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  1. I tried to find an e-mail address of the Royal Navy Museum, but the link on their site is not working for me ! I saw on the internet that this museum has a model of HMS Dreadnought. A few days ago I also sent an e-mail to the Science Museum, awaiting an answer !
  2. Hi Nick, Did you have a change to figure out if there exist a Builders Model of HMS Dreadnought ???
  3. Hello, I have a question concerning HMS Dreadnought. Does anybody know if there is a Builders model of HMS Dreadnought in a British museum ???? Did some searching on the internet but came up with nothing !!
  4. Hello Julian, I contacted Chippy about the walk arounds he was talking about on the forum, but he did not answer me until now. So now I will try and ask you, if you have already received the walk arounds of HMS Plymouth you asked for a while ago, if yes, I would be interested in them too. Please can you answer me in this matter I also sent you this via PM, but don't know if it reached you. Regards John Dohmen.
  5. Hello,


    I am interested in walk around photographs of HMS Plymouth, do you still have them ??

    Hope you write me back.




    John Dohmen.

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    2. JohnMGD


      So you still have photographs that are not in the walk around section ??? If yes I would be very interested in them too !!

    3. Chippy




      The photos not used had other people in them so could not be published, you could contact John at scale warship who would be able to burn you a copy or see us at the nationals in a few weeks.

      Call us on:
      01425 618640
    4. JohnMGD


      Thanks Alan, I contacted John, and he sent me a DVD with hundreds of photographs on it from the HMS Plymouth.





  6. Well Dave, Just this Summer I photographed a lot of models in the Dutch Navy Museum at Den Helder with flashlight, and they were all in vitrines. I photographed them under an angle of about 45 degrees, without having any reflections, or visibility of the flash. Also the use of a circular polarisation filter can be very helpful. I have some experience in photographing, but anybody can do it, without doubt !! Hope you will give it a try !!
  7. This is what someone wrote to me: Dear Jan, Unfortunately we do not have a high res photo of the Yashima here. However the Yashima now resides in the undercroft underneath the Painted Hall at Greenwich. If you enter the hall and take the steps down to your right, the Yashima is in all its splendour there. I’m sorry we have not been able to help you more directly. With best wishes Monty Hope it can be of use Jan.
  8. Hi Rob, This is the building I mean, in the main hall just down the stairs, that is what I was told, not familliar with the situation: http://www.grenhosp.org.uk/ Jan.
  9. Is there no one in the Greenwich area that could go to the University of Greenwich to visit the model and make a thorough walk around and a extensive photo report of YASHIMA ???
  10. Hello, Surfing the internet, I found some nice photographs of the builders model of the Japanese Battleship YASHIMA. There is one minus point, it were only a few photographs, would like to have more of this beautiful model which was made probably at scale 1:48. My question is, is one of you guys (or girls) living in the neighbourhood of Greenwich ?? and would be willing to make an extensive photographic report of this model with a lot of detail pictures ! The address of the model is: The Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2RX. The description the people from the Hospital s
  11. I thanked David already personally, but I also like to do it publicly, for his amazing photographs of the Builders model of KONGO in the Dock Museum in Barrow, Thanks again David, you are the best ! They will be very welcome in designing and building my model of KONGO !!! John.
  12. Mr. David Ross, I see you were online and visited the forum yesterday, could you please contact me via PM and send me a message about my question, please !! Regards John Dohmen.
  13. Hi Guys (and girls); I have a very bold question ! In this thread there are some beautiful pictures of models from the Dock Museum in Barrow-in-Furness. Oscarsmate already sent me some beautiful pictures of HMS Erin and others that he took when he visited the museum. Also David Ross made some extraordinary galleries of several ships in the museum, which I like very much. My question is though, I am extremely interested in the Builders model of the Japanese battleship KONGO, and would like to have some Hi-Res pictures of the model. I am planning to build a scale 1:200 model of KONGO in this c
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