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  1. Beautiful build, and best wishes with the recovery!
  2. Beautiful model! Someday I will rebuild the one of these I did as a lit, will look out the PE rigging set as it looks excellent on yours!
  3. Terrific stuff Tony, looks great! Had my eye on this for a while and now very tempted to buy one
  4. Beautiful model, love the ripple display and diorama too! I come down on the nostalgia side when thinking about traveling in one of these, or even a postwar airliner of the Comet - Britannia-Constellation era...
  5. That's a beauty - I can see why you filled the panel lines! I actually like that you left the wing tanks though - with no panels left it might have looked toylike but as it is the result is great! If you want to do more silver aircraft with lo-vuz roundels there's always the Stranraer/Scapa..
  6. You could probably pick up the Matchbox pretty cheaply and use the rear turret, engines and cowlings and radar nose to modify the Airfix? A bit of surgery required but probably no more than the Italeri or Trumpeter to get an equivalently accurate result...
  7. Yes you are of course right, I meant 91! Well spotted
  8. Another wonderful model Moa! Love the dayglo and black-looks really smart
  9. Might not be 100% obvious - click each kit image in the link and the instruction scans should be there. Just as well I checked as it saved me scanning them from my kit for you!
  10. For what it's worth I mixed approximately 50:50 Humbrol 90 and 88 for my attempt at NIVO (build linked in my signature), as I don't do enamels and the Xtracolour NIVO is not available as an acrylic. The issue with this is that Humbrol 88 (a rich bluish green) appears to have sunk without trace so you may find it hard to get any in the UK, let alone Texas!
  11. Vulcanicity

    Fury colours

    I'd concur in that I have also searched for ages and never found a convincing image showing white, as opposed to aluminium dope/natural metal in the non-black checks. Intrigued by Mhaselden's image - unfortunately I don't have that book. One day, perhaps the required evidence will appear?
  12. Well this was all going so well! Decals... ] And varnish top coat! Out with the Humbrol 135 satin rattle can...Oh. I've been close to rattle can varnish disasters before, and I have always managed to save the day with some touching up. This time I think I may be beaten, not least due to the sheer number of brush coats it would need to cover this white spotty mess up with Xtracrylix. It is even worse in real life than in the photos, and I don't think I can pass it off as Pacific weathering. To be honest, rattle can varnishing always seems like walking a knife edge between not doing enough and disaster, so I have taken to starting off with a brushed finish of Revell Aqua varnish first (which usually seems much more reliable) then just doing a light-touch spray finish (usually to dull down the matt a bit further. For some reason I forgot to do this with the Corsair (and to boot was rushing to finish the build in time for the GB deadline and ended up varnishing in sub-optimal conditions outside). Anyway, this is clearly a big fat failure for this GB - but I have not given up! I have just ordered another copy of the decal sheet and a pot of Hannants' own brush-on paint stripper (which I have been intrigued to try for a while) so we will see what happens. Hopefully this particular phoenix will rise again!
  13. Lovely model of a rarely-seen subject. I had no idea the Fury carried Bullpups (or Sidewinders for that matter - I didn't think it was in service late enough!)
  14. Ooh, a Spiteful! Very smart model, well done
  15. That is stunning, so much attention to detail across the board. Easily one of the best jet builds I have seen in a long time
  16. Nice one! Aluminium/silver finishes are among the hardest to get looking good with a brush, and you've done a very nice job there!
  17. If they're the CMK "250 pounders" I bought for my Heyford I found them to scale almost exactly with 500lb bombs ( I think it was the same link that @brewerjerry posted - I only got suspicious when they only fit in the four stations of the longer central section of the Heyford's bomb bay which was the only place 500 pounders were carried). My assumption was that CMK had simply read off the wrong line in the dimensions when making their masters! For what it's worth I have just measured the bombs supplied with the Airfix Swordfish and they scale out more or less exactly to the 250lb GP Mk. IV in the link (about 3 scale centimetres too fat). The kit comes with 6 bombs so that might be a useful source of a loadout for your Blenheim?
  18. That's gorgeous as per usual Moa! The sunset shots in particular look like period photos of the real thing, and I am in awe of your interiors...
  19. Great Boston, love the extra work on the engines, it really adds something. I hope the hammer wasn't necessary to get it to fit!
  20. That's a lovely Vengeance - not a type you see modelled often and good save! Good points about the wing design too
  21. Lovely model - doesn't look rushed at all I wish someone would bring out a 1/72nd kit - although it would be proper tiddly!
  22. That's a lovely F-16, well done! Nice to see the three colour scheme - a bit more interesting than the usual monotone grey!
  23. Lovely little model - I'm particularly impressed by the next painting of those Shrike missiles - they must be minute!
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