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  1. hmmm, that's super promising, thanks @Sanjuro, though the first link might not be correct? (it has no photos). I've realized that the 5 boxing might be good enough, with a few modifications. Now I need to find some good images so I can have some decals created.
  2. Hey Giorgio. I'd like to do a Centurion in Canadian service: I have ACE's fairly new 1/72 Centurion mk 5LR, and I bought it with half a mind to convert it to a Canadian example, ... but I'm not sure if its possible unless I get new decals custom made and some modifications to the kit. Perhaps someone super helpful and knowledgable, like oh, I don't know, @Sgt.Squarehead might be able to provide me guidance?
  3. Under these rules, none of my options will meet the criteria unfortunately, as all of the aircraft I proposed were test and development aircraft/prototypes for carrier operations, but did land and take off from carriers and (with the exception of the A7M- which I don't mind removing), all reached service. The F-35B I was going to build was part of a test and evaluation deployment, is no different than the Attacker in that respects. Well its unfortunate, but understandable... sorry for the bother.
  4. Hey Tricky... mind if I join for a couple late ones? I'd like to do a bunch of prototypes: the New Hasegawa F-35B (VMFA-211 off of the USS America), the AZ Supermarine Attacker (Prototype boxing - partially started with parts mostly off the sprue)... maybe an Fine Molds A7M, and the Aoshima Shiden.
  5. -Neu-

    F-35A AF-01 Reference needed

    Hmm, this might be tough at this time. AF-1 does not have any RAM panelling applied... and the test markings are only on a few flights, so I wouldn't worry about them.Finding a decal for them is much more difficult however. AFAIK I haven't seen any in 1/48, and there is only one source in 1/72: a limited edition boxing by Hasegawa. I can think of five or six different unique markings that AF-1 has: the blue and red tails, the JSF partner countries flags, the manufacturers names on the left side fuselage, the JSF program decal behind the canopy, the Lockheed Martin logo and the wingtip lines. There's also the pilot and maintainers name too. Its pretty tough. To be honest, I'd suggest going with AF-2. Its nickname is "Workhorse" (versus Showhorse or showpony for AF-1) and has the most hours and done the most test points accomplished of all the aircraft. The best part is that its got no Ram and few markings on it at all.
  6. -Neu-

    F-35A into combat?

    Honestly? I doubt its true. Its a needless risk to send a $100M aircraft into the fray without building up all the doctrinal and logistical support arrangements to minimize risk and ensure success. While the F-35 easier to integrate than other comparable aircraft, its not that easy.
  7. Hey Guys Sorry for the late reply, I've been busy with some family drama. First off thanks to everybody who participated and finished their models. I've actually got five lithographs of F-16s for the winners... or at this stage anyone who might want them. I got them from Lockheed Martin for the winners but I've been a bit busy until now. I'll post a photo of them later today, and contacting people. But if you want one, shoot me a line and we'll sort it out.
  8. Very nice Dave! Always a sucker for a combat pair.
  9. -Neu-

    USAF F15's to be retired.....maybe!

    That's a large part of it. The other side are the operational changes that are going on with the introduction of 5th Gen aircraft. As seen over Syria, F-22s are basically directing the battlespace, almost operating as mini-awacs/jstars: they have superior situational awareness to any other aircraft. Consequently the 4th gen aircraft are becoming less autonamous and more valuable for their ordnance capabilities. As the F-35 comes online it will be increasingly rare that the F-15 will operate alone without one of these assets around, therefore its air to air only ordinance are less valuable.
  10. -Neu-

    F35 giggle

    I'm thinking this might be a misconstrued understanding of the capabilities re-ordering, or the prioritization of some bits of programming to get the IOC for the B and A models. There are no "skipped blocks" in testing: they can't by law. For the aircraft to pass the Full Operating Capacity and Full Rate Production decision points. Actually blind adherence to the DoT&E's test points has cost the US government more money they it actually should. Earlier this year the F-35 program office asked if IOC testing could start with 18 aircraft rather than the 23 required (the additional five would be ready two months later). DOT&E rejected that, which will cost the US about 60 million dollars. The body is reviled within DoD: its seen as overly bureaucratic, which helps not to improve programs but increase the cost and generates (often inaccurate) negative press. That being said, its been interesting to watch how the test schedule has been developed in order to compress the time and create savings. So where you had flights to test a single point... they've had flights looking at multiple test points. They've been using synthetic environments to test other areas (in some cases its the only way they can do it).
  11. -Neu-

    Fighting Falcon ***NOW FINISHED***

    Oh I'm not the person to ask... I like the boring grey schemes. (If I remember correctly there is a Misawa and a Rammstein scheme in box?... always partial to USAFE...)
  12. -Neu-

    Fighting Falcon ***NOW FINISHED***

    Hey Plane Looks like you're nearly there... this is one of my favourite kits ever, which scheme are you planning to do?
  13. -Neu-

    F-16CJ (Tamiya, 1/72)

    Well that's the rub isn't it. While internal carriage is a prerequisite for low observability.... it has major implications for its operational employment. The average tactical fighter (F-16) effective deliverable load out is about 1000~1500lbs, for something like 450nm Combat radius. The F-35's is 4000 lbs at 625nm. The parasitic drag of all of those stations filled is pretty significant. Its something that's lost in the discussion. Still I wish there was more of a fondness for the CJ... its such an underappreciated workhorse of the past 20 years. It is a cornerstone of allied airpower.
  14. -Neu-

    Academy 1/72 KF-16 - Finished !

    Hey Giorgio yeah... the academy kit has been criticized for the nose area. I actually ditched mine in a trade a few years after getting it for this very issue. The pebbly surface also turned me off as well. Nevertheless yours seems like its moving forward... Looking forward to more.
  15. -Neu-

    F-16CJ (Tamiya, 1/72)

    Definitely getting there... nice load-out... down to the HTS and all that.