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  1. All you really need are some of the many decal options from CV-22 Ospreys - just sayin'... A Marine One Rotodyne would look 'interesting'.
  2. Jabba is correct. It's counter-intuitive but the 'paper' letter has no time limit whilst the online/downloadable version has a 30 day limit. The latter automatically resets each time you log in, so the onlne/downloadable version it is valid for thirty days from the date of log-in.
  3. The official Government guidance, in place since July 2021, has not changed and recommends that event organisers ask for Covid passes. We have stated from the outset that we will review the current requirements closer to the event, but at the present time it will remain a condition of entry for Scale ModelWorld 2021. As the organisers of a large event in a commercial venue, we have a responsibility towards the health and welfare of the thousands of people who attend Scale ModelWorld each year. That's not something we take lightly at any time, but especially in the current environment, so we'll weigh up the options with our partners at the venue over the next couple of weeks and consider whether or not to change those entry requirements.
  4. IPMS Membership reminder for renewals and new memberships This is a reminder that if you are intending to come to Scale ModelWorld this year and want to ensure your IPMS (UK) membership is current for the show, you need to join or renew prior to 31st October 2021. If you're a current member, please check the expiry date on your card or online via Member Mojo. If you have an expiry date of 31st October 2021 (or earlier) and have not yet renewed, you need to do so soon to avoid disappointment. After 31st October we can no longer guarantee that your membership will have been processed by the time the show starts. If you are considering whether to join (or rejoin) IPMS (UK) at the moment, the same time limit applies. You need to apply before 31st October. Since the end of August when we announced that Scale ModelWorld was going ahead, our Membership Secretary has reported a large increase in renewals and new applications. Some (but not all) of that increase is normal for this time of year but by getting your renewal or new application in now, rather than leaving it to the last minute, Doug will be able to manage his workload more effectively. Advanced Tickets (IPMS members do not need to apply for advanced tickets) We would remind everyone that entry this year is by advanced ticket only so if you are a non-member, you need to purchase your ticket online – there will be no tickets available on the door. There is a link to the ticketing website on our own IPMS website
  5. Having a binge on Magnum at the moment. As an aside, it's a real bonus that so many of their albums feature artwork by one of my favourite fantasy artists - Rodney Matthews.
  6. Contact the venue (The International Centre, Telford) directly and they should be able to arrange for one to be available for you.
  7. I paint with acrylics, so I use oils for my washes for the reasons others have stated. Recommended brands of paints: There's no 'right' answer to this. Each brand has its advocates but ultimately you need to purchase good quality oil paints, be they from well-known model paint brands or from the traditional fine art manufacturers - same with pigments, pastels and weathering pencils. The better quality oils have finer pigments and better 'working' characteristics so whatever brand you buy, don't go cheap. Like any other product, get the best you can afford. When it comes to pigments, weathering powders, washes and filters, there are many commercially pre-packaged solutions out there, but ultimately nothing you can't create yourself using thinned oil paints, ground pastels and other commonly available household materials. What the commercial guys have done is create products that are convenient and 'instant' (don't need preparation). There is an attraction to that route for many modellers but it's often cheaper to purchase a smaller range of good raw materials and use them in different ways to create multiple solutions (but you need to prepare those potions yourself, so more time is sometimes required) - that choice is very much down to the individual modeller. My fairly small collection of oil paints, pastels and pencils are exclusively from fine art manufacturers because that's what I started with many years ago. I've never felt the need to explore the more recent hobby-based products. That's a personal choice and I'm not suggesting my choices are any better or worse than any other route.
  8. If I recall correctly it was called 'wood wool', which implies it may have contained a significant quantities of wood fibre/pulp added to whatever material (Bostick?) was used for the paste.
  9. At least some (possibly all?) of the M3 CDL tanks shipped out to the Far East in 1945 were apparently covered with an anti magnetic paste. The potential threat from Japanese magnetic charges was considered serious enough for the paste to be added to the tanks. 43 RTR only got as far as India before the war ended. This image would have been taken at Lowther Castle, near Penrith (home of the CDL School).
  10. I can only confirm that this is the list that myself and the IPMS Webmaster have been asked to publish. My understanding is that these are the traders who have completed their bookings as of 7th October 2021. We'll see what changes over the next couple of weeks.
  11. Here perhaps? https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-scale-modelworld/traders-at-scale-modelworld/ We're currently trying to squeeze 6-8 months work into little more than two months - stuff takes time (especially when you're juggling that work with a full time job). The trader list is provisional. It WILL change between now and 13th November.
  12. Our planning is based on the normal visitor numbers (both members and paying visitors). Since we expect those numbers to be less than normal (far fewer overseas visitors for example), we are not planning in restricting the number of tickets available. As noted on our website, we and the venue management believe that our 'normal' numbers would not exceed any recommended visitor volumes in the halls so there is no requirement to manage attendance through limiting ticket sales.
