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  1. General Jumbo

    Red Band Emil

    Hidden magnets - genius! Lovely build too!
  2. That's a lovely collection! Only thing I would say is that the 109 and 190 are crying out for a swastika on the tail (controversial as it may be to some these days). Just doesn't look quite right without them! Edit: PS Are you still brush painting or are some of these rattle cans / airbrush?
  3. General Jumbo

    Yellow nosed B.......

    And when Canfield's Spitfire turns into a Hurricane before it blows up! Great movie though - must of watched it hundreds of times when I was a kid! And a great looking Buchon too!
  4. Very nice. I just added one of these to the stash. On current build rate i should be getting round to it when the Eurofighter Typhoon is being retired!
  5. General Jumbo

    Airfix 1\72 Tornado Gr1

    Good job on an old kit. I've never seen a tornado with sidewinders just inboard of the wingtips - is that authentic? GJ
  6. General Jumbo

    RAF camouflage grey - in a rattle can

    Thanks Nigel. I had no idea that they had! When was the change over?
  7. General Jumbo

    RAF camouflage grey - in a rattle can

    Hmmm, I'm guessing there aren't any then!
  8. General Jumbo

    RAF camouflage grey - in a rattle can

    Hi All, I've just picked up a Revell Tornado F3 and was looking for some advice please. After trawling many BM threads, there are lots of discussions on this paint colour but I can't find what I am looking for! As I don't own an airbrush and as always, have very little time to do serious modelling sessions, I wanted to rattle can this one so... is there a decent colour match available in a rattle can? I can't believe Humbrol don't do their 167 in a rattle tin - would have thought it would be very popular! Many thanks, GJ
  9. Beautiful build. I remember attempting the matchbox kit as a kid and it put me off bi-planes for good!
  10. General Jumbo

    Airfix 1/72 Short Stirling

    Lovely job! I remember building one of these about 25 years ago. Think you've done a great job on it and it actually builds up into a very impressive model.
  11. General Jumbo

    EE Lightning F6

    Wow - looks absolutely amazing! Great job there...
  12. General Jumbo

    The airfix Buccaneer S2b

    Lovely job. I've only ever made one Bucc in my life and i seem to recall it was in 1/144 although I've no idea who the manufacturer was! I would be very proud of that build though!
  13. General Jumbo

    Matchbox kits...

    Not many then...
  14. General Jumbo

    Which WW2 aircraft would you pick?

    Hi all, Just out of idle curiosity and for a bit of fun, i thought i would pose this hypothetical question to the BMs on here...! "If you were aircrew during WW2, what aircraft type would you choose to fly/fly in and why...?" Mine would be the fighter bomber version of the Mosquito. Reasons being that it had excellent performance, better than average survivability rates and carried a navigator (my sense of direction is appalling). GJ
  15. Looks great to my eyes - if it was as much of an arm wrestle as you say then you've done an excellent job!