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  1. Simply superb !!! Aaand the Airfix kit looks right from all angles, so satisfying to look at
  2. Are the cowling sides bulged or just a flat cylinder on the kit ?
  3. We are working on another 1/72 novelty that may come instead of Hurricane (<-- from the text I take it they mean their 1/48 kit) in June ^^ taken from their Newsletter ^^
  4. The photo where JWM posted the link to reveals nice details about the lower nose to wing transition This kind of putting the fuselage above the center wing section is common to most Northrop designs from that period.
  5. We still don't have enough scales, it's a pity. (<sarcasm) I just understand why they introduce another scale foe air related subjects, they could just have done it in 1/18 where at least a few kits already exist.
  6. Michael I think if in the kits you have (FP2 and FP 17) have exactly the same content then someone fooled you when they sold it to you, the kits respectively the parts especially the wing should be markedly different. Cheers Martin
  7. I was just pointing to that both review links you gave above were dealing with the old kits. FP17 and FP22 are the newer tools, these kits also abandoned using the Hasegawa wing and so have a new wing. Tho not interested in engaging in a battle about this lol, cheers.
  8. These articles are both of the old issue, you can see it from the B/W boxart
  9. Very unusual to see a vampire in overall blue, and beautifully built also !!!
  10. You must mean the old one which was based on the Hasegawa Ki-61 wing with a short run fuselage added. They have new-tooled the kit long ago and these kits are very good.
  11. The vac canopy really pays off, normally the rough canopy frames on this kit are very difficult to handle and spoil the looks. Super result !!
  12. Arma Hobby have announced that they won't concentrate on Polish flown AC anymore, I think that was a year ago when I read that on their website ...
  13. Bingo and it was a double play as the Ki-84 proves lol
  14. What if the cherry blossom just was meant to represent a fresh spring surprise and has nothing to do with Japan ?
  15. The Airwaves 1/72 resin Mk.XII nose was also very good IMO ....
  16. I don't know why my earlier post in this respect was removed but I say again but express it a bit more cautious, a Hudson new 'Hockleed' series in 1/72 'will it be'
  17. The single blader would be more interesting
  18. IMO one can see what I mean in this photo ^^ the S the sides make. Basically seen from above the fuselage ends in a flat triangle but the fin's sides itself are slightly bulged parallels.
  19. Those S-lines I meant about are at the area of the leading edge of the fin not at the trailing edge of the rudder. One can even imagine this from the other picture you linked to. Best example is to take a Hase fuselage and look closer at the complex transition of the fuselage end into the fin.
  20. The leading edge of the fin is wrong, an error copied from other models, Hasegawa eg has the correct shape. It wasn't that blunt at the root ... actually it was sharp there also and the profile of the sides of the fin making an S curve above where the fuselage ends.
  21. Those rivets look childish if you ask me, like modellers are asking for fantasy products ... And a whole gang out to push the new standard down our throats as if it was the only valid opinion to have these unrealistic bolts on every new model, aaaarrggghh ...............................................................................
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