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  1. Yay! Looking forward to this one. Hopefully there'll be multiple decal options so I can also build my decal-less CMK kit I've had loitering in the draw for more than decade.
  2. Defintely up for one of these. I really hope it comes to pass.
  3. A terrific looking Tempest, Roman. You've brought out all the power and magesty of the real thing. I'm definitely going to have to have a couple of these. I'm looking forward to the Mk II and, hopefully, Mk VI as well.
  4. A very nice build of this curate's egg of a kit. The paint finish is great and It think this is a very interesting and attractive scheme. You did a great job rectifying the, in my view, huge error with the rear bomb bay fairing. For me the issues of the kit have made it a very disappointing release from Airfix and I think I will be putting the two I bought on ebay. Pity, as I was going to be buying at least four. Those oversized wing spars and bomb bay doors etc are just too much of an effort to correct. I'll be building the Tamiya kit with after-market sets, I think.
  5. I wonder if the boxing will actually contain a TT.5.
  6. I have similar issues with the word 'artisan', particularly when applied to bread, beer and any other consumables.
  7. Nothing a confidentiality clause couldn't sort out.
  8. If only they'd gone to the De Havilland Museum instead of Cosford. Or possibly just looked at some photos of a B.XVI.
  9. Exactly. The irony is that, had Airfix got this kit right, the aftermarket boys would probably have released a set to convert it to a TT.35!
  10. After calling Airfix customer services and speaking to a very nice lady I have now received the second of the two Mosquitos I ordered which was missing from the package. Fair play to Airfix customer services, at least. Whether I will build it or not is another matter, mind you.
  11. Personally I don't think the bomb bay doors, rear bomb bay fairing, tail wheel and the rediculously overstated wing spars are just niggling errors. The spars in particular will take a lot of careful sanding to make them even remotely to scale. If they were as big as portrayed on the kit in real life they would have caused considerable drag and possibly even upset the airflow over the wings. In my view, when buying a brand-new kit, after-market corrections should be a luxury, not a necessity. I'll build the one I received, no doubt, and hopefully the other one I ordered which was supposed to arrive with it but didn't, but for future Merlin 60 variants I'll be going along the Tamiya and after-market route.
  12. I had a look and couldn't see any references earlier in this chat so apologies if this has already been covered but what I'm assuming to be the glue seams on the wings appear to be massively over-pronounced. Checking my references I'm struggling to find photos of them even being visible, let alone as big as they are on the kit. More sanding required?
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