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  1. Thanks Parabat! I'm going to have to keep you in suspense until tomorrow!
  2. Hello all Another awesome day at Duxford for the last "Flying Day" of 2021. This was a full air show by any other name! I will start with the misty static shots and post the flying shots tomorrow. Thanks for looking. More to come....
  3. Hi Mark. Thanks for posting such a wonderful set of images from a truly significant event!
  4. Hi Mark. Thanks for your comments and I'm pleased that you enjoyed the pictures. I tend to run out of ideas at these shoots, because there are only so many angles and poses. I must confess (and sorry to all reenactors out there!) that I'm not too keen on having the reenactors in my shots. At air shows, I always try to show the human/machine interaction with ground crew and pilot because they are real, but I am less keen on posed shots. That said, the organisers ensured that there were plenty of opportunities to photograph the stunning Spitfire without people and props.
  5. Thanks very much, Latinbear! I was hoping for flames because I have never caught them before. As you say, being able to lay hands on such a beautiful aeroplane was such a treat and yes, it was a selfie opportunity, which doesn't come naturally to an old duffer like me! Thanks very much, Adrian. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed them.
  6. Yesterday, I was delighted to participate in the Timeline Events evening and night shoot of this wonderful aeroplane. The best part of all was being asked by the owner and pilot, Peter Teichmann to assist in moving PT879! Be still, my beating heart! Here is the background to this very interesting aeroplane: PT879 MK IX The Russian Spitfire Mk IX Supermarine Spitfire PT879 is the latest addition to the Hangar 11 Collection. She is the very first Spitfire to return from Russia, having been consigned as part of the wartime Lend-Lease process to the Russian Air Force. She left the Vickers-Armstrong shadow factory at Castle Bromwich on 4th August 1944 and was shipped via Murmansk to the 2nd Squadron, 767th Regiment, 122nd Division of the Russian Air Force. She crashed during a dogfight in Spring 1945 with just 29 hours on the airframe and was recovered off the Tundra as a complete aircraft by a farmer. The aircraft was returned to the UK by Peter Monk in 1998 and she was then acquired by Angie Soper, well known display pilot. A huge number of her original parts were used in the restoration of the airframe, including some 500 plus from the actual aircraft in her renovated fuselage. The wings are very original and comprise the core components of the original wings. Following a number of successful engine runs on October 26th, at Biggin Hill, she was prepared for final CAA inspection and the issue of her “permit to test” approval. Her first flight took place on the morning of October 28th 2020, when she went up for a 25 minute flight, which was her first in 75 years. After a very grey start to the day, we were blessed by some early autumn sunshine in the late afternoon. PT879 with an Aero Legends Spitfire overhead. First engine run (with the longed-for flames!) Same shot, tightly cropped The "blue hour" The second engine run, which Peter explained would be shorter because the engine was still hot The same image as above, but tightly cropped to show the beautiful bluey-purple flames! Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks very much, Dave. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed them! For me, the highlights were the newly-restored Hangar 11 Russian Spitfire, the Historic Helicopters and of course, that "Big Wing"! I often forget to shoot video, but fortunately I remembered after the first pass of the Balbo because the sound was wonderful!
  8. Hi Colin, I am delighted that you enjoyed them! It really was an enjoyable show with a real feeling of normality after the ordeal of the past 18 months or so! It is very kind of you to think that I am a professional photographer, but I am just an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves aircraft!
  9. Overloaded? Nah! You could get loads more on there! I saw similar vehicles in Bangladesh. Excellent work as usual.
  10. Thanks very much, John. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed them. Misty? Foggy? I'm happy to oblige! My wife couldn't understand why I wanted to get there so early, but the misty shots were the reward! Thanks again.
  11. Thanks Paul. My friend was calling out when he could see through the binos that the pyros were being launched and despite that help, I only managed to catch one explosion!
  12. Thanks very much SD. I have a real soft spot for the Hurricane, so I was very excited when the four Hurricanes streamed into the sky to catch up with the Spitfires!
  13. Here are some more images from the excellent Battle of Britain Air Show last weekend. I loved the war birds, but after the poor weather that I experienced at the Historic Helicopters Open Day in Chard, I was delighted to see three of their helicopters sharing the air space over Duxford. And finally, I have edited a few from Sunday when the weather was rather different! The Whirlwind went tech for the display on Sunday, but was able to fly back to Chard before the "Big Wing" display. Thanks for looking.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen! I'm pleased that you enjoyed them. Sorry to rub it in Paul, but you missed a good 'un.
  15. Roll up, roll up! Glad you enjoyed the update, Parabat. I have so many shots of "Sally B" that I wanted to do something a little different, so I'm pleased you liked it.
  16. Thanks very much. Duxford shows can be a bit hit and miss, but this was was a real hit! I'm glad that you enjoyed them and hope you can make it some day.
  17. As the misty shots were so popular, I thought that I would share some more with you! I hope you enjoy these and I will post the final batch later this week. Thanks for looking.
  18. Thanks Jan! As I was driving there, I was cursing the conditions, but the images are atmospheric! It was indeed a wonderful day.
  19. Quite so! I recall my dad being most displeased when I exposed a whole roll of 36 exposures on the RAF Police Dog Demo Team at the Royal Tournament! Little did we both know that I would spend many years working as a dog handler!!
  20. Thanks very much, Will. I completely agree. Unfortunately due to low cloud on Sunday, the Bearcat and Corsair had their wings clipped slightly on Sunday. I was unsure about spending more than £40 per day (including parking) on a Duxford show, but I don't regret it for a moment!
  21. Great set, Mark! I love the two Mustangs rolling out! I'm have only looked at my images from the first few displays on Saturday and still have another 1000 or so to download from Sunday!
  22. Hi Mark. Thanks very much. It was indeed a great weekend. I spent Saturday in the Member's Enclosure and Sunday between the American Air Museum and Land Warfare Hall. Looking forward to seeing your images!
  23. Hi gazza. Thanks very much. I'm pleased you like the pictures. My wife couldn't understand why I wanted to arrive so early, but the reward for me was the fog! Hi Colin. The "big wing" as they were calling it was, was incredible!. Firstly to see (and hear) the take offs was out of this world but then when the returned in formation, I was blown away. On Sunday, I did some video of the formation to have a recording of the incredible sound! I'm really pleased that you enjoyed this first set and will definitely post some more misty shots!
  24. Thanks very much James. I will post more misty ones as people like them! I meant to say in my original post that I thoroughly enjoyed both days and my favourite display was without doubt the elegantly flown machines of Historic Helicopters. Or was it the Balbo?
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