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  1. That is very tasty, Impressive just dosn't do such fine building justice.
  2. Why?? Ive bought some kits with stunning boxes and the kit has been crap. I don't get it, the kit looks nice so lets slag the box off.
  3. Absolutely stunning, A finish I can only dream of achieving
  4. Bring on the hun's Yet another mighty fine example!!!!!
  5. Now that is one of the best (if not the best) colour schemes and build I have seen!!!! SUPERB!!!!
  6. Its a shame that no company has got the paint close enough as yet. Ive got the model masters cockpit green but its too light so I, as you had to mix. I used 3 vallejo paints to get what looked close enough to me. Yours looks pretty much spot on (not that Im an expert, I just like what I see)
  7. That is a blinding build, I love the tub colour, what paint is it because I had to 'trial and error' mine
  8. Thankfully I bought our FRIAT 4 day passes as soon as they were announced so got them for the same as last years price
  9. Got to love those colours, it makes me want to dust off my twobobs kit
  10. Many thanks for that, I will see if I can find it as it sounds interesting
  11. I apologies if this is a subject raised before but does anyone know of any detail sets for the above aircraft. I know there are gun barrels, seat belts and dials but apart from that it seems a bit lacking. Even if there is a resin engine for a different type but could be shoe horned in would be a bonus. If not it looks like it will test my newly found interest in scratch building I had the Mk1 along, long time ago and remember it not being a bad kit but that was before I started giving a rats bottom about detailing (about 30 years ago). Many thanks
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