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  1. I did my own mix of grey and green - tho I reckon I overdid the green, but who's to argue? I couldn't find any definitive answers on my searches Tamiya XF-76 is where Id go for the 'hemp' version if/when I make one again.
  2. A CR42 ended up in a field very near Corton, which is just north of Lowestoft and east of the A12 (A47) . Article with photo. http://www.lowestoftjournal.co.uk/news/italian-pilot-s-war-capture-is-recalled-by-historian-in-lowestoft-1-4314082
  3. daggerphil


    Thanks for your replies gentlemen. Im off on hols soon, but will get round to posting a photo or two when I return.
  4. I bought my Hgawa Nell for £17 not inc p&p and customs charge - cant recall total cost but Im pretty sure its less than UK price. Anyhoo, nice build, it is a good kit of an interesting subject. What paint was used for the Hiryu btw? Ive got one in my stash.
  5. What a great colour scheme. I remember reading an article in Air International about their use in the India Pakistan war, flying against Sabres. I recently left a few of my old Air Internationals at Hannants in Lowesoft - maybe that issue is still there.
  6. Ive got one under construction myself - if Id realised it was this big Id've bought a bigger house. Next job the masking. Only got decals for silver version - trying to cobble together something for a green/grey version. Ive tarted up the interior on a minor scale, and Ill add a 7.62 to the forward turret and a 20mm in the rear.
  7. daggerphil


    Hi, Im Phil from Norfolk At the moment Im very much interested in making WW2 Japanese military planes, 1/72 scale - about 26 are sat on my shelves right now, with the monster Hgawa Mavis under construction, and looking for new decals.
  8. What a series of posts, thank you all. Yes, Ive done it in the past too, and these posts have inspired me to hang my Badger (Trumpeter that is) from the ceiling. It did remind me how, when I were a nipper, I kept some models in a box under my bed. One day I pulled the box out to find one of our cats asleep in the box. It seemed perfectly happy there - I was very dischuffed.
  9. Well, whatever the rights or wrongs, I felt that the Revell dome looked completely wrong so Ive used a Airfix Lanc one on mine. Whichever route you take, you wont be alone in your choice.
  10. Thanks for your replies. Ive just found a photo of the plane Im making, H7-N, 346 Guyenne squadron - from what can be seen all the gills are silvery - so that's how i'll finish them.
  11. Have Revell got the left and right ailerons the wrong way round? Ive built them as per kit instructions but here is a big gap on the top side but none on the bottom. Do I break them off and switch them 'round?
  12. The Eduard masking set CX317 is suitable for the Mk II and the Mk III - Ive just used it on my Mk III, tho it is pricey. I think Montex do masks for the MkII - maybe they're OK for the Mark III as well.
  13. Hi, in many photos of radial engined Halibags, the cooling gills look shiny as if they have a nmf er finish. Is this a trick of the light or should I be breaking out the alclad? Any help would be appreciated as my Revell construction has now been primed. Thanks.
  14. daggerphil

    B17 1/72 props

    Thanks for your answers guys - I'll be making up the QB props tonight.
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