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  1. A resin figure in 1/18 scale of Niki Lauda - casting by Racing Dioramics, painted with Vallejo acrylics and finished with a mixture custom and spare box decals. Base / pit wall is made from some chopped PVC window surround! Fire extingusiher from the Tamiya pit set. More of Niki here with some other recently F1 figures;http://www.p-m-art.com/2014/02/recent-completions-from-my-painting-station/#more-4784 Cheers,
  2. A 90mm metal "oldie" from Phoenix - a straightforward and fun paintjob, - more here: http://www.p-m-art.com/2014/01/killer-heels/#more-4725 Cheers
  3. I put a small King and Country (pre-painted) set of figures into an appropriate setting using a small block canvas and some Andrea powdered snow - entitled "Gospels and garands at dawn"- more here: http://www.p-m-art.com/2010/08/gospels-and-garands-at-dawn/
  4. .......every Doctor needs one - a Nurse! A slightly Racey combination inspired by a photo taken at the Silverstone Moto GP. Hopefully now that he's back with Yamaha, the Doctor will Nurse himself back to his winning ways! More here:http://www.p-m-art.com/2013/04/the-doctors-secret-weapon/
  5. That's an absolutely wonderful piece of model making - stonking stuff. I'm reading Michael Olivers book on the history of the 49 at the moment and he gives a great account of all the little variances in relation to each of the chassis during the marques development and you've captured R1 beautifully with this build. Congratulations on producing this masterpiece and for sharing it with us here , superb stuff, Cheers, Paul
  6. SNAP! - Just spotted yours now - very topical - superb work - love it, Cheers,
  7. Just a bit of metal foil painted with matt black enamel -I like your idea of the paper - sounds easier - will give it a try next time, Cheers Warren - many thanks,
  8. Yes it looks really very effective - produces a great result., cheers n many thanks,
  9. I enjoyed this “What-if” exercise by applying lots of licence and imagination to Revells Ferrari F10. The 1/24th kit is great value for money at around £25. The decals are stunning, however, as usual with Revell race car kits the tyres are absolutely dreadful. Out of two of these kits I could only salvage one useable set of tyres! I used Hycote auto acrylic matt black straight from the fizz can –it gives a wonderful even finish every time – I can definitely recommend it for great results. More here:Visit My Website
  10. The man with his finger on “Fast Forward”so many times last year but unfortunately Sebastian Vettel just couldn’t “get his finger out” this week-end in Valencia! It’s a converted metal casting from Denizen using some Milliput and metal pins. I tried to capture that familiar winning pose he adopts with the pointed finger. There’s a huge shortage of decent Red Bull decals in this scale so all the logos had to be hand painted – more here: Visit My Website
  11. I really like that figure - it's very well posed and uve done a very good paint job on it - well done and thanks for sharing, Cheers, Paul
  12. I really love these little guys - so colourful, Cheers, Paul
  13. Good on ye "Madmonk" - a man after my own heart - I just love both of those sets - great work - excellently painted & both very iconic pieces, Cheers, Best Regards, Paul
  14. Another metal figure from Denizen in 43rd scale - painted in acrylics with a couple of coats of matt varnish. Cheers, Paul More pictures here
  15. You've done a great job on both of these figures. I really like the finish you've achieved - especially the Officer with those piercing blue eyes and the stiff upper lip - they really convey the athmosphere of the time - "Chocks away - Tally Ho" & all that! I was always a great fan of Sid Hortons Chota Sahib range - each one had so much character it made them all very appealing and the quality of the castings was top notch. In fact, I know I still have some safely packed away in the attic - so I must dig them out and see if I can paint them into life like you have done. I might be wrong, but I seem to remember hearing that another company bought the figure molds and re-released them under a different name? - having said, that I've never seen them, and the originals continue to be sought after - does anyone know if they have been re-released?. Many Thanks for sharing - it's a real joy to see these two fellows enjoying a new lease of life! Cheers, Paul
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