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  1. Great work on the Bucc so far Ian, its looking great! I'm making my own Bucc at this point as well, Neomega cockpit and everything, but I do have one question... Why have you built up the sides of the cockpit? I'm just curious as I wasn't aware there was anything wrong with them, and as such hadn't done anything to the ones on my own Bucc. Keep up the good work though as this is looking great and along with the other Bucc getting built on the forums just now, this is serving as inspiration to keep mine going! Regards, Nik
  2. This is looking really good so far, looking forward to seeing how it progresses. The early Soviet jets really are a fascinating subject I think! Looking forward to seeing more! Regards, Nik
  3. Lack of patience + tiredness = Ruined Black Box Thunderchief cockpit. Trip to the shop for some Oven cleaner it is then...

    1. Pete in Lincs

      Pete in Lincs

      Don't waste the left over cleaner.

      I'll send my address.

  4. Lovely looking Canberra! The Airfix kit is much maligned, but builds like this show that with a bit of effort a VERY nice model can be made from the kit! Thanks for sharing! Nik
  5. Really can't wait to see how this one progresses, I bought the same set of Air-Craft decals with a view to doing just such a project of my own eventually! Regards, Nik
  6. Absolutely fantastic Javelin! I've got this same conversion to do once I finally finish the T.3 that's been sitting on my bench for nearly a year now. Great job! Regards, Nik
  7. Really nicely done! Didn't realise the Flightpath B.1 conversion set was still available, gives me the urge to build one myself now! Nik
  8. Outstanding effort on this, brilliant looking model! Nik
  9. Do it! It was a really refreshing change from building injection mounded kits, and honestly I've not looked back. You definitely won't regret it! Nik
  10. I do happen to have a couple of Scimitars tucked away... Must admit they're looking awfully tempting right now! Nik
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments guys, genuinely flattered at some of the feedback you've given, always quite encouraging to get positive feedback. Haha! There's another definition??? You mean what they taught me on day one of Observer 101 wasn't really true? Cheers David, the Dynavector kit more than holds its own against modern offerings! For those inclined to do so, I reckon the extra bits available for the Trumpeter kit (brass etch, wheel bays etc.) could be used to turn this into an absolute show-stopper, which I'm more than tempted to do with one of the other Dynavector Wyverns I'
  12. Cracking model! Something very rarely seen so it makes a really nice change! Thanks for sharing! Regards, Nik
  13. Wyvern finally finished! Now what should I start next?! Too many choices in the stash!

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    2. Nik W

      Nik W

      I think I should manage something in EDSG/Sky or white out of that bunch! ;-) Leaning towards Scimitar at the moment...

    3. thepureness


      scimitar go for it

    4. moaning dolphin
  14. Morning all! It's only taken approximately three years to get to this stage, but my Dynavector Wyvern is finally finished. This was my first venture into the world of Vacform kits, and Dynavector did not disappoint. I chose this as by all accounts it is one of the best kits to use as an introduction to vac kits. The fit of the parts is absolutely superb, and once the necessary surface prep was done in order to get parts to match up, this went together with far less hassle than a lot of the injection moulded kits I've built. My build is by no means perfect, in terms of improvements I could'v
  15. Morning all! After a slight break of a little longer than planned I can finally call this one finished! It's taken a lot longer than I'd originally hoped, but I'm pleased with how it turned out in the end! I've learned a lot of lessons from this build, but its safe to say that vacforms no longer hold the fear for me they once did, and the small but growing pile of vacs in my stash is only going to increase as this has been one of the most pleasurable models I've built since my return to the hobby a few years back now. To those that have looked in on this build, thank you for your kind wor
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