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  1. Well you learn something new every day, the USCG using Helldivers! Lovely model. Cheers John
  2. Oooh that is lovely! I think I might need to add one to my collection of RAF transports. Big aeroplane for a tail dragger, full of character! Cheers John
  3. Wow, spectacular model and I love the visible flightdeck crew! Cheers John
  4. Fantastic! what an epic piece of work Cheers John
  5. Southern Area Repair Depot at Farnborough airfield. See here.
  6. Interesting thread, Like Ken Flankerman I too need to thin out my collection of built models. As Ken said of his models, mine are also not postable so ebaying is not really an option. Has anyone any experience of using buyers like "Kev's Kitsalvage" suggested above? Things like this 1/48 Be2c are not going to survive the postal system, no matter how well packed. (Apologies for tagging on to Ken's thread, but it is a subject I have been pondering for a while myself, and hopefully this adds to the discussion). Cheers John
  7. Well that's a bit different! Love the matching stand. Cheers John
  8. Very nice, the metal finish looks good from here! Cheers John
  9. Not only a beautifully made model, but a great backdrop/diorama to display it on too. Cheers John
  10. Have a look in the reviews section of this forum. I really enjoyed: German Fighter Aircraft of World War 1 and British Fighter Aircraft in WW1 The sound like just the thing you are looking for. I too like information development, construction, engineering, photos etc. and these books are great for that. Cheers John
  11. Perfect companion to the Chippie! Lovely crisp finish on it, looks like a great deal of patience and masking tape was required! Cheers John
  12. That is the classic Shack look, absolutely nailed it Phil, Well worth all the effort you put in, Cheers John
  13. Another little beauty Dave, I think you are right about those winglets, they do look better than the Daco ones. Although a simple livery it is actually quite smart, I like it. Cheers John
  14. Superb, it looks so classy in that livery. Cheers John
  15. Many is the time I've looked at this kit and thought I'd like to have go at it. Seeing this beautiful result is making me think again, it looks absolutely stunning. Perhaps I'd better try tackling the Billings FD.10 first, that's another that I like the look of! Cheers John
  16. Lovely build of a classic old aeroplane, with your customary flawless finish. The US Navy have always liked visiting the paint store haven't they! Cheers John
  17. Wow, what an exceptional model. Yellow is surely one of the hardest finishes to do, and you've knocked that out of the park. The glazing is really good too, no wonder you are proud of it, you should be! Cheers John
  18. That is lovely Julien, a very attractive livery. Thanks also for the tips on building it. Cheers John
  19. Definitely Queen of the African skies, no more beautiful airliner was ever built. Superb workmanship as always General. Cheers John
  20. Now that is an epic piece of work! Really interesting to see all that structure. Cheers John
  21. Nice little Boeing, it definitely needs a DC-2 to go with it! Cheers John
  22. Another one coming late to this post! I'm glad I did though, what an inspiring piece of work. Cheers John
  23. A real beauty! Reminds me why I have a soft spot for the old A-7 Cheers John
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