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  1. Hello all! After a glorious day at Duxford on Wednesday, I hot-footed it to Somerset for the Historic Helicopters Open Day on Thursday. Goodness me, the weather could not have been more different! The planned event of three themed flying slots was canned due to persistent rain and I only got to see the Wessex flying a weather check at 11.00 because I looked at the weather forecast and decided to bale out at 14.00 for the very long journey home. I believe that some of the other helos went up around 16.00. Hey-ho! Thanks for looking!
  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jan and to everyone else for the likes.
  3. Thanks Latinbear, I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. The weather was very different today in Chard for the Historic Helicopters Open Day.... Thanks for the kind words Parabat. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them.
  4. Thanks very much, Colin. I like the black and white Spitfire and Mustang.
  5. A beautiful day at Duxford, which resulted in the usual challenging light for photography! One of the staff members said that 3800 of 4000 tickets had been sold, which gave a feeling of normality after the disruption to our lives. The line-up was slightly disappointing and even when squinting, the relevance of some of the participants was extremely tenuous with 19 Squadron! The surprise fly pasts by the two Strike Eagles was a pleasant and very welcome surprise! The Twin Otter was not part of the show, but a lovely sight, nonetheless! I couldn't decide which one I preferred! Thanks for looking!
  6. Unfortunately, the weather was not so kind today, but we still enjoyed the displays. The full-size and RC Extras really were incredible (again)! "Red Sparrows" Spitfire N3200 Turbulent balloon-chasing! Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi Mark. Thanks for the kind words. Think of Old Warden in Norfolk and you will be close! I'm just downloading my shots from today, so will be posting a few more later.
  8. Thanks very much John. I'm pleased you enjoyed them. My wife and I have just arrived at a very drizzly Old Buckenham for day two with everything crossed that the weather improves in the next couple of hours!
  9. Thank you very much! It reminded me of an Old Warden event due to the closeness of the displays and the favourable position of the sun! I will be at Duxford for the next Flying Day on Wednesday.
  10. I've never seen any of the live feeds, but I saw the camera operator standing on the roof of a trailer! I don't know if Planes TV would usually attend this event, or if they are just keeping busy in a "light" season.
  11. Thanks very much, Colin. I really appreciate the kind words! I was really looking forward to the N3200 display because the weather had improved and my wife paid for me to sit in it at Duxford as a wonderful birthday present! Thanks very much, Pete. It was a really good event with pretty much something for everyone. Thanks for the kind words Parabat. Never having been to the airfield, I couldn't work out where crowd centre was, but I got lucky!
  12. Evening all My first visit to Old Buckenham and what a great day! Fortunately, the weather forecast was wrong and unlike a lot of venues, the sun was behind me which made for easier photography! Hard to pick a favourite, but the Typhoon was awesome! Tiger 9 Tiger 9 Rod Dean in Slingsby Tiger Club's Turbulent Display Team "Little & Large" Extras Red Bull Matadors IWM Spitfire N3200 CAP 10 Fireflies Re-enactment of the Last Dogfight of WWII in Europe Thanks for looking!
  13. Very smart! The angled wheels really set it off.
  14. I think that you have nailed the weathering! Great looking F-14.
  15. Thanks very much, Jonny. Sorry that you couldn't make it, you missed a really good show. Fingers are well and truly crossed for the remaining Flying Days!
  16. Thanks for all the kind words, chaps. Here are a few more: Rare Concorde nose droop! Tiger 9 Aeronautical Display Team pilots Tiger 9 Aeronautical Display Team walking their display Tiger 9 Aeronautical Display Team Thanks for looking.
  17. Thanks for the kind words Parabat. The Typhoon is growing on me! I will aim to post some more pictures this evening. Thanks Paul. I had an excellent day and the smaller crowd made for a more relaxing experience! That size crowd is probably not sustainable in terms of income moving forward, though. The original restrictions were relaxed when lockdown was eased on July 27th, allowing free movement across the whole site. No one checked my vaccination status, despite it being a condition of entry. It's a bit of a Marmite scheme, but I'm sure one of the decal companies will oblige! Thanks for the kind words Colin. The US fighters with the B-17 were my favourite, or was it the three Spitfire MkIa beauties..... Ha ha. Thanks SAT69. Thanks Mark. I'm think the "Global Britain" Voyager and A321 probably paved the way for the less than subtle Typhoon scheme! Thanks for the kind words Stephen. I'm pleased you enjoyed them.
  18. Thanks Parabat. That Mustang is a beauty and not seen too often. Thanks Paul. There's a history of the Mustang here: http://www.mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/survivors/serial/44-74391 Thanks SAT69. I must confess that I'm a Thunderbolt fan and too many, many more shots during the flighline walk at the air show proper yesterday!
  19. Hello again I had a wonderful time at Duxford today. There were a few showers in the morning, but the threatened thunder storms didn't materialise and the sun even made an appearance! Here are a few favourites and I will post more if anyone is interested. "Little & Large" (Full-size Extra 300 and RC scale model Extra 300) Thanks for looking.
  20. It's gorgeous here now! I've had to put on a hat! Thanks for the kind words Houston. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. I'm just waiting for the "NHS Spitfire" and MH434 to run in for their display.
  21. Agreed, Chris. There was no pedestrian queue through the visitor centre, but now I'm on the airfield, there is a reasonable number of visitors. Perhaps creating three car parks that guests can select removes the desire for people to arrive early (along with the grim forecast earlier on the week.) There have been several showers so far, but nothing the hardy Brit can't cope with!
  22. Thanks Mark, aside from the excuses regarding the tricky light for photography at Duxford, I enjoyed my day. That said, it seems from posts on another forum, that there was more action after I left! I've arrived in a nearly empty car park at Duxford for the show. Only a handful of cars have arrived since I parked 90 minutes ago.
  23. Hi Colin. Thanks very much for the kind words. It was wonderful to be back at Duxford, but the light was as challenging as ever!
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