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  1. Hi folks - just a reminder that we are still here, still trading and still have many, many bargains in stock! Check out the link below, we have bargains 1/72 + 1/48 aircraft kits, 1/35 armour kits, 1/350 + 1/700 ship kits and a good selection of acrylic paint sets! Anything that isn't on special offer are still at discounted prices! Quick despatch too and overseas delivery! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  2. I'd rather build the new Special Hobby P-40 kits than just about any Airfix kit! I find most Airfix (that means most not all) I build these days give me some kind of hassle, the Special Hobby P-40 didn't, the fit was near perfect. I'm waiting for the K and the Kittyhawk Mk III, might even get the IA too thanks Mike
  3. Your P-40 kits are brilliant, I've only built the N so far but I am very impressed with the quality of the kit and how well it builds up. I've really looking forward to your Meteor NF 13 and Mirage IIICJ, I've been wanting decent kits of them for some time! thanks Mike
  4. Mikemx

    1/700 Flyhawk HMS Hermes D95

    I have mostly built the kit (not quite finished it) and it is excellent and highly recommended. One of the best 1/700 kits out there. The painting instructions in the kit are based on Alan Raven's interpretation on how she was painted so you could go with that or with the above mentioned scheme as suggested by Sovereign Hobbies, who have done plenty of research of their own. thanks Mike
  5. Mikemx

    Beginner, what to start with?

    Indeed and we have a selection of Eduard Spitfires in stock and the Mk XVI's should be in today thanks Mike
  6. Mikemx

    Hannants Wins Again!

    I wish they were that efficient with their trade orders. Takes almost that long to send them up the East coast these days. thanks Mike
  7. As the title says, we have one of these in stock (and only one!) for £33! Once it's gone we won't get anymore! Please note this kit is too big for airmail https://mjwmodels.co.uk/air11005-172-avro-shackleton-aew2-5589-p.asp thanks Mike
  8. Mikemx

    Mustang seatbelts

    Do you know if they were also on the post war F-51's? thanks Mike
  9. Mikemx

    Mustang seatbelts

    Ultracast do Mustang seatbelts with or without harnesses. They might do one with a Q type harness that you could look at. thanks Mike
  10. Mikemx

    Mustang seatbelts

    Thanks! If anyone knows anything about the Beige and Green coloured seatbelts, please let me know, I've always wondered why Eduard do them in two colours. thanks Mike
  11. Mikemx

    Mustang seatbelts

    Were the RAF Mustang IV's fitted with Sutton harnesses or did they retain the USAAF belts? I've had a search and can't find anything about it yet. Also Eduard do Beige coloured belts and Dark Green belts, which colour belts are for which aircraft? thanks Mike
  12. We've just got the latest 1/72 Special Hobby kits in stock, discounted prices! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/special-hobby-172--kits-544-c.asp RAF Vampire Mk I Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 'Mersu' Messerschmitt Me209V4 thanks Mike
  13. As the title says, we have some Meng 1/48 P-51D kits in for less than half price! only £15.60! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/mmls-009-148-north-american-p-51d-mustang-yellow-nose-6570-p.asp thanks Mike
  14. Mikemx

    Do You Still Stock North Star Models?

    They are indeed dead. Tom's Modelworks bought the name and the etch side of the business and it's them who run that website. Sovereign Hobbies took over the paints side of it and now manufacturer and supply the paints but also stock the etch sets. Atlantic and Starling models have joined forces to produce the old WEM resin kits and bring out new ones. If you want plastic kits, you'll need to go to Starling models or someone else. thanks Mike
  15. Mikemx

    Sword Thunderflashes in stock now!

    It's nice to see that some people that 'put their name down' for these kits and didn't buy them, including some BM'ers. We'll turn off he backorder system if this continues, it's happening far too often. I guess people can't wait for us to get new stuff in, which we do, as quick as we can. thanks Mike