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  1. Many thanks Len, email address on the way. All the best Steve
  2. Hi, Has anyone got any photos or drawings of how the AN/ASQ-81 MAD system is fitted on the the right sponson of the Westland Lynx. Thanks Steve
  3. I picked up the Graphy-Air version at Telford this year. :-)
  4. Hi I'd like to thrown my cap in with a XH-40 build. Steve
  5. I've got an idea for a Humber Scout Car and a couple of figures, can I join please? Steve
  6. Hi I've got a few 1/48 F-5's so count me in too please Thanks Steve
  7. Cracking conversion, looks wonderful.
  8. I knew Heller did a 1/50 Puma but never seen one or a build, I shall be watching with interest. Steve
  9. Hi, is it to late to join the Build?, got a few Boeing 737's to do. Steve
  10. Please add me too, Lynx and a Hiller. Thanks Steve
  11. Hi Colin you can add me for the build, Skeeter, Sioux and Scout. :-) Steve
  12. Hi, I think the 4-shot pod fitted to XX907 was either a early mock-up for TOW or HOT. My late father, Eric Wearmouth, was on the Lynx weapon's trail flight and they had to work out which would of been best for the AAC. The choice was TOW, HOT or Hawkswing/Swingfire, in the end they pick HOT but the powers to be said TOW was better (cheaper), and the large '235' on XX910 is indeed a Paris 1975 show code. All the best Steve
  13. Love the Supermarine Jetfire, just look so right.
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