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  1. So my general assessment seems to agree with most people in that they are decent kits for a reasonable price, bettered (at the moment) only by the very expensive Hasegawa kits. My next question is why is no one interested in them? Any ideas there? The price we charge is below RRP, so I'm stumped on them. thanks Mike
  2. Graham - do you mean the A-4 or G-6? thanks Mike
  3. Regards cannons - The GR9's were supposed to have some new 25mm cannons but that never happened and they were never fitted with 30mm cannons instead. I'd have to double check but I don't think the GR7's had cannons either for the same reason. Of the last British Harriers, only the Sea Harrier FA2 had 30mm cannons. thanks Mike
  4. I did that exact model myself and it's an excellent build, both the Airfix kit and the 3d kits parts fit very well. I did the wheel wells in RAF Medium Sea Grey to match the underside colour if thats any help. Sometimes, though, instructions do say to paint them interior green. The interior green I use btw, is not the US interior green, it's a totally different shade of green (from Lifecolor). It looks quite close to examples I've seen in museums and tv/books when they show RAF aircraft interiors. thanks Mike
  5. Well I have AZ's 1/72 FR Mk XVIII and Xtrakit's Mk 22, so from what's been said they might be suitable? I'm not as picky as wanting to know if specific squadrons or individual aircraft actually carried them, just that some aircraft of particular marks did carry them, whether operational or just in practice? I just fancy having a rocket firing Spitfire in my collection! thanks Mike
  6. I was wondering the same thing! I have seen the Mk XIV's in question with a single rocket under each wing. The Academy Mk XIV comes with 4 twin rockets, where the rockets are mounted on top of each other, ie one rocket with another underneath it on the same mount. My question now, is did any other Spitfire carry rockets in this configuration and if not, are there any RAF fighters that did? thanks Mike
  7. Hi What are people's opinions on the Zvezda 1/72 JU88 kits? The reason I ask is that we stock them but there seems to be hardly any interest in them. Now I've read reviews of them, looked at both kits and I've even started building my own JU88G-6 and so far they look good to me. I know of the tail issue with the G and I have the Quickboost tail fin to correct mine. I also have the Hasegawa JU88A-4 in my own stash and on comparason, the Zvezda kit looks a bargain to me, maybe not quite as good but it's only half the price and better than other JU88 kits. Does anyone else have any opinions on this? thanks Mike
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