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  1. Thanks Paul. It was a bit "flat" compared to previous years without a commentary etc, but still good to get out and about with a feeling of normality. I took a flight in the two-seat Hurricane at Biggin Hill last September and although the Heritage Hangar was closed for tours due to Covid, I took some pictures through the open hangar doors. My escort was quite relaxed until I pointed my camera at the '109 which he asked me not to photograph. I thought this a strange request when that aircraft had featured in several TV programmes about the Heritage Hangar!
  2. Thanks for the kind words Parabat. The sky threatened rain, but fortunately it remained dry. It was great to see two Hurricanes, two Mustangs and two Spitfires supporting the charity event. Thanks Rog. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. The temperature remained about 17°C all day but it didn't feel that warm! I noticed one of the wing walkers gratefully accepting her pilot's chivalrous offer of his flying jacket after they had landed!
  3. We enjoyed another excellent show at Little Gransden today. The weather was rather different from the previous show in 2019, which was unbearably hot! 10/10 to the organisers for such a varied line-up in difficult times. Here is the first batch. I will post more tomorrow. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks very much Jonny, I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures. I was chatting to a lady on Thursday who said that she had never seen waves breaking with such ferocity in the 80 years that she had lived in Clacton! She was not a great fan of the Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm which became fully operational in March 2010 and was formally opened on 15 June 2010. I always hand-hold my cameras at air shows. I stand with feet shoulder-width apart, dig my elbows into my sides, hold my breath and swing from the waist, panning as smoothly as possible. I hope that helps.
  5. We decided to return to Clacton today because the weather was better. No Strike Eagles today, so the only participants were the Red Arrows and the BBMF. Sorry that they are so similar to yesterday's!
  6. Hi Chris. Thanks for the kind words. The wave breaking shot was taken on my phone on the 16mm lens at 1/250 at f22. The flying images were taken on my Nikon full-frame with Nikkor 80-400mm VR lens. The jets in shutter priority at 1/500, the BBMF at 1/250 and the helicopter at 1/125.
  7. Thanks Mark. Yes, Strike Eagles did two passes at one of the Duxford Flying Days and a Stratotanker did a couple of passes at the Flying Day last week. Nice to see the burners today, though.
  8. Whilst on a staycation in East Anglia, we took a trip to the "Essex Sunshine Coast" for this year's non-airshow, dubbed "Clacton 150 Anniversary Flights" by Tendring District Council. The weather was "interesting" and the high tide was crashing ferociously against the sea wall and splashing onto the promenade, me and my camera. Red 10 arriving at Clacton Airport The high tide crashing onto the promenade! Great to see a pair of Strike Eagles doing a fly-past. Sadly, still no Lanc. Water droplets from a breaking wave! Thanks for looking.
  9. Looks sensational! I would love to own a full-size one!
  10. I know what you mean, Keith. I wonder whether Covid will be used as an excuse to permanently increase prices? I'm an IWM member, so the Flying Days were "free" for me, but I only get 10% discount on air show tickets, when it used to be a 20% discount. I'm also a member at the Shuttleworth Collection and not too many years ago, members would pay £12.50 to attend an air show, the next standard, not drive-in show in October would cost me £29! I understand the financial impact that the past 18 months will have had, but there is only so much goodwill....
  11. Thanks Mark! I was pleased to see all four engines on the Lanc running and the clouds looked perfect for a black and white conversion. As for staying at home, let's just say that my wife fully supports my hobby!
  12. Thanks SAT69. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them! The Spitfire may be svelte and faster than the Hurricane, but as we all know, the pugnacious Hurricane inflicted more losses against the enemy during the Battle of Britain. I was delighted to see that Hurricane Mk.XII VH-JHW is reported to be departing Australia for the UK. (No further details.)
  13. It was much better Paul, although I really wanted to see the Lysander which was quietly dropped from the programme earlier this week. Not quite one show a week, although it seems like it! The next one is September 5th.
  14. Hi all I attended the latest Flying Day at Duxford and was pleased to see the Lancaster outside again with cowlings on this time. All four engines seemed to behave and there were no fire trucks in attendance! Lovely surprise to see two fly-pasts by a Stratotanker. Thanks for looking.
  15. Wow! You certainly struck lucky! It just shows that good manners and an English accent can open doors! Great set!
  16. Thanks F-32. I only wish that I moved position before they shut down the Lanc's number three engine as the clouds are beautiful and four spinning props would have looked wonderful!
  17. Thanks F-32. I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. I do love the Mustang!
  18. Thanks F-32. I think that the kit has dried enough for the Flying Day at Duxford tomorrow!
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