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  1. Mikemx

    New Ship Related Releases

    The Flyhawk Dorsetshire will beat the Aoshima kit hands down, I'll be interested in the Exeter, seeing as the Special Edition set disappeared before I even saw it for sale. The Flower class corvettes are welcome. Trumpeter's 1/700 USS Enterprise is also out now. thanks Mike
  2. Mikemx

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    We're they the same pylons as they used for bombs? Otherwise it'll be time for more filler! thanks Mike
  3. Mikemx

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    I actually have 3 different Tamiya Corsairs, a couple of Academy ones and I think a Revell postwar one. I got this kit because it has the clipped wingtips, which is a first for a modern new tool Corsair kit. I've no doubt the Tamiya ones will build much better, I've made an Academy one already and that wasn't that bad. It sounds like Revell have been confused over the designation, perhaps the box should say Corsair Mk IV. I'm not concerned about the model having any ordnance on it, so the question is what to do about the indents. I guess the sprue with the pair of drop tanks is the same in each different boxing. If that's the case, could you use the pylons without any modifications to plug the indents? thanks Mike
  4. I had a feeling the two kits you bought wouldn't last long! It'll be Tuesday now for posting, with it being the bank holiday weekend. thanks Mike
  5. We've had several boxes of cheap Eduard and Hobby Boss kits delivered today and we now have a few Hobby Boss kits which are around half UK RRP! The following 1/48 Hobby Boss kits are about half price - A-4E Skyhawk, A-4F Skyhawk, Wildcatfish and the Hawk T Mk.67. We've got loads of other Hobby Boss & Eduard kits (1/48 and 1/72) on offer with around 1/3 or so off UK RRP in stock right now too. Check out the home page on our website for more details, before they sell out! http://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  6. Mikemx

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    I've filled all the gaps in the not so well fitting multi part cowling (why couldn't they make it with less parts that fit better?) and other bits, done some sanding and re-primed it. The forward part of the cockpit, where the windscreen goes, has been painted Black, and now it should be ready for the canopy fitting and then we'll be almost ready for painting. Hopefully I can get a bit more done over the bank holiday weekend. I've been very busy, so I've had a chance to make any more progress. Also, why is it getting more and more difficult to post pics on here? thanks Mike
  7. Mikemx

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    MJW Models are now taking pre-orders for the show. Please follow the link below, for further info. The link is to our mini forum thingy in the vendors section, as that is where any questions and info relating to us at MJW Models should be posted. Hope to see a few folks from BM there! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235038040-mjw-models-the-northern-model-show/#replyForm thanks Mike
  8. Mikemx

    MJW Models @ the Northern Model show!

    We are now taking pre-orders for collection at the Northern Model show on 3rd June. Simply place an order as normal but for the postage option, please click on the 'Collect at Northern Model Show option'. This will zero the post and tell us to reserve the items for collection at the show. All pre-orders need to be paid for in advance! We won't be taking any mask, etch or decals for sale at the show, so if you want any of them, pre-ordering will be the only way of getting them at the show! We've also only got this week to get anything ordered so we can bring it to the show, so if anyone has any requests (within reason) please let us know asap, otherwise we'll only bring what we have in stock! We hope to see many of you at the show! thanks Mike
  9. Mikemx

    Thefts from Shows

    Perhaps the folks who are part of clubs could help by keeping an eye out in general for suspicious characters too. I know it's not their responsibility but we're all in the hobby together and we need both clubs and traders to attend shows to make them successful. If show organisers have to hire security (or extra security), it will make shows more expensive for everyone. thanks Mike
  10. Mikemx

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    I believe I might know where you can get some next week, Monday maybe? Can't talk about that here though! Here's the funny thing, the kit (as can be seen by the box) is called the F4U-1B, on the decals it says Corsair Mk IV. I did some reading and the F4U-1B is supposed to be (unless what I read is wrong and it might be) a F4U-1A built for the Royal Navy and according to what I read, the F4U-1A (and D) were called the Corsair Mk II, hence I called it the Mk II. According to what I read the FG-1 was the Corsair Mk IV, perhaps it's actually one of the F4U-1D's? Either way it'll end up a Blue Royal Navy Corsair when done! thanks Mike
  11. We're still here and in business and putting out lots of special offers! Today the following kits have arrived at bargain prices! 1/48 Hobby Boss - Su-34 Fullback, A-6E Intruder and F-105D Thunderchief. 1/48 Eduard Ltd Ed kits - Israeli Spitfire IX, Finnish Bf109G Dual Combo 1/48 Eduard Profipacks - Bf110F, Bf109E-3, Bf109F-4, Bf109G-14, Spitfire HF Mk VIII, Roland C.II, 1/48 Eduard Weekends - SE.5a, Avia B.354 serie III, Hellcat Mk I 1/72 Eduard kits, Avia Bk.354 Profipack We've got loads of other bargains too and kits, paints, etch, mask and decals and more regular but still discounted prices http://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  12. Mikemx

    Revell 1/72 Corsair Mk II (F4U-1B)

    This is where the build is right now. As you can see the multi part cowling doesn't fit quite as well as you would expect from a new tool kit. It's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of fettling, putty and sanding but I can't help feeling that the 3 Tamiya Corsairs in my stash (that were tooled a good while ago now) will be far better kits to build. It's a bit disappointing but not a disaster, just a bit annoying but I'll sort it out. I still think it will look Ok when finished, still can't grumble too much for under £7! thanks Mike
  13. Thanks! It's not so much a different engine as the US versions had different engines or engine developments in some of the different marks. I always thought for example that the Martlet Mk VI was the same thing as the F4F-4 Wildcat, just with British radios and seatbelts etc but it turns out it had other differences, like a different cowling, which is one thing on a little sprue in the Airfix kit, that isn't in the Wildcat kit. I seem to remember a big discussion on here just before and after the kit came out, about the differences between the US Wildcats and the FAA Martlets. To be fair, I found it all a bit confusing, so I just trusted in Airfix to be fairly accurate, so built the kit OOB, (except for some seatbelts). I'm just happy that a mainstream company made a modern kit of the Martlet, as I've never made one before (I have made a US Wildcat years ago). thanks Mike
  14. Mikemx

    Operarion Torch Martlet IV

    It's in the RFI now thanks Mike
  15. Thanks - they certainly are. One good thing about recent Airfix kits, is that the decals are pretty good. thanks Mike