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  1. If you compare the test build with the box cover it appears they completely missed the shape of the nose contours, it's much too rounded sidways and too sharp edged seen from the sides, above and from below. Oh well another blunder.that likely comes from crappy misinterpretation of drawings
  2. snip Due to the ongoing war, you asked whether there would be Soviet markings or a box with Soviet aces. We are not planning a special box for Soviet schemes but expect individual, interesting Soviet markings in boxes of particular versions. Let’s remember that not only Russians flew in the Soviet air force, but also many Ukrainians, and one of the most outstanding Airacobra aces was the Tatar from Crimea.
  3. I wonder if the AC with 4-bladers had better performance than those with the 3-bladers ?
  4. I think on that machine it was red not orange, this is a restored AC tho even if I seem to recall of seeing a original color photo in approximately the same color
  5. Amodel have a nice Yak-9U already https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amodel-7289-yak-9u--138676
  6. Dunno why this keeps coming up, they themselves have announced awhile ago that they won't necessarily do Polish subjects anymore.
  7. Does one have the link of that Japanese guys who corrects fotos into flat projection and corrects plans after that ? The name of the guy is Jumpai or Jenpai or in that direction ... if I recall this correctly Arma did some kits from those ... we might get better fitting hints than the usual broad speculations from that
  8. KP should start to investigate a bit more, they rely too much on copying There^^, I tried to put it mildly
  9. I once read that it was a mixture of white with a few percent (4% if I am not wrong) of wartime roundel red, That explains the grayish pink tone, well to me at least
  10. But Arma did the Yak-1b already
  11. Sometimes I really get the suspicion that some are still dreaming sHitler had won that damn war ...
  12. From their latest email newsletter: Unfortunately, we must revise our release plans. The 1/72 model of the aircraft planned for June will not be ready until July. Therefore, we are postponing its release to the beginning of September. We decided not to launch the model during the holidays. Yes
  13. Hi Hi Giorgio, Sorry for being OT but I wanted to write you a PM but it says you cannot receive messages, could it be you still have my email address from the purchase of AML Fiat G.50s ? Cheers Martin
  14. Simply superb !!! Aaand the Airfix kit looks right from all angles, so satisfying to look at
  15. Needs a blue spinner tho for contrast The Indo-China version is the one for me
  16. We are working on another 1/72 novelty that may come instead of Hurricane (<-- from the text I take it they mean their 1/48 kit) in June ^^ taken from their Newsletter ^^ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update: https://www.armahobby.com/70055-p-39q-airacobra.html?utm_source=armahobbynews&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=P-39&utm_term=P-39-zapowiedz&utm_content=en http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2022/08/24/p-39-airacobra-model-kit-annoucement/?utm_source=implebot&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=P-39&utm_term=P-39-zapowiedz&utm_content=en
  17. The photo where JWM posted the link to reveals nice details about the lower nose to wing transition This kind of putting the fuselage above the center wing section is common to most Northrop designs from that period.
  18. We still don't have enough scales, it's a pity. (<sarcasm) I just understand why they introduce another scale foe air related subjects, they could just have done it in 1/18 where at least a few kits already exist.
  19. Michael I think if in the kits you have (FP2 and FP 17) have exactly the same content then someone fooled you when they sold it to you, the kits respectively the parts especially the wing should be markedly different. Cheers Martin
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