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  1. What an impressive model! Please talk me through your use of the silver pencil - all my recent efforts using this don't look anywhere near as realistic as your work. Icarus
  2. Excellent work on a classic model. I note the Tamiya P-51B boxing poking its head out from one of the photos - any progress on this? Icarus
  3. To be honest, since I'm now battling with MiniHobbyModels' broad approximation ("broad" as in the Atlantic is broad) of a Flanker, any excuse to revisit another project is looking increasingly tempting. Icarus
  4. True. I'm also a bit unhappy with the somewhat spartan outer weapons pylons. I'm not averse to revisiting models later on to improve them, but there is a very famous phrase in the surgical world - the enemy of good is perfect... Icarus
  5. Thank you, Davec 24. I couldn't resist - something about that golden ETPS crest on the Oxford Blue fin. Icarus
  6. Welcome back to a fulfilling hobby. What an original choice of aircraft to restart on. Icarus
  7. Blimey! 1:32 Vac-form skills on show. An engineering tour-de-force. I'm impressed with your to-do list - presumably you own a minor county in which to hangar all of these when they're built. Icarus
  8. A lovely rendition of a truly beautiful aircraft. Any tips on the rigging approach that you used? Icarus
  9. Thank you, POMPEO. I thought the Brazilians were looking into buying Gripens recently? Icarus
  10. I agree. It was incredibly difficult to decide whether to go for the yellow-tipped "Ouarsenis" , green-tipped "Aures Nementcha" or red-tipped "Oranie" escadrons. In the end, my wife chose! Thank you, Pete. It will be good to see your take on this kit. Icarus
  11. Thank you, Patrick. My televisual net hasn't yet been cast as far as French TV channels. However, I suspect that few people knew the French Air Force flew Skyaiders until the recent appearance of the restored sample on the airshow scene. Judging by the background reading for this model, the Algerian campaign was a sustained one. Icarus
  12. I can only echo what others have said before me. Staggering. Icarus
  13. They are indeed aftermarket resin. The wheel wells were from Aires - AIRE4174, whiilst the wheels themselves were from True Details - TD48047. Icarus
  14. Count me in as well please. A 1:48 OEZ Sukhoi Su-7 BMK Fitter in Syrian Air Force colours please, your honour. Icarus
  15. Thank you Mish. I note below your signature that you are part of the Soviet/Foreign Air Forces Group Build. I'm pondering on whether I should hold fire on the Ethiopian Flanker that's winking at me from my bench until that GB is due. Hmmm... Icarus
  16. Thank you for the kind comments. It was a revelation how well the Italeri kit went together, and the Eduard PE worked a treat. Decals were by TwoBobs. I realise I mentioned the wheel well detail in my original post, but forgot to include any piccies of said areas. Please find below...
  17. Wow! That is a magnificent build. I particularly like the way you've sprayed on your own markings. Inspirational stuff.
  18. This was a fantastic build - especially the wheel well detail OOTB. The ETPS colour scheme really sets off the shape of this beauty. I look forward to your constructive comments...
  19. It certainly is the MDC sheet. I nabbed the prop decals from the original ESCI set. Icarus
  20. Thank you for the kind comments. The French colour schemes are certainly easy on the eye. In my reference search for this model, I found some Chad Air Force versions - now that would be an unusual build. This is the second old ESCI model I've built in the last 3 months (A-7H of Hellenic Air Force appearing on these pages soon) and I must say dimensionally the kits are pretty good. They're a bit of a fight, and do need resin and PE to bring up to speed, but where's the challenge in beautifully-engineered OOB Japanese builds?
  21. One day??! With brushes?? I sincerely hope your A-levels are taking you somewhere constructive - literally.
  22. Beautiful work. Understated but effective paintjob.
  23. Blimey! What on Earth is that background on your first photo?
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