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  1. I've had four of these delivered and am very happy with my stash additions. I can't report any issues with bubbles or short-shotting. The fan blade shape may cause concern for some - but not me. Anyway, I'd rather they had including an early shape RB211 ('C' was it) as opposed to a P&W. A long-awaited kit and for <£25 a piece - what a steal.
  2. Child sickness ugh… you have my sympathy and empathy. Interesting moments on way home after hols somewhere hot. Just before landing on packed package holiday jet, my daughter (10/11 at the time) vomited then fainted. Panicked wife/ mother sat next to her drew my attention to daughter’s plight. I manage to get around to their side (I was sat with the other kids a row ahead) and try to rouse her etc. Hosty comes over with a cup of water and promptly disappears when Captain announces ’ten minutes to landing’. That ten minutes passed very quickly and before I knew it I was in the footwell between the seats lying in someone else’s sick. Daughter - now semi-awake - was fine, lying on her back across the three seats with me holding her feet up, she managed to brace herself somehow and stayed put. It took ages for me to wiggle and slide out all while the plane was taxiing etc. I very sheepishly left the aircraft to sympathetic glances from the crew & other passengers. Three things I learnt from this experience: don’t give kids hot drinks on aircraft when they’re already hot and bothered, not matter how much they plead. An airliner’s deceleration is pretty awesome. Airliner seat belts should always be worn on landing.
  3. Pleased to show my effort at Dragon's Type 45. As with my recent T23, 1/700 is pretty small, I used the included PE & WEM/ Colourcoats paints. Seascape copied from Scale-a-ton on youtube - happy with it, but as with the weathering on the ship itself the sea is probably a bit 'overboard'. I went for 6 months in continuous North Sea, force 5 look... Weathering doesn't look as dodgy in real life - extreme close up with iphone. Any comments/ recommendations welcome.
  4. Inspired by others to post (but not nearly as good as) my effort at Trumpeter's Type 23. 1/700 is pretty small, but I reckon it looks like a Type 23. I used PE from WEM & I think the bits it came with too. Seascape copied from Scale-a-ton on youtube - happy with it, but as with the weathering on the ship itself the sea is probably a bit excessively 'foamy'. Imagine North Sea, force 5... Thanks for looking - Richard. Any comments/ recommendations welcome.
  5. Can’t see a starter handle...
  6. Is that a 144 Concorde? £30 for a gift set and no ‘V’, is it a new tool jobbie?
  7. It’s called ‘Flightdeck’ because this year’s major announcement is for a 1/350 HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier. Or so I heard...
  8. I struggle to get consistent results with superglue - maybe mine has gone off. I now use Gator Grip, which is a derived PVA with good grab. The thin version I use is quite fast drying and invisible. Not sure if can be overpainted as I can hardly see the railing let alone the glue that holds it or any paint on top of it! @Ex-FAAWAFU is an advocate for it too and I was put onto it by him in one of his builds.
  9. Hawk Graphics of Canada does great decals (D7011 RN Ensigns sheet for RFA), but I'm not sure they're still trading as my last fews emails/ order requests have not been replied to.
  10. Great seascape (I'll copy technique) & fascinating story: daddy what did you do in the war? I had the most important job on board - the Submarine Excrement Expelation Designated Specialist.
  11. Second test Edit - looks like it's up. Thanks very much @Gorby
  12. I vaguely remember that the 'V' denotes fixed wing vertical take off - like the AV-8... As opposed to rotary wing vertical take off helicopters. Poseidon I don't mind (not that's it's got anything to do with me)! But Wedgetail has to be called something new. Wasn't/ isn't the A400 called Grizzly somewhere in the world? Atlas seems more apt.
  13. I have a similar stash, except mine are "tidied away" in the loft to keep the house presentable: so I'm told by my wife. Her multitude of cheap, tacky, vacuous 10p novels are all on display though. In every room. Anyway, I'm going to build all mine. Just as soon as I stop buying new ones...
  14. With all the consternation about the 100 years, can no one see that all BA have done is added the booking & admin fees.
  15. Forgive me for backtracking slightly, but the pics of the gearbox don't appear to show a static swash plate or control rods. Is that something to do with its 'rigid' nature?
  16. A work colleague and friend of mine was also in the Royal Navy and served aboard HMS Coventry during the Falklands War. In an off the cuff conversation he had a whole room of us transfixed with his account of the sinking. He described how his only possession that he has from that time was his watch as everything else was removed from him or still remains in the water. He bears no malice and isn't bitter about anything (although regrets never actually seeing the islands). As I do a bit of modelling, I asked if I could make something of a tribute to him and his shipmates, and he suggested a model of the well-known photograph of Coventry's upturned hull showing off her screws. I asked why, and he said that he was in that photo in one of the orange liferafts. I've not yet done the model, but it never really occurred to me that it'd be inappropriate as Neil had requested it - that's his right. He was there. At at the end of the day, ships/ aircraft/ cars are only bits of steel or aluminium or wood, it's the people that make them into what they are. I'm pretty sure Crisp won't be depicting anything gratuitous as that would be disrespectful and he's never struck me as that type of person. On the other side of the coin, some extremely courageous acts were carried out around that hangar, that model may well turn out to be a tribute to those actions. Rant over.
  17. Dear RAF, Please don't name it 'Wedgetail'. Yours etc
  18. If you'll permit another test for a photo-noob.
  19. Great! Looking forward to a mixture of some more interesting snippets from your upcoming memoirs and learning more about any of the technical thingy bobs that you explain so eloquently. Ooh, and a bit of model stuff too. I've got a handful of Peter's boxes in my stash - I'm too scared I'm going to chuff them up to even start them. They are wonderful looking kits.
  20. Whilst I've not really researched a great deal for what I want to do with my stashed kit, there doesn't seem too much to the deflated skirt. Especially for someone who's scratch building an LPD in 144th! The bow and stern appear to be covered by the loading ramps and the sides just kind of touch the ground. This image shows both in- & de-flated although the stern ramp is up. https://goo.gl/images/quTaM5
  21. Sorry Mike, must've had my skirts hitched into my knickers: Trumpy didn't do a deflated version. PitRoad did a resin replacement in their own boxing of Trumpy's kit. I saw one many a moon ago on eBay, but not looked since as i was beaten to it but some so & so. Here's one from German Amazon - uncompetitively priced! https://www.amazon.de/U-S-Navy-hydroskimmer-skirt-japan/dp/B00D8U1W74/ref=lp_3715614031_1_7/260-6702257-0986122?srs=3715614031&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1534335640&amp;sr=8-7 Richard
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