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  1. I bought a Shining 3D SE a few months ago, it's OK for larger scans (above 30-40mm) but for small parts it's not great. The quality of the scans is OK but not really what I wanted for detail levels and you do get a degradation of detail because it's a copy. (Some of this may be where I need to learn to use the scanner better) I would probably say that learning Fusion 360 would be the way to go for ultimate detail (and cost). Cheers, Stuart
  2. I'm still waiting for the Blakes 7 reboot. To be honest I wasn't that taken with the Revell B5 kits, too small. A Whitestar would be good though.
  3. Are you attempting to cut off the supports before curing or after? The resin has a lot more flex before curing but has other drawbacks. (messy)
  4. Good to see you back on the Tyrrell. I always wondered why the airbox was matt, thanks for the info. Cheers, Stuart
  5. One of the new cats eyes perhaps? Think they are LED.
  6. I can't speak for the others but Anycubic stuff comes from a warehouse in the UK. I ordered a photon mono x after Jan 2021 and it arrived with no hassle or fees. I checked the shipping address and it came from a UK address. Also ordered resin and supplies from Anycubics ebay account and again it comes from within the UK.
  7. Devastating, he was a brilliant comedian and came out with some of the best lines I ever heard.
  8. I use Tameo red decal solution, it melts the whole decal film ( very careful application of the solution is a must) Paul Fitzmaurice introduced me to it (little cars/ modelling tools) https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/ I use it exclusively for tyre decals.
  9. I think you will need to supply a little more info, is the proto to be printed in resin or filament? The build volume you give would exclude resin unless it's printed in several parts and assembled. Resin proto is only good for static items whereas filament is good for a dynamic use.
  10. C of G will be out with him in the flightdeck.
  11. Not just military aircraft, Hawker 125s had depleted uranium mass balances I think. Radiation in flight is cosmic radiation, much higher at altitude than on the ground. Again 125s had interior insulation with a lead content to absorb some of it (although I think it was unecessary). I seem to recall Concorde had a cosmic radiation detector as it flew at 70k ft, the suns solar flares have a big effect on cosmic radiation levels. At normal flight levels the aluminium skin of the aircraft is all the shielding you need (stops alpha and beta radiation).
  12. The Starfury and gantry really work well as a display, by far the best Starfury build I've seen in a long time. So Thunderbolt next? Cheers, Stuart.
  13. Hello Mike, In what way are the model halves failing? At the print stage or are you unable to plane cut the nacelles? I find that the ability to plane cut with a minimal fill can fail depending on the source file. Are you using the Equinox file from Thingiverse? Regards, Stuart
  14. Do you mean the whole stash or just the ones I bought today?
  15. I had an email from Paul today, he is stock taking at the moment so he is very much still in business. You could try a PM through Britmodeller, or give him a ring. Regards, Stuart
  16. Hello Les, I've had a Mono x for about 3 months and found it to be a really good printer. Like you it took me several failed prints to get the settings dialled in but now it's pretty good. If you can't get IPA I found Acetone is good when diluted 70/30 with water, and give the print a good rinse in cold water after the acetone. The problem with the trapped resin is something you really have to deal with during the design phase, the cured resin is porous and the uncured resin will weep through a surface if not cleaned out. I look forward to seeing your pics when you get them sorted. Cheers, Stuart
  17. It is unfortunately very common, intellectual rights apply and to breach them is illegal. I'm no saint on this as I copied my (un)fair share of music onto cassette in my yoof, but I knew it was illegal and it's not something I'd do now I'm a 'mature' individual. However I work with a guy who happily downloads every new season of the Mandalorian off the internet without paying, when I asked him if he understood the concept of intellectual rights he said he did, but he didn't believe in them. He's the same age as me.
  18. OK, you've tempted me. I really need a 32nd Invader. Stuart
  19. Looking forward to seeing this go together, after seeing your posts in the sci-fi thread I bought the stl file from Alain and have been busily printing my own version. I particularly want to see how you tackle the painting, the texture mapping on the original B5 computer models looks challenging. Cheers, Stuart
  20. Off the back of this review I ordered one from emodels, and boy I was not disappointed. Seeing the detail first hand really brings home the complexity of the kit. Well worth the money. Stuart
  21. Awesome work, your rear wing looks 100% better than the kit parts. I have a number of ACE kits and they need a lot of work, particularly the white metal parts so I can see the work you have put in just to make them useable is amazing. I look forward to your progress, it may inspire me to break out my Brabham BT45C. Cheers, Stuart
  22. I've just had a delivery from this company on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANYCUBIC-Rigid-Resin-Gray-500g-1000g-for-LCD-DLP-SLA-3D-Printer-Photon-Mono-X/184523534553?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=692233197795&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 5 x 1litre bottles for £25.75 each. Delivery was fast and although the company is registered in China, the parcel was sent from the 4PX warehouse in Southall (same one that Anycubic uses). So no import issues. Cheers, Stuart
  23. I bough these from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08GS49L5G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They even come with a collapsible silicon funnel.
  24. I use Imgur so I checked my own threads, Only links shown, no pictures. I logged into Imgur to check the pictures and I get a whole load of blank pages instead. I would say it's definitely Imgur causing the issue (probably). Stuart Edit: I just checked the Imgur site here UK Users Using TalkTalk ISP Unable to View Imgur Images – Imgur I do indeed use TalkTalk.
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