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  1. That's very nice indeed - I'm a fan of 'sensible' schemes on the GW kits. I'm working on some drab black 'realistic' Raven Guard Space Marines at the mo.
  2. I've never understood why Wingwalkers are considered an attraction! But if giving them a slot meant Breitling were more inclined to send the Connie I guess it was worth it.
  3. Well, I went and thought the flying display was superb on the Sunday. 2 Typhoons and an Italian K767, Polish Mig 29, Rafale, 2 different Grippen routines, 2 different Typhoon displays, the Reds and the Atlas, The French, Italian and Swiss PC7 teams, Vulcan, Catalina, Corsair and Mitchell. My personal highlight was the C27 - incredible display. There was a bit of filler in the form of the Wingwalkers and Eurocopter service thingy - but these were two major sponsors of the show, and usually there is a bit of boring stuff in the air whatever show you go to. No Grob Tutor this year, or gliders, who normally fill the naff lunchtime slot. Was it worth £40, for 8 hours flying? Yes. Was the static thinner than previous years? Massively. But it still contained gems, from the Estonian An-2 to the Super Connie. I've been to every one since its been at Fairford (as well as Boscome and Cottesmore) and I still absolutely love the Air Tattoo. This year was the first we decided not to bother on the Monday for departures but that doesn't mean the show day wasn't superb. I think we've been spoiled in the past, and RIAT has set the bar so high it'll never shake off the tag of not being as good as it used to be, no matter what they do.
  4. Yes please :-) I've got a Revell 1/72 Jagdpanther under coated. so I want to see you paint yours first!
  5. A bit late to the party here - but a fantastic idea. Thanks for taking the time to photograph the process - I'll be following and waiting for the next instalment!
  6. It looked like a single engine* and howled as it went over - don't see many Typhoons around here and I always thought they would sound almost the same as Tonka - this didn't. Looking around the web I can't see any detatchments over this way and there was a low flying excersise over the marches yesterday listed on the RAF site, so I guess it must've been. Hell of a sight as it banked around the church spire mind! *it was moving very fast in my defence, and I had to drop what I was doing to get to the window in time...
  7. I'm sure a Mirage 2000 just blasted over Ross-on-Wye Library where I work. It was a single engined delta of some form anyway! Am I seeing things?!
  8. It's an RAF promotional aircraft - so they have written RAF on the side. To say this a slur against the men of 72 question is a slight overreaction, isn't it?! It's an interesting scheme, something a little different and a nod to the unit's past. What's not to like?
  9. http://www.airtattoo.com/airshow/aircraft/aircraft-in-the-spotlight/breitling-super-constellation - it's true! You're right about the 'glory days' being over - Russian Bears and Czech hind display teams are long gone, along with dozens of Tornados, KC-135s and Hercs in the static park...! It's a shame the Kemble shows of a couple years ago are gone - the Hunter meet was fantastic, and similar to the Flying legends-type shows you mention. I do wonder though how long will there be people who can afford to run complex warbirds? What will be left then? I will be milking every last bit of value out of my dosh though...as I said, it's the only show I will be able to make, and for the price of a couple of decent kits, still worth it for me. You'll have to excuse me if I seem a little defensive of RIAT!
  10. Departures day is fantastic, you get to see everything (that isn't broken) fly and plenty of stuff taxi'ing past, whichever end you go. You do also get some flypasts - the Reds formed up with the Vulcan to go onto Farnborough last year for example. Also the only day I've ever seen 2 F117s fly by together (a few years ago mind)! As for this thread, well I will be going one show day and departures and will no doubt enjoy the only airshow I can get anywhere near this year. They usually pull some pretty interesting stuff out of the bag, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Connie again. I hope those of you that are making the choice to go to different shows have a great time, wherever you decide. To suggest only RIAT will be effected by the current financial and political climates its a little niave though...all shows will see a huge reduction of modern military assets this year, wherever they are held.
  11. A flat brush lightly dipped with thinner (not used flory washes - are they acrylic? If so water) should be able to manipulate the washes again. Great effort though, take your time if you do try and work on the weathering again! I'd also say drag the wash in the direction you'd expect the dirt to gather, i.e. vertically with your brush rather than horizontally so it collects in the nooks and crannies it would be on the real thing., Good job though!
  12. I'd echo the above post - I got a box of 5 Shermans (including a Firefly) for about £15, great little kits. Your tank looks brilliant though, and you've done a great job of the weathering. A lot of the battlefront kits can look very cartoony, but you've avoided that.
  13. That's a superb bit of model making, thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks for the extra information, Widow 65, much appreciated. Wish I'd noticed that before! Ah well, I'm not changing it now...I've got an AS-90 on the workbench...
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