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  1. P.S. sorry about the rough pics, I am laid up at the moment with cellulitis in my leg and struggling to get about or do anything much at the moment. Mick
  2. This arrived today and I must say I am blown away by the level of detail. Also got the mask set and wooden deck Everything shown except the deck and mask comes with the kit. The paint guide also shows the lower hull in grey anti fouling paint. I'm a little intimidated by this one and think I need to get a few more under my belt first. Mick
  3. Hi, had an interesting few days, never thought I would have so much trouble replicating the base for the torpedo tubes The two circular parts in the above pic. Styrene sheet was too thick, compass cutter would not go small enough, tried paper and that was a disaster. In the end I used a disposable pub menu and the Dspaie circle cutter, reinforced it with ca and made quite a good guess at the centre to drill the mounting hole. All the plastic parts that I can put on at the moment are now on. Now it's time for the brass work and no doubt much cursing. I am also going to attempt to make the mast from brass which I have not been very successful in the past, so if anyone has any hints or tips they would be gratefully received. I have problems with both gluing and lining the parts up. Mick
  4. Hi, finally got around to doing a little work. Pom Pom platform fitted and guns added, Main guns added, I had to drill out the mounting holes as the Micro master guns have a longer mounting spigot. Fitted the fore torpedo tubes. Hit a temporary snag with the aft torpedo tubes as I can't find my stash of plastic card anywhere, my compass cutter will not go small enough and my hole punch has gone walkabout. I have a Dspaie circle cutter which will easily do them, so will give that a try. I had a great time building the Pom Poms, which is a bit of a surprise as I normally struggle with P.E. Mick
  5. Flyhawk 1/700 HMS Hood, wooden deck and paint mask have been posted today. Mick
  6. Hi, no update tonight, too hot to wear my Optivisor. On a better note I have just had an e-mail to say my 1/700 Flyhawk HMS Hood, deck and paint mask has been dispatched today
  7. Hi, just a bit of progress again today, Foredeck assembled and installed along with funnel and searchlight platform. I first made the mistake of assembling the searchlight platform from 1942, with the 20mm Oerlikons before realizing that these were not present in May 1941. Wearing an optivisor in this heat is not very comfortable so progress will be a little slower. I also used the decals for the double red funnel stripe that was worn by Kimberley, Kingston and Kandahar at this time instead of the usual red and black stripe. As you will be able to notice there are quite a few touch ups to do, but I prefer to do as many at one time as I can. Mick
  8. I wish I had room for 1/350, running out of space for 1/700 !
  9. Hi, just a bit of progress today, decks are on and the bridge has been put together. Thank heaven for Optivisors. Progress may be a little slower than I had hoped due to sweat running into my eyes and dripping on my work, I'm a big bloke that doesn't cope to well in this heat I may try to do some more after it cools down later. On a plus note, my son has been camping and when we went to put the gear away in the garage (away from the house), I found a whole box of 1/700 ships I had forgotten about, Trumpeter 1943 Richelieu with deck and etch came back with me as I cannot ever remember buying it. Mick
  10. Hi, I can accept no praise for the masking of the upper works as I used the Flyhawk mask set, which I always use if I can get my hands on them. They are simple to use and I just go over them with tips of my tweezers once down. I did have to modify this set to paint the Semtex but it wasn't too much trouble. Mick
  11. Hi, camo on, so glad the upper works are plain 507c . Hopefully going to start some building now, first time using lower hull as I intend to embed this one in a foam sea base. The error on the lower part of the boot strip will disappear in the sea. I have been furloughed for a couple of days next week, so hopefully we will see some progress. Hope you all have a good weekend and don't get burnt, forecast 28 degrees here. Mick
  12. Hi, work is getting in the way of model time. Thanks to Colourcoats drying so quick, with no fear of lifting, I unmasked the deck and re masked for the Semtex, which I sprayed with a slightly darkened emergency grey. In my haste I forgot to mask the 507c, so had to re mask for that and then re sprayed it. Masking now removed, a few small touch ups will be needed. Next I will start masking the hull for the 507c, Home Fleet Grey and black camo. Mick
  13. Thanks Jamie, to the rescue again. I think i will go with the grey colour. Glad you piped up while I was cooking a BBQ as I was going to do the corticene when I came back. Thanks Mick
  14. Hi, I have been spraying the 507c and the black boot stripe and the anti fouling red, then I started to look at the deck. Could anyone help as the only reference I have found to the deck colours are from Shar2's build of Kimberley in 1940 colours, which shows a good portion of the deck is covered on corticene, am I right in assuming this would still be down in May 1941, any advice or help would be very gratefully received. Mick
  15. Hi, starting a new ship, Trying to make HMS Kimberley from Flyhawks HMS Jupiter. The most significant difference that I can see is Kimberley retained both stes of torpedo tubes. I have filled the square opening for the 4" AA gun and have made a start with the amazing Sovereign hobbies Colourcoats Narn 23 dark deck grey and masked up ready for the 507c. I will be using the illustration from "The Kelly's" book by Christopher Langtree. I intend to try to make this one my best effort yet, time will tell. More to come Mick
  16. Stunning work Rob, this is what spur's me on to get better. Also really envious of your sea. Best wishes Mick
  17. Hi Rob, fantastic build, this is the sort of inspiration and learning that I come here for. I don't know if this is of any help but I use this site for various items and the pack of 5 sterile balls is the same as I found in the US when searching for Medical Rayon : https://www.medisave.co.uk/consumables-general-supplies/single-use-instruments.html Mick
  18. Hi, finished playing. Definitely need lot's more practice with sea bases, but going to try other approaches too. Mick
  19. Hi Jeff, can't wait to do a Tribal, but am holding out for Flyhawk's Cossack, then will build several, I hope. In the meantime, I may do the L class HMS Gurkha. She was renamed from HMS Larne after the loss of the Tribal Gurkha. Mick
  20. Jamie, she looks brilliant, and believe me your posts are always a help and never a hinderance, especially to a not as capable modeller such as myself and probably many others. As you can see, there are over 2.5k views on this thread alone, so you must be doing something right. Just do them as you fancy there is no rush, I for one will wait to see any updates. Mick
  21. Hi, thanks to Rob for the tip on the tweezers, they arrived and are very helpful. I am calling the ship done, though I will carry on with the base. She has now joined the growing fleet Thanks to everyone for the support and advise. Now trying to decide on what to start next, Flyhawk Aurora, Lance, L class Gurkha or Kimberley form a Flyhawk J class. Mick
  22. Hi Rob, I have been using liquid super glue, I do have Power Flex and will give it a go. Thanks for the tweezer tip, just ordered some. She who must be obeyed pulled a face as I already own 67 pairs of tweezers, but if they help me get the hang of rigging they are well worth it. Mick
  23. Hi, I was getting on quite well with the rigging, but the more I did, I started breaking what I had done before. So as it stands at the moment, I am going to leave it for a while and come back to it at a later time. I have not given up on this and I will finish it. I will go onto a Flyhawk destroyer for a bit of relaxation. Mick
  24. Hi Jamie, I'm applying glue to the model part, I tried glueing the rigging but it curled up on me. Having a little more success now as I am not putting too much tension on the line, just enough to keep it taught. I admit I am probably the problem as I tend to be a bit heavy handed. Mick
  25. Hi, I now know why I rarely rig my models. After four days of trying lycra and caenis again, I have made very little progress. I do prefer th lycra but every time I fix one side, the other side curls into knots. I will manage this some how. Pics of progress later today, I hope. Also managed to lose the mast I made so had to make another . Mick
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