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  1. Until I read why and whose getting shot I assumed he was an american. Great Little Vignette.
  2. Tutorials are out there en masse...a great collection of a wide range of subjects have been gathered on this site; Massive Voodoo
  3. The size would make it even more scarey...especially as a mask. Imagine something like that turning up at the front door, and a wee voice coming out of it saying "trick or treat?" :-D
  4. That Looks great. If I was you, I´d seal it and make a Latex mold of it. Afterwards you could either cast a couple more and/or make some pretty decent Halloween masks.
  5. "Battlefield scatter"..dead any dying Close ups HERE
  6. ...and friends. Close ups and a short Video of a viking hero fighting on Stamford Bridge HERE
  7. Thanks. For me , after years of painting mainly 1/72nd this mini looked massive under the lens .Áll the space that Needed covering with colour!!!
  8. As part of a Blogging challenge (Neopolitan challenge ..Blonde, brunette and redhead) I painted a 28mm redhead The Blond - Brunette and more pics of the redhead HERE
  9. More conversions to fill the ranks of the next shiltrons Ohter conversions on the BLOG
  10. Three woodsmen attack a mounted Knight.....with a bad result Full Story with Close ups on the BLOG
  11. Scottish archers. They only had about 500 at the battle so two stands of 5 covers them Close ups and the Abbot of Arbroath on the BLOG
  12. A set of 1/72nd command figs More pics with Close ups on the BLOG
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