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  1. The application of funds will have to be diverted to a stand magnifier or something. Can't paint straight for toffee anymore. (A niggling slight tremor when tired - and after shift working who isn't- may be the by product of my diabetes meds but hey-ho) The canopy is terrible except when the 10 foot rule is applied I've applied the decals using Humbrol decalfix which was suggested to me. However, the normal water method worked ok on the stand and I'm wishing I'd stuck with it. The starbord wing roundel has stretchy crazed marks and the tail decal is now lifting and one sides cracked.
  2. I decided to use the recommendation on a BM thread elsewhere which suggested the use of tamiya XF22 RLM Grey for the FAA greenish tinted (sea?) Grey. Brushed on better in my amateur fashion with some thinners than before so I'll have to just make the best of it. (given my health).
  3. Finally arrived https://flic.kr/p/2jpnrU9
  4. I'm skewered by the Post Office . My thinners, paints and sundries haven't arrived.
  5. Well, whilst waiting to resolve a couple of paint issues, I've touched in a few areas with enamels I've had for decades. Surprisingly (to me) all still useable, thankfully! In keeping with the nostalgia I can't afford the Wondacolor range for "satin RAF oleo leg medium alloy March - May 1940", so it's plain Humbrol M11 and make do This may end up finished if my failing eyesight holds out! As I had a bit of spare time I got to thinking about the decals. I guess they're 55 years old. I see there's some sheets of generic ones available if needed. See how it holds in the water.... Nervously fished out.... yay! It holds together fine! I love these big stands with the Frog IMA logo and globe on them ! I guess I feel better knowing the original decals should work, to keep it an all vintage build. I know its basic but I'm having fun.
  6. For your memory edification - The Don Quick broadcast dates, it was on ITV: 1 “The Benefits of Earth” 30 October 1970 2 “People Isn’t Everything” 6 November 1970 3 “The Higher the Fewer” 13 November 1970 4 “The Love Reflector” 20 November 1970 5 “The Quick and the Dead” 27 November 1970 6 “Paradise Destruct” 4 December 1970 According to the British Film Institute the Dog(s) are an attempt to parody the part in Don Quixote where he is a knight thinking he must fight the giant windmills, so make of that what you will, since you saw the episode!
  7. Yes I saw that too, a USSR produced, probably Novo kit, in an odd photocopied made up box. IIRC the box art appeared in the 1990s Lines / Hellstrom Story of Frog book, so it would have been easy for someone to get access to if they didn't have the kit. Whether this has been just for someone to be able to ID for their stash and now its made its way onto the market I don't know, but it seems a tad pricey. I suppose the very low production of the genuine Frog one is why it keeps a keen price when they turn up? I was well outbid I find some of their range to be eclectic choices of models, some of the aircraft were only produced in fairly limited numbers and really weren't all that successful. Look at the DH110, great artwork on the original box, but given the horrific Farnborough crash, the one that fell into the sea on carrier landing at the Royal Navy "press day" killing the pilot (captured and broadcast on Pathe News) and the fact that half of the less than 100 produced had accidents or were written off, not a great page of naval aviation history, but they must have thought they could sell enough and of course this was the (fairly) early jet age. I recently acquired the Frog Fairey Delta II which I am tempted to build, but being scarce I may try to find a later Novo one. Breaking the aviation high speed record by over 300 mph up to 1132mph at the time was certainly headline news for a better reason.
  8. I'm not overcome by fumes from thinners, just working a bunch of late shifts. I've got some thinners to try which will hopefully work on this job and thanks to several encouraging folk I will be looking at a few alternate paints to try. The vallejo FAA set seems a good starting point. Cheers. Matt The thinners didn't work, wrong compatability... waiting on post for ordered tamiya stuff
  9. Thanks, that's a good idea. Do you recommend I get Tamiyas own thinners or is there something 'better' out there?
  10. Thanks for the encouragement. The finishing is likely to be the worst part of the job. I've got loads of old paints but being unsure of them after 15 or 20 years in the loft I thought I'd go and buy some 'new' paints. The Fleet Air Arm seems to be all about 50 Shades of Grey and looking at an old post I obtained some colours recommended as equivalents from.the Tamiya acrylics, which I've barely ever used before. Browsing the paint section didn't help Lol. Almost too much info! That aside I'm think8nthinking that this evening's ambient temoeratire didn't help as its warm and I found the paint hard to control, doing the wings and after making a godawful mess of the canopy I'm giving it rest whilst I understand what I need. I note there's several posts of opinion that these are useless for brushing. On the other hand there's folks who manage ok. I shall have to look at paint additives and thinners needed I think. (In my little flat and careful budget I can't countenance an airbrush).
  11. This evening's tasks have included assembling and fitting the basic undercarriage. No locating pegs on the struts, no recess holes in the wheel wells and no instructional pictures is fun! Its together but seems pretty fragile. Now I know why some people use aftermarket metal parts! I'm happy I think I've got its upright stance with the main u/c legs being vertical. The other parts aren't really very accurate so I'm not going to worry that it's a bit of an approximation.
  12. Had to grab what was to hand, my modelling tools are limited. Usually they are paint stirrers or whatever, but then the paint pots sometimes have other uses too! I must admit even though it is a very basic build I am enjoying myself with it and the subject matter reading. But then, I guess that is what it is all about!
  13. Today's progress has included getting the wings to look like they fit by eye, hopefully the gaps (which come as standard) won't look too bad or uneven! I have also assembled the cylinders in the cowling. Even with its bare minimum detail I've tried to assemble it with what I suppose is the air intakes (?) at the top as you see them under the cowl in photos. Given the lack of detailed pieces I've tried to make the exhaust look more 'correct' by drilling out the end of the very solid bit of moulding to give the impression of the open end, even though its not quite in the right place.
  14. Thanks folks, and yes Pat, cheers, I shall indeed go and have a look over at the Frog Squad GB in due course! I have been doing a bit of reading around here and elsewhere as I have waited to continue progress on the kit, luckily I have had a bit of downtime at work which helps too. I'd forgotten how long it took Blackburn to begin series production on the Skua, no doubt partly causing the feeling that it was soon obsolete. The first prototype flew 9th Feb 1937, but the second one with what was to be the production longer nose and intended for the Bristol Perseus XII engine didn't fly until 18 months later on 28th Aug 1938! I hope that the decals do work ok as commented (fingers crossed on that Pat), the serial number for the aircraft provided is L2928 which indicates an airframe from the first production batch of 69 aircraft which commenced delivery on 14th Sept 1938. Some of the early aircraft has two landing lights but the kit only shews one so I hope they got that right in their researches! One thing I like about this early (ish) model is the connection is the time period. The first kit model of a Skua was by Frog in their Penguin range and it came out whilst the Skua was actually a front line aircraft . I've used Google to look for image info for colour schemes which helpfully landed me on John Dell's comprehensive aviation pages regarding the Skua and Roc. https://dingeraviation.net//skuaroc/skuacolours.htm This has helped guide me as has the thread here on Britmodeller at https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234950022-skua-l2928-s-of-801-nas/ about the actual aircraft serial number of the Frog kit. I am not following the artwork on the Frog box for my production, but the discussion was informative to me. Now I need to start the small amount of filler I want to disguise the gaps in the wing area before I do anymore assembly. Main fuselage halves now glued together and the wing upper and lower halves ready for fitting.
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