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  1. Well... its the Warzone... which is considered the tabloid journalism of defence news. Goldfein was clear in his comment; the USAF doesn't know where its going and doesn't want to fund this program. The USAF is in the middle of a massive pilot shortage that is crippling its ability to provide its current operational activities; it does not want to add another whole new capability right now to staff, which would require OTU and the operational squadron (going back to disbanding F-16 squadrons). Probably more critically, the US military is going through a major re
  2. -Neu-

    New Airfix P51

    Just to give you an example, the following is an article from Code one magazine, which is a Lockheed In-house publication, talking about the Three bearing swivel design on the back of an F135 engine for the F-35. Its origins was from General Dynamics' Convair division in the 1970s, which LM acquired in the early 2000s. They've got several convair original drawings/designs published in the article. http://www.codeonemagazine.com/article.html?item_id=137
  3. -Neu-

    New Airfix P51

    You'd be surprised. While I don't know the exact situation with Boeing and its subsumed subsidiaries, I know with Lockheed and EADS, they are scrupulous in their maintaining the database of historical documents. Boeing itself has restored the actual original building they started operations in Boeing Field, and their original documentation is painstakingly preserved there. Given the outsized role McDonnell Douglas has within Boeing, I think it wouldn't be any different for them either.
  4. Hmmm I was wondering about that sprue @VMA131Marine: thanks for pointing it out. @dogsbody thanks for posting the screen shots! I forgot to mention that I got one of the F4F kits among the Martlets, but having the photos help.
  5. I didn't get them from a store unfortunately... and thats why I got them as a steal (unless you're talking about a trade). I guess my challenge here is trying to make them something that's useful.
  6. yeah, thats what i figured.... I wonder if I can buy them from airfix direct.
  7. Heyo So I wa able to get several of Airfix's newish Martlet IV kits at a super reasonable price, but I actually want to build them as F4F-4s, using the starfighter decals Midway set... so I can have them all folded up on the carrier deck (like in the video below). I profess to only have a limited knowledge of the various Wildcat marks, so what are my options to getting them to the F4F-4 standard?
  8. -Neu-

    New Airfix P51

    No, thats not the case at all. Contractors own the IP for their designs full stop with only a handful of exceptions. Its no different than anything else in life, the US government is a customer and is purchasing a good from a private company; that doesn't give you the IP. There's been some changes in IP ownership rules in regards to defence items over the past five years, but even then the contractors own major parts of the IP... but its a long boring discussion and not germane to the conversation (and I can get into the weeds if you want). Honestly, its more of a de
  9. Can I make a helpful suggestion that would potentially increase the number of people who might participate? Expand it to any country in 1946. There's just as much on the allies side that got cut or curtailed that were just as fantastic but cut short by the war's end. These are just a small slice of the ideas: XB-35, De Havilland Vampires, the Centurion Mk.1, Boeing X8F, the Ryan DarkShark, Supermarine Spiteful, Kyushu J7W, the IJN A-150 Battleship project, USS Midway Supercarriers... all cool stuff. Identifying them wouldn't be that tough. I'd suggest the rules be something like,
  10. Hey Giorgio


    Just want to say you're awesome! 

  11. Thank you Giorgio... both for the compliment and organizing the GB! Sorry for the delay... I should just learn my lesson and not join anything with a timeline anymore.
  12. Thanks Silenoz! If I can make a plug.... I bought mine direct from the Ukraine at hobby.dn.ua I thought they were a decent price and the service was good. Might be an option for you.
  13. So this is long delayed final post. I actually had this kit done around the deadline date (maybe a week or so late), but I've had some personal issues so I didn't come on the forum. That was doubly the case around the holidays, which drained all of my time. Everything went pretty straightforward... just added the PE that comes with the kit, painted it, and weathered, as we'll see here. This is it fully painted and decalled. So this is what I'm trying to achieve, a dusty Canadian Army Centurion on maneuvers.
  14. Hey did how's your progresson the Hasegawa kit? I am very intrested in your thoughts. I just finished the Kitty Hawk F-35B allot of replacing parts and add on parts, and scratch building.





  15. Thanks Giorgio! I too really like the Centurion. Its among my favourite Cold War tanks, behind the Chieftain and Leopard II. Its funny once you start building these things you get a different appreciation of them. I never realized how big the Centurion was... a lot bigger than something like the Tiger, similar to the IS-2, or T-55. I'm sorry about the late reply too, its been a busy few weeks with a trip and catching up. But I have been able to get a fair amount of work done. A lot of it has been small detail work that doesn't really rise to the level of doing a post.
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