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  1. I'm pretty sure I have two bat badges from my Airfix Vulcan in the decal bank which are not yellowed but also not brown instead of green. You're welcome to them if you want them...
  2. I'll join Bertie, already enjoying the reminiscences! A few words of advice if I may, having beaten one of these together a few years back? Mostly concerning the wing sections- I recommend gluing all three top sections together , then all three bottom sections, then doing one huge horizontal join of the whole aircraft. If you follow the instructions sequence it's very hard to avoid a noticeable step running all the way along the upper wing outboard of the intakes where the sections join each other. Also, I would recommend grinding out the exhaust cans and lining with brass tube for scale depth and thickness exhausts (although the tube isn't the easiest to paint internally, of course)...
  3. Wow, a real tour de force of weathering! Just looks like it's been used for mission after mission from a muddy Eastern Front airfield...
  4. Superb! I guess you have a bit of an interest in the Korean War, given the other projects on the bench!
  5. I have a real soft spot for the 110 and yours is a beauty
  6. Superb, not sure I've ever seen this represented in model form. Happy client hopefully- they should be!
  7. That's a very good B-52, really looks the part. I love all the weapon load, it looks like it's armed to the teeth!
  8. Wow, superb Foxbat, you've really captured the looks of this beast, and I love the little glimpse of the lurid turquoise cockpit interior!
  9. Gorgeous Hurri, really looks the part. If you have had to do significant rescribing around the wing-fuselage joint then I admire your skills as it doesn't notice!
  10. Top build, looks really great in that flawless metal finish. Nice nose art too
  11. That's a very smart Typhoon, glad your dad was well chuffed with it! I would be...
  12. Brilliant job Al, glad to see yours finished! Predictably you have beaten me to it but it also looks top notch! Weathering looks great
  13. Superb model, and well done for persevering with that torpedo- those blades look a nightmare!
  14. Glorious! Absolutely masterful mottle scheme and scribing, and the scratchbuilding really adds to the model too
  15. Wow, what a result with a 60 year old kit! I have one of these hiding somewhere but I won't get anywhere near such a good result.
  16. Never mind the colour of blue, it's superb. Weathering is top notch especially the muddy/dusty tyres!
  17. I don't suppose a Martlet II boxing is in the works? Would need a new cowling but not much else.
  18. Thanks Bertie, Quack and Al! My understanding is that the forward roof aerials and those near the Orange Harvest antenna are early and late positions (respectively) for the masts supporting VHF radio aerial wires. The position is supposed to have been changed with the Phase 2 update, and thus the combination of forward aerials and ECM "thimble" as I have modelled shouldn't have occurred. However the photos you kindly sent show that it did! I'm coming to realise that the Phase updates were fairly haphazard - all the more reason to check one's refs carefully! Some careful study of other images suggest that the earlier masts were smaller and more raked that the later style, so I scratchbuilt them. As for the colour of the OH antenna, I have no idea! It's some kind of darkish colour. I am idly contemplating a visit to Newark in the next few weeks so I might have a look at the MR3. With the aerials and windows fitted and the masking done, it was time to crack out the primer and paint! Here we are with primer and white on and the latter masked off. I used rattlecans for these (I am still trying to ease myself in gently to airbrushing) but had frustrating issues with gravelly primer so I think it won't be long before I sling the cans. Then, the big moment - on goes the DSG! The Iwata was a bit spluttery, not sure why although I suspect it was issues with humidity. So the finish isn't perfect but still better that I would have managed with a brush. I am *very* pleased with the masking of the white, which was almost perfect with no creep under of the grey. With this massive psychological barrier out of the way, it was time to get started with something I am more familiar with...decals! The Shack is a big model and I am not a tidy modeller (note the profusion of mugs): As you may remember, I am building WR964 of 204 Squadron RAF based at Ballykelly in approximately 1963. The later DSG scheme represented by Airfix is WR966 of 205 squadron based at Changi in 1972. Apart from the Phase differences, there are several key differences in the markings between UK and Far East-based aircraft in this scheme. The Changi-based 205 squadron applied a long white stripe along the upperwing between the spars, presumably to keep the fuel tanks slightly cooler in the Malayan heat (as a former tropical forest ecologist, I can understand!). The reason this affects me is that all the maintenance stencils on these strips are red not yellow, including the "Walk here"/"Walk forward of this line"/"Walk Aft..." etc. Airfix followed this faithfully so I was stuck. Luckily, I managed to acquire this sheet designed for the Modelcraft boxing of the old Frog MR3. Look, Yellow lines! As long as I don't accidentally stick the Afrikaans text on (unlikely to be comprehensible to the average Ulsterman, and vice versa) this should be easy, right? Well, the slight issue is that the lines and text were rather overscale, and looked comically thick next to the Airfix markings from elsewhere on the wing outside the white cooling strip (yellow, and thus to be used). Not much could be done about the font, but using a fresh scalpel blade, steel ruler and a steady hand I was able to cut the lines down by slicing them longitudinally. (Yes, I have noticed the Afrikaans! I didn't use all of this one so the section of writing was surplus to requirements) Ms Vulcanicity rolled her eyes at this, but I think the results were worth it. The modified yellow markings on the wing look a lot closer to the red Airfix decals than the unmodified decals at centre. That's it for today - I am still decalling, in between bat surveys...
  19. Good god, first page! I normally spot your threads about 25 pages in! Following with interest (I have only built the old and new Airfix and the Hobbyboss, which is best avoided) Those staff officers must have wondered what hit them...
  20. I have my glasses *on* and I can say it looks superb! I am in awe of pure scratchbuilders and your model is right up there with the best I have seen on this forum
  21. Lovely stuff, that old Matchbox kit looks great OOB and thanks for the interesting information on Buffalos in India - a new one on me! If you build a much larger aircraft in 1/72 (a Sunderland, say) do you have to grow your hair out?!
  22. That's a beauty, I cannot believe that camo is brush painted! Also the cannon is a work of art in its own right
  23. Cor blimey Mike, this is looking really good! The camo looks great and I am following your rigging technique with great interest. Mind me asking what shades you used for the Dark Earth and Dark Green? For what it's worth, I followed the Revell instructions for decal placement and they concur with both @TheyJammedKenny! and this photo https://www.peoplescollection.wales/items/532186 in suggesting that the port serial should be "upside down". Alas the coin flipped the wrong way on your guess! I am just about to reply to your PM about roundels, if you are sufficiently bothered about the serial orientation I actually have enough Stranraer serials going spare for you to do them again! I ended up with no fewer than three decal sheets for this kit...
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