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  1. The reverse gear is completely wrong, I can see that already ... Now seriously, I almost can't wait
  2. You have no idea, people actually might be interested in significant prototypes of one of the most famous fighter designs
  3. I am waiting for the D-23, anything else is not interesting. Now seriously, if they'll tackle the Fw-190B that be another matter ... or the other prototypes like the V18 for example
  4. Soooorrryyy soooo böööörääääng, they all end up doing 109s and 190s
  5. They are rare even on ebay, most of the few are offered by UK dealers. I was lucky and got the last two from a Polish vendor and even for reasonable postage costs. Btw I really like the kit, it has much finesse than the close-up photos suggest.
  6. Do we see any rivets here ? I think not .... who the heck needs them anyways. Ruck fivets, at least in 1/72 ...
  7. Oh that's a stunner Roman, and one doesn't see many of these built, excellentovich !!!
  8. Simply WOW !!!! And with a camo combination I've never sen before.
  9. Did the prototype really have 6-bladers ?
  10. OK thanks for the sum up, I can live with those faults especially now since I am aware of them. Cheers Martin
  11. Can someone please make a compilation what's all wrong with new Airfix Mosquito ?
  12. This is highly extra-ordinary not only if one considers the base kit, The panel lines and details you added makes it look better than the more modern kits of this aircraft and that says something. Simply fantastic !!!!
  13. Link to the latest workbench that has the sprue pics, scroll down a bit for the Tempest article: https://uk.airfix.com/community/blog-and-news/workbench/vickers-valiant-leads-britains-deterrent-force
  14. Ugly is relative, also the variations are what make things interesting.
  15. Homebee why don't you post the pictures over the original Airfix links ? That way they have much more resolution than if you upload the screenshots on a image hosting site: Here's only one example:
  16. This is very good, the swirl effect on the cowling especially
  17. I want the kit in 1:8 so it looks good with my motor cycles
  18. Silver surround of the red star !!!
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