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  1. This week's new bargains are as below! Don't forget, these are in addition to the many other bargains available on our website - we've got well over 100 kits, paint sets, mask + etch, etc at great prices right now! 1/35 Hobby Boss Flakpanzer 38 (t) 1/48 Eduard Bodenplatte Bf109G-14/Fw190D-9 Ltd Ed dual kit Eduard Fw190D-9 Profipack Eduard L-29 Delfin Profipack Eduard SE.5a 'Viper' Profipack Eduard P-400 Airacobra Profipack Eduard Fokker D.VIII Profipack Eduard Fw190A-4 Weekend Hobby Boss Fw190D-12/R14 Hobby Boss Fw190D-10 1/72 Eduard Spitfire XVI Ltd Ed dual kit Eduard Fw190A-5 Profipack Hobby Boss P-61C Black Widow Hobby Boss A-7B Corsair II Here's the link to the website so you can scroll down and these and our other bargains! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  2. This week we have two new 1/72 Arma Hobby kits in stock - the Finnish and Romanian Hurricane Mk I and Yak-1b 'junior' kit, both at discounted prices! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  3. The problem it will have it's Flyhawk's HMS Kelly, which is miles better thanks Mike
  4. Apparently it's Black Friday today! Well every Friday is Black Friday @ MJW Models! That's because we usually get our Special Offers delivered! Most of the offers are around 1/3 off UK RRP, some a bit more, some a bit less. Remember previous offers are still ongoing until we sell out of them, so there's always loads more on offer than what's mentioned in these updates. Todays Bargains 1/35 Hobby Boss Panzer IV/70 (A) Hobby Boss Flak 38 with trailer. 1/48 Eduard Bodenplatte Bf109G-14/Fw190D-9 Ltd Ed dual kit Eduard Bella Russian P-39 Airacobra Ltd Ed dual kit Eduard Fw190A-2 Profipack Eduard MiG-21PFM Profipack Eduard SE.5a Nightfighter Profipack Eduard P-400 Airacobra Profipack Eduard Bf109G-4 Weekend Eduard Fw190A-3 Weekend Hobby Boss F-14A Tomcat Hobby Boss F-105G Thunderchief Hobby Boss F8F-1 Bearcat Hobby Boss FJ-4B Fury Hobby Boss Fw190D-10 Meng P-51D Mustang '8th AF' 1/72 Eduard Spitfire XVI Ltd Ed dual kit Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat Profipack Hobby Boss UH-34A Choctaw Here's the link to the website so you can scroll down and these and our other bargains! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  5. In addition to a weekly post on Special Offers, I'm starting a weekly post (unless there's nothing new in stock!) on new and recent releases here @ MJW Models. Everything will be offered at a discounted price and the website link will be after the listings. Kits 1/48 Sword Reggiane Re2005 1/72 Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk I Royal Navy Yak-1 'Expert kit' AZ Models Messerschmitt Bf109G-6 Wilde Sau (pt 2) Ltd Ed. Messerschmitt Bf109F-4 'Marseille Ltd Ed Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Yokosuka D4Y5 'Judy' Nightfighter Brengun Typhoon Ib Desert + Captured Special Hobby Douglas Boston Mk IV/V RAF + Free French Dassault Super Mystere 'Sa'ar' (Israeli AF) Vautour IIN Sword P-80C Shooting Star + IL-10 double kit Accessories Xtradecal 1/48 - Starfighter, Harrier GR.1/GR.3 and Hunter F.4 Xtradecal 1/72 - Starfighter, MiG-17 and RAF Hercules Eduard 1/48 Mask and Zoom etch for the Kinetic F-104G Starfighter and Tamiya P-38F/G Lightning kits. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  6. Starting today, I'll be posting here with the latest bargain kits n bits, hopefully on a weekly basis, that have just got in stock @ MJW Models. All bargains are available on our website and are mostly around 1/3 off UK RRP (some might be a bit more and some might be a bit less than 1/3 off). 1/35 Meng - Panther D and JagdPanther 1/48 Eduard - MiG-21Bis Ltd Ed, Albatros D.V Weekend, Hanriot HD.2 Weekend and Bf109G-4 Weekend 1/48 Hobby Boss - F-14A Tomcat, F-14B Tomcat , A-4M Skyhawk, TBF-1C Avenger, J-29F Tunnan 1/72 Eduard - MiG-21 Royal Class, Spitfire IXc Late Profipack, MiG-21 MF Fighter Bomber Profipack 1/72 Hobby Boss - F-14B Tomcat, Lynx HAS.2 If you follow the link below and scroll down the page, you'll see these and all our other many bargains! https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  7. Just to let you know that we're still here (just about) and still have many bargains on offer on our website! Many of the offers are around 1/3 or so off the RRP! Offers include 1/48 aircraft kits by Eduard and Hobby Boss. 1/72 Aircraft kits from Eduard, Hobby Boss + Trumpeter. 1/35 armour kits from Meng and Hobby Boss, 1/700 ships from Trumpeter. Reduced price Hataka and Vallejo paint sets and also reduced price Eduard Brassin, Mask and Etch. Simply follow the link below and scroll down to see all the bargains. We've also got recently released kits like the new Eduard 1/48 Mustang Profipack and 1/72 Special Hobby Boston IV/V kit. https://mjwmodels.co.uk/ thanks Mike
  8. Mikemx

    D4Y 'Judy' Questions

    Excellent! The Fujimi D4Y4 isn't that accurate then! It literally is the D4Y3 with the D4Y4 canopy! thanks Mike
  9. Mikemx

    F-15I Ra'am question

    So the canopy itself and the cockpit interior should be the same in both kits then? I've got the F-15I but Eduard only do the Zoom etch and mask for the F-15E. thanks Mike
  10. I've got the GWH F-15I Ra'am kit in the stash and I've been wondering are the cockpit parts and canopy exactly the same as their F-15E kit? thanks Mike
  11. I have some print scale smoke ring style decals for Macchis, I didn't see the Japanese camouflage decals before (probably because Hannants don't have them yet!), so I'll watch out for them. That said they are for a B5N not a Ki-45 but I'll wait and see if they do any others. thanks Mike
  12. Mikemx

    D4Y 'Judy' Questions

    It might end up on fleabay, so I can buy proper D4Y3 kit! thanks Mike
  13. Mikemx

    D4Y 'Judy' Questions

    Thanks for that, it does indeed have a flat windscreen, like a fighter but none of the other differences appear to be present in the kit. The rest of the kit is still identical to the D4Y2, except for the engine. thanks Mike
  14. Another Japanese aircraft in the stash is the Hasegawa 1/72 Ki-45. Does anyone know of any camouflage mask (not canopy, I have the canopy mask) or camouflage decals for this aircraft in 1/72. I've yet to come across any as yet, so it may end up in a simpler scheme. thanks Mike
  15. Mikemx

    D4Y 'Judy' Questions

    That's what I was thinking, I actually wanted a D4Y3 anyway but I'm guessing at the time I bought it (many years ago) I didn't know the difference thanks Mike
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