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  1. Beautiful job, for me the Victor in its early "clean" state was the most beautiful postwar aircraft Britain produced. You'll have to try taking your modelling equipment to uni, I ended up having a portable bag of modelling gear which went in my packing, and took one or two small-sized projects with me each term which did wonders for my sanity, if not my productivity! Even now, ten years later I still do the same on overnight work trips, modelling greatly improves nights stuck in bleak Travelodge a!
  2. A lovely collection and tribute to the early days of the USAAF fighters in Europe (plus Mediterranean!)
  3. Lovely! Not a type I know anything at all about looks like a Japanese attempt to emulate the B-29...
  4. Yes I was thinking of "purely" French designs so discounting joint ventures like the Jaguar, Puma etc. I also wasn't really thinking about types like the Qinetiq Alpha Jet and the Dewoitine which didn't see " regular" Service use. I had however totally forgotten the Squirrel and the Alouette - there goes the old ingrained prejudice against helicopters!
  5. I would sand or strip just the affected area, having first masked off at a panel line, so that any visible joint between "old" and "new" paint is at the panel joint and is hidden (or looks like a field repainting job on the real aircraft)
  6. I wonder when the last French aircraft purchased by the British armed forces was? I'm guessing a SPAD of some variety in about 1917?
  7. Ah, that makes sense on a second and third look at the photo. I was mis-categorising the visible part of the vertical fin of the torpedo air tail as part of the airman's jacket, which made the rest of it look a lot like a small turret with a machine gun. I think the artist of that profile of White 30 made the same mistake!
  8. For what it's worth I have never seen this on an RAF Hampden so I'm guessing it's a Soviet mod. That said I'm sure I've seen that photo before and not noticed it either!
  9. A lovely little Buffalo, and thanks for the backstory! One tends to only remember the defence of Malaya and Singapore so it's nice to see the type's role in Crete represented. Crikey, the Fulmar must have been even slower than I thought for the Buffalo to represent a welcome improvement!
  10. That's superb, and well done for battling that terrible resin wing! I hate it when you blow loads of money on an aftermarket set which is worse than the kit part!
  11. Very nice job, and what a collection! I presume a Hornet is in the pipeline? I guess there is a Phantom and Meteor to do as well.
  12. Another alternative, if you can get hold of a scrap Frog kit, is to cut off the rear fuselage at the joint and graft onto the Airfix, which gives you a correctly-sized, if rudimentary pair of exhausts. I did this about 10 years ago, and had enough Frog kit left over to make a "looks OK from a distance" FAW. 1 with a scratch built pen nib exhaust.
  13. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Who needs grey when you have Technicolour like that?
  14. Lovely job! Top work on those yellow wings, not an easy colour to get looking that good. I hate masking and have a very similar technique for canopy framing to you, it was interesting to read your description!
  15. I have the Comet 4 in the stash waiting to be built. Issues I am slowly working out a plan for correcting include: Erroneous wing dihedral Nacelles based on the Nimrod and needing cutting and reducing in depth Very simplistic and translucent canopy Unusuable wheels and exhaust cans Asymmetric attachment stubs for tailplanes Oval fuselage windows which do not line up but are also twisted out of misalignment However there is not other good option for a 1/72 Comet, so as others have said beggars can't be choosers! Most of the recent British transports have been served with resin sets from Air-Graphics which should help, I am awaiting the Comet one while kicking myself that I never bought the AlleyCat Nimrod canopy set...
  16. I think all Shackleton wheel wells were White, although they rapidly weather and get filthy. The legs and hubs are a pale grey colour, I think I went for something around Medium Sea Grey.
  17. Wonderful build of a terrifying-looking machine. Imagine trying to land it!
  18. They look great! Did you have any issues with modelling in the tropics? I did a couple of builds as a PhD student in Malaysia and found that the heat and humidity made painting quite a challenge.
  19. Brilliant collection! I think the Black Arrows Hunter is my favourite but they're all top notch. The stand is almost invisible in the first photo of the two Vampires, I did a double take wondering how VT821 was just hovering there!
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