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  1. Black Vallejo primer as a base foe silver. Dark beer to cool down. Somehow I forgot there is a canopy, so now I'm masking it - the most hated process for me. Sausage farmer fingers aren't suited for this delicate job!
  2. The children went for a few days to my parents, so I had some bench time with the Mrs. - she told me something about her job, and I was deeply concentrated with the Hornet. I've used perfect plastic putty where needed (I love this stuff!), and drilled the hole for the stand that comes in the kit. I prefer planes flying than resting.... Sorry for the phone quality pictures.
  3. Hello. Finding this GB gave me the push to take some rust of me, and an opportunity the reduce stash... Although I'm not a FROG fan, I dug my memory and found out that I've actually built three FROG's in the past decade, and have two more in my stash. So, here is one of them - one of my favourite aircraft - D.H. Hornet F.3. It saw better days, but all the plastic is there, but I'm afraid the decals are off register. I've put them on a window to have a few days sun bathing, hopefully it will help. I'll build it OOB, no add on, wheels up on the supplied stand.
  4. Thanks. I just found this thread from a year ago, which answers my question. Don't know how I missed it in the first place.
  5. Hello all. Sorry for awakening this thread, I'm looking for building 74sq F-4J(UK), and was wandering if Academy's new F-4J will be OK? Thanks!
  6. I was surprised to find that the tween seater is 30% to 50% more expensive than the single seaters. Actually, I am very disapointed so I'll wait with buying it, or I'll buy the old Italeri.
  7. Looks great! Since I have three of this in my stash, I wondered how easy (or not) was the build, and if there are specific points that need extra attention.
  8. So there is a good chance we'll see this scheme on a boxart in the future? http://www.free-hdwallpapers.com/wallpapers/aircraft/203014.jpg
  9. A small question: According to Revell, the color of the tail is "Anthracite grey" (Revell #9). To my understanding. it shuold be just black, isn't it?
  10. I'm a rare visitor here, but I had to express my admiration for this one! GREAT work!!!
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