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  1. Absolutely superb, the chipping and grime is on point. This is the next in line on my list too
  2. Superb B-17G Neil. Hope to get mine looking that good one day.
  3. Oh yea, I do very much like that. Very clean build. The Academy Tempest holds up very well in shape and style
  4. Smashing Dornier Ian. A weathering job we could all aspire to recreate.
  5. Superb weathering on the DAF Kittyhawk, one to add to the bucket list
  6. Wonder if it's a image size thing. I use Dropbox and you gotta change the URL slightly.
  7. Kia Ora friends from all around the world. I hope you're doing well and not catching a cold like I have done. Still Covid free thankfully. I'd like to share my recently completed Mk.XIVc Spitfire flown by Plt. Off. D J Watkins, No.350 (Belgian) Sqn while based at B118 Celle, Germany, April 1945. The rather bulbous spinner was replaced with the Quickboost item, along with a prepainted instrument panel, etched seat harnesses and Quicktboost exhausts. Minimal filling was needed, mostly on the chin intake to smooth out the join. She's painted with Mr Color RAF colours. Decals are Eaglestrike insignias with Xtradecal & Ventura for the individual letters. Yes, each individual letter. One day I'll try print my own serial #'s in black to save time. Weathering was rubber black highly thinned for the exhaust stains, a black/brown acrylic panel wash and various MIG or AK streaking effects. Hope you like is at much as I do and hope everyone's keeping safe out there. Cheer, Brad
  8. With a nose like that you'd think she got stung on the nose by a bee
  9. Fantastic, you really brought them to life
  10. Fantastic Argentine Squawk Calum. The base is a nice touch which brings it to life
  11. Did you fly it in yourself, because that's damn convincing photography and modem building.
  12. Gorgeous, love me a Scooter any day of the week. Weathering on point.
  13. Afternoon from a summery New Zealand mates, ladies and model enthusiasts of all ages. I'd like to share my recently finished 1/72 Tamiya N1K1 George. This kit was a joy to build and a fun project over all, very pleased with the final product and you really can't go wrong with it. This is part of my 'Late War' series I'm building currently which includes 12 different fighters/dive bombers from 1944-45. Kit is mostly OOB apart from seat harness, pedals and replacement gun barrels. Markings were approximated, based on reference, for a George employed in the defense of Japan, circa late 1944. Decals from Aeromaster. Painted with Mr Color lacquers. Panel wash/weathering done with AK's & MIG washes and streaking. Chipping obtained via dabbing thinned Humbrol Maskol with a sponge along with the tip of a blade for more precise chips. Canopy was buffed, polished and dipped in Johnsons Klear for added clarity. Last image and the box the finished kit rested on was spoiler for the next project finished after. BTW the Hellcat's huge in comparison the the George. Highly recommend this kit (and the Eduard F6F). Hope you enjoy
  14. Great job on the Jug. So much variety on the markings that you brought to live expertly
  15. Lovely work so far Zegeye, This might have to be my next build
  16. Amazeballs. Love the finish and can't wait to build one myself.
  17. Naughty boy after the war ole Carbury, but his plan looks smashing. Great work Calum.
  18. Fantastic, very unique markings. Can't wait to get mine
  19. Very decent, I'd be chuffed to have that in my cabinet.
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