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  1. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right section for this post - apologies to the mods if not. Short story is that I've got a few pointy jets in the stash that need built but I can't abide painting and decaling missiles. Is there anywhere that anyone knows of that sells pre-painted 1/72 AAMs? I know that this will be sacrilege to many but I just don't have the patience for this anymore! Thanks, GJ
  2. Cool. Saw this flying at Duxford flying legends a few years back - marvellous display. Seem to recall call sign "joker" was used. Nice build!
  3. Lovely. It's amazing how advanced the Draken was for its time. You've done an excellent job on these!
  4. My favourite 109 scheme - all thanks to Matchbox's little Emil and a well spent youth!
  5. Very cool - I like that! And great job on the free hand airbrushing - most impressive!
  6. Very nice build there indeed. The thought of a one way nuclear strike is quite sobering!
  7. That builds up rather nicely indeed! Great job!
  8. Great looking build, well done! Can't help thinking that the La-9 looks like the result of what you might get if an FW190 and a P-40 mated!!!
  9. The Hurricane looks great with the late war roundels. Models look great!
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