  13. IPMS members do not need to obtain an advanced ticket. They need to show a valid IPMS membership card on arrival and will be issued with a weekend wristband. We have explained the process on the IPMS website https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-scale-modelworld/scale-modelworld-2021-frequently-asked-questions-faqs/faqs-visiting-scale-modelworld/
  14. If you're a Forsyth fan (and if you haven't already read it), try 'The Outsider'. It's a potted memoir of his professional life from a short service commission in the RAF (Vampire pilot) through his journalism career, his writing career and his occasional interactions with the intelligence world - it provides a really good insight into where so much of his knowledge came from.
  15. Just re-reading The Heights of Courage by Avigdor Kahalani It's a personal memoir of his experiences as an armoured battalion commander (Centurion tanks) on the Golan Heights in 1973. Highly recommended.
  16. Ah yes - it's called Planned Obsolescence. It's a standard manufacturing policy used by many (not all) product manufacturers. Products are designed to last for a given lifespan and then require replacement. It is meant to encourage peope to buy new items rather than hold onto existing products for longer. It's been around as a formal, documented concept for at least 30-40 years in the consumer world.
  17. Hi Tbolt - yes, that QR code is effectively your 'ticket'. The guys at the entrance will scan that with a reader and let you through - you can either print it off and take a hard copy to the show or keep it on a smartphone and they'll be able to scan that too. However, on a wider note I agree that event tickets ain't what they used to be (I was party to a discussion recently on the sad demise of gig tickets and how these e-ticket thingies were no longer the sort of thing that you'd want to frame or keep for posterity).
  18. HR is so yesterday... People Services is what they tend to call themselves now.
  19. Scale ModelWorld tickets have gone on sale today. Ticket details and a link to the booking site can be found here Entry for non-members is by advanced ticket only for this year. You will receive your tickets by email and can either print them off or store them on your phone/smart device (horrid phrase) and present the ticket electronically on arrival. IPMS Members do not need an advanced ticket but will need to show a valid IPMS Membership card before they are issued with a wristband. In response to Tbolt's question last week - unfortunately we are unable to take payment via Paypal for SMW tickets. It is Visa/Mastercard only. Running the e-ticketing site is going to be a learning curve so we'll take on board whatever feedback we receive and look to improve it where necessary for future years.
  20. Sponsorship is a two-way thing - it has to benefit the sponsor as much (if not more) than it does the event they are supporting. It can be a valuable way of attracting extra finance but it isn't a panacea. It looks good on paper but in order to obtain sponsorship you need to approach interested parties and these days, the big boys (model manufacturers) see little 'value' in forking out large sums of money on events from which they gain little extra publicity or profile - it doesn't translate into more sales. There are other sources of sponsorship, perhaps from non-modelling organisations, but then you have to be able to 'sell' your event to them in a way that demonstrates what commercial or reputational benefit they will gain from the arrangement. So why not approach the smaller guys? The likelihood is that they may already be a trader at your show, so you're asking them to pay for tables AND stump up even more cash. The rule of thumb with major sponsors is that you give them free space (but it isn't really free because they are paying the sponsorship, which needs to be worth significantly more than the cost of the trade space they are using in order to make the sponsorship meaningful to the organisers). As Duncan and Jamie have already pointed out, show attendance is a marginal financial benefit at best for many traders. One of the points they have been making is that there is too much emphasis on relying on trader booking income to finance shows. Asking traders to provide meaningful (hard cash) sponsorship for an event would mean yet more financial burden for them to consider - all too often that sum will not add up for a trader. There are also different interpretations of 'sponsorship'. You'll often see competition trophies 'sponsored' by traders but that's not always money. It is common for the trader to provide their own products as prizes or perhaps gift vouchers to spend on their products. Generous and welcome though that is to any show organiser, it doesn't offset the cost of the event.
  21. Courier companies who wait until you are 50 miles from home before sending you a text to tell you that your package (which you were told by the seller wasn't due until later in the week) is out for delivery and will arrive within the next two hours (and needs to be signed for). Then - to add insult to injury - you get home and find the package tucked behind the wheelie bin and clearly not 'signed for'.
  22. Thanks for this new thread Neil - it's an important subject and there are unlikely to be 'right' or 'wrong' answers, but getting the issue talked about may help us find long term solutions if we want to keep the how scene viable.
  23. I've always had a soft spot for Trading Places as a Christmas Movie.
  24. Seeing the mention elsewhere on BM of Christmas movies (no, don't panic...) reminded me of 'The Grinch Stole Christmas' and a very young Taylor Momsen as the little girl in said movie. Well, Taylor is all growed up these days and is a semi-regular peformer on my personal playlist.
  25. Don't know because I'm not directly involved in the ticketing project - but I will ask the question and let you know.
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