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  1. Thanks very much, silly me used the kit decals which I'm not very happy about, oh well!
  2. well now, this was a long drawn out challenge! I haven't been on here for sometime but I have just finished this devil of a kit, the Pavla 1/72 Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat, it fought me all the way but in 42 years of modelling I have never given up on any kit, so here it is, after far too long!
  3. Yes I am quite sure I do realise what they are! It's not for me!
  4. Ok, I have just found a review that says they are "as near as dammit to 1/48"!
  5. Really? that's better, how close?
  6. Just wondering if anybody knows if the Quick Build P-51D from Airfix is 1/72 or not?
  7. Thanks, that Meteor is a Matchbox 1/72 NF.14 and a Modeldecal set!
  8. Thanks, I did my best! I certainly enjoyed the build albeit longer than planned, as per usual nowadays!
  9. My latest completion after 4 months on and off! A lovely kit from Airfix and my third 112Sqn type! Airfix really have hit the nail on the head with quality! Sabre 112Sqn by raiford@btinternet.com, on Flickr
  10. very nice, good to see another version of 'The Shark of Zambales' on here, I built a 1/48 Hobby Boss Mustang as 'The Shark' using a beautiful decal sheet produced in, and obtained from, Manila! and posted a few photos on here some time ago, I do love a big shark mouth on any type but this particular Philippine AF Mustang really stands out for me!
  11. OK thanks, will experiment before my next silver painted project!
  12. Yes I use Humbrol enamel varnish over Humbrol enamel silver, they hate each other! how about if I try acrylic varnish over enamel silver? what sort of finish does Humbrol clear give? is that an enamel gloss finish?
  13. I have used Humbrol varnish several times over Humbrol silver paint but they don't appear to get on very well, resulting in the silver paint lifting on some occasions and going all blotchy, what would be the best gloss varnish for brushing on top of Humbrol silver paint?
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