lost a set of TT and had a 3 inch HA gun fitted (plus other mods). Wiki says the ex Turkish ships were similarly modified but the kit has both sets of TT's, so which is right? Also note, the second I class they will do is HMS Ilex, which was part of the original RN class, so it'll be interesting to see if there's any differences in that kit. thanks Mike
  12. Thanks to the show organisers and everyone who stopped by our stand to say hello or buy stuff from us. We had a decent show in the end, we had a smaller stand than last year, with less kits but managed to make more sales, with less expenses, which we're puzzled about! About the air con in the hall - it was broken last year too, sounds like an excuse not to turn it on! thanks Mike
  13. Question is though, are the colours they suggest right? By that I mean the names of the colours and not the shade they are on the painting diagram. thanks Mike
  14. We'll have the kits in stock tomorrow and hope to get a few more in for next week. than ks Mike
  15. Mikemx

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Eduard are very good at replacing missing or broken pieces. With Eduard products I would even suggest ignoring the seller you got the item from and just report it quickly, to Eduard and they'll send replacements out. thanks Mike
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