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  1. Yeah I know, which is why I thought it was odd that the instructions quote an RAAF colour for a RNZAF aircraft. I thought perhaps they might have meant RAF Dark Green or USAAF Olive Drab. The kit decals are in a darker Blue. thanks Mike
  2. In my experience of building Eduard and recent Airfix kits, I'm not in the slightest bit interested in the Airfix kit, I'll happily wait for the Eduard kit. Eduard kits for the most part are much better than Airfix and I've built a few of each in both 1/48 and 1/72. thanks Mike
  3. I've got myself the new Special Hobby 1/72 Kittyhawk Mk III (P-40K) and I want to check the colours for the RNZAF one on the box art. The instructions say Foliage Green on top and Grey-Green (I think they mean RAF Sky Type S) underneath. Would this be correct? The Special Hobby P-40 kits are brilliant btw, everyone should make one! thanks Mike
  4. John Snyder suggested Mountbatten Pink if modelling her in the Med. Flyhawk have announced a new HMS Kelly kit in 1/700. It will be the best by a long mile, when it eventually emerges. thanks Mike
  5. We'll be stocking them @ MJW Models when available. Looking forward to seeing what they are like. thanks Mike
  6. We have the P-40K short fuselage in stock now and it's very nice indeed! thanks Mike
  7. I'd rather build the new Special Hobby P-40 kits than just about any Airfix kit! I find most Airfix (that means most not all) I build these days give me some kind of hassle, the Special Hobby P-40 didn't, the fit was near perfect. I'm waiting for the K and the Kittyhawk Mk III, might even get the IA too thanks Mike
  8. Your P-40 kits are brilliant, I've only built the N so far but I am very impressed with the quality of the kit and how well it builds up. I've really looking forward to your Meteor NF 13 and Mirage IIICJ, I've been wanting decent kits of them for some time! thanks Mike
  9. I have mostly built the kit (not quite finished it) and it is excellent and highly recommended. One of the best 1/700 kits out there. The painting instructions in the kit are based on Alan Raven's interpretation on how she was painted so you could go with that or with the above mentioned scheme as suggested by Sovereign Hobbies, who have done plenty of research of their own. thanks Mike
  10. Indeed and we have a selection of Eduard Spitfires in stock and the Mk XVI's should be in today thanks Mike
  11. Do you know if they were also on the post war F-51's? thanks Mike
  12. Ultracast do Mustang seatbelts with or without harnesses. They might do one with a Q type harness that you could look at. thanks Mike
  13. Thanks! If anyone knows anything about the Beige and Green coloured seatbelts, please let me know, I've always wondered why Eduard do them in two colours. thanks Mike
  14. Were the RAF Mustang IV's fitted with Sutton harnesses or did they retain the USAAF belts? I've had a search and can't find anything about it yet. Also Eduard do Beige coloured belts and Dark Green belts, which colour belts are for which aircraft? thanks Mike
  15. I knew there was another K/N in the pipeline but couldn't remember which one thanks Mike
  16. If you're on FB - I'm admin in this group for Model Destroyer and Frigates https://www.facebook.com/groups/273862756441586/ thanks Mike
  17. Don't forget Flyhawk have recently released in 1/700, HMS Legion and HMS Lance, probably the best destroyer kits seen so far in 1/700. Flyhawk aim to release HMS Kelly too. I have a HP Models Battle in my stash but it's oop I believe. thanks Mike
  18. That's exactly how I found about the Revell P-47 issue. I think I sold that one but I have a Revell P-47M which is basically the same kit but I left off any ordnance. If you fancy doing another one, spend the extra and get a Tamiya one, you won't regret it. thanks Mike
  19. Word of warning, the Revell P-47 isn't right either, it sits a little too low and it's belly is too big. If you want an accurate P-47 then you need the Tamiya kit. It's easy to trim the top of the Academy kit's landing gear legs a little but I think the tail wheel might also not stick out enough either. Also note, that P-47 didn't use rockets, they had swapped to P-51B/C's by the time the bazooka rockets were used operationally. The Checkertails were part of the 15th AF and there main role would have been bomber escort but I'm sure they would have done some bombing missions from time to time. thanks Mike
  20. Yes along with a few other ships! My Dad used to work in Hebburn for a few years but nothing to do with ships! thanks Mike
  21. Nice work! I did the 1/700 Eskimo but I couldn't be bothered to fix the bow! I'm now doing Flyhawk's 1/700 HMS Legion, which is another Tyne built ship (Hebburn I think). thanks Mike
  22. The Eduard kits really are awesome! We always have some boxings of it in cheap. I wouldn't get any other Fw190A/F kit now other than the Eduard one but your paint job on that Airfix one is looking good! thanks Mike
  23. Thanks! I'll try and get some pics done and posted soon. We had a few Trumpeter 1/700 ships for sale but we mostly stock aircraft kits n bits. thanks Mike
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