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  1. On 17/03/2023 at 15:32, Skodadriver said:

    it was a case of bashing it into shape rather than building it.


    Quote of the day Dave 😀, gave me a good laugh!


    Beautiful model as always, with a flawless finish. Thanks for the paint references for Revell Aqua 374 & Mr Hobby H417. they look really good so I'll keep an eye out for some.

    I love the YS-11 as well, one of the classic schemes of the 60's/70's.





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  2. Spitfire HF Mk.VIII - 1/48 Eduard Profipack.

    32 Sqn, Foggia, Italy 1944. 




    A bit of a diversion from my usual area of biplanes and airliners, but I can't resist a Spitfire and have become addicted to Eduard's 1/48 kits since building my first one last year. 

    I've got a general theme of trying to build a range of Spitfires to show the differences between various marks, and  an HF High Altitude fighter was high on my list, despite the wing extensions spoiling the look! However, I think the Azure blue & Medium Sea Grey livery make up for it, as helps to show the pure shape of the rest of the aircraft, and I kept the weathering very light. I bought this at the Telford show last month and it went straight onto my workbench.  An absolute pleasure to build, and my last completion of 2022,














    It is a bit difficult to photograph the interior after completion, so I took a few shots of the cockpit module before inserting into the fuselage.



    Next up I'll probably do a clipped wing LF Mk,Vb, to park alongside it.


    Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year!



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