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  1. We'll (MJW Models) be there again but with a smaller stand. Trading is very difficult now and we barely made a profit last year, so unless it improves it could be our last Northern Model show. thanks Mike
  2. About the underscale Dorsetshire, it was mentioned on the Model Warship forum, which confirmed my choice of waiting for the Flyhawk release. Aoshima have done this before with the USS Wasp but at least that's a unique ship, so the issue isn't as bad. I've only just thought to compare my Aoshima Exeter with my Samek York, to see if they have done the same. thanks Mike
  3. There's still one left - not sure why that's the case as this is the first time this kit has been on offer and the way people were talking about this kit, I thought it would be popular. thanks Mike
  4. Eduard 1/48 Bodenplatte Bf109G-14/Fw190D-9 set, now in stock for only £34.50!! We have very limited numbers in but we'll try to get more in for next week if possible! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/edk11125-148-bodenplatte-limited-edition-dual-combo-6789-p.asp thanks Mike
  5. Enjoy building that F-100!! I've just ordered a 1/700 Combrig resin kit of the Italian Battleship Giulio Cesare from Starling Models, hopefully it'll be good and won't take long to get here thanks Mike
  6. The latest Sword kits are on order for delivery to us, sometime next week! So we'll have new F3H Demon models in 1/72! Also out, will be the re-issued P-47N Thunderbolt kit but this time as a double set! The prices will be discounted compared to RRP! thanks Mike
  7. Over the past few months we've been stocking a few bargain 1/35 kits, including ones from Meng, Miniart and Hobby Boss. We've had both Meng and Hobby Boss King Tigers in stock previously for under £20 each! We've got a few kits in stock right now and we'll get future bargains in stock, if we think there's a good chance of selling them! A good example of a bargain is the new Meng Magach 6 with all the extra armour n bits! Most of the offers are 1/3 or more off the UK RRP, some over 1/3 by quite a bit! Here's a link to our homepage https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ . You'll find the bargains by scrolling down the page and more on the second page too! thanks Mike
  8. I didn't find the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IX hard to build at all. In fact it went together quite well. The 1/72 Spitfires are a bit trickier in terms of fit but the 1/48 ones are good thanks Mike
  9. Damn, must stop buying then! I did the same thing with that exact kit but I got two of them as I wanted to do the HF Mk VIII in the high altitude scheme as well. thanks Mike
  10. You can't go wrong with the Eduard Spitfires . I see which you bought and I commend your choice, Mk VIII's were the best! How did you get that Ebay voucher? I've got a few things in my watch list I could use it on thanks Mike
  11. Indeed, I think the Bf109's are around £20, which is still a bit pricey for a small 1/72 kit with no extras. Very nice kits though, I still have a few left to build. thanks Mike
  12. Tiger Hobbies were importing Fine Molds last year, you'd have to ask them if they still are. It's still cheaper to buy one from HLJ though (inc post) and you won't get stung for import/handling fees as the kit value is less than £15. thanks Mike
  13. The Sword Spitfire Vc builds up fine. thanks Mike
  14. Hopefully the kit will be with you soon, I'd love to see the completed model! thanks Mike
  15. Mikemx

    Leopard 1 question

    Thanks for that. The nearest match it seems with Vallejo Model air is Russian Green, which I have, so that will do me! thanks Mike
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