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  1. My wish list, for what it’s worth chaps, just in case another vote makes the difference.... 1/72nd Aircraft Aichi D3A Val Curtis P36 Junkers Ju88A-1/C-2 Fairey Battle B24 H/J P47D P51B P38J Hampden Wellington 1C Manchester Dauntless Avenger Hellcat Corsair Me262 Bf109F2 Catalina Mosquito BXVI/PRXVI Anson Lysander Master Mk1 Harvard Mk1 Whilwind fighter Sea Gladiator retools of all the old WW1 range, plus fokker D.VII, Sopwith triplane & 1 1/2 strutter, FE2B, BE2E, Albatros C.III, Nieuport 17, Morane N, Nieuport 28, SE5A, Pfalz DIII 1/48th aircraft Hurricane IIc Blenheim I & IV Gladiator Lysander 1/72nd scale vehicles RAF fighter support set - Albion refueller – Fordson type N tractor & trailer – Standard light ambulance plus starter trolleys, oil trolley, chocks, crates, figures, etc USAAF fighter support set – GMC fuel truck – Dodge ¾ ton ambulance – Dodge ¾ ton weapons carrier plus starter trolleys, oil trolley, chocks, crates, figures, etc New RAF emergency set – Fordson WOT1 6x4 fire tender & Albion ambulance New twin pack Bedfords - Bedford OX 15cwt GS & Bedford OY 3 ton GS New tool RAF refuelling set AEC 6x6 fuel bowser & Bedford QL 4x4 bowser Luftwaffe support set – fuel truck – ambulance – kubel, starters, chocks, crates, figures, etc Clubmobile bus NAAFI van Morris-Commercial CS8 15cwt GS Fordson WOT1 15cwt GS 1/72nd scale floaty things Vosper type II MTB BPBC MGB D type MTB/MGB US PT boat New 1/72nd scale hard plastic figures RAF personnel USAAF personnel Luftwaffe personnel
  2. Dribbling at the thought of both the new B17G (A08017) & the USAAF resupply set (A06304). Finally, hopefully, a great B17, an iconic Chevvy bomb truck & an F1A bowser! It’s just SOOOO long to wait! My B17 will be B17G-75-BO 43-38045 ( c/n 9023), assigned to 487th BG (H) 839th BS 14th July 1944 to become R5 - O “Salty Dog” . Details : Cheyenne rear gun position, one piece waist windows, no radio room gun. Rubber de-icer boot on the fin, possibly also has boots still on the horizontal stabilisers, although the photo reference I have, ( from my copy of Roger Freeman’s ‘Mighty Eighth War Manual’ ), isn’t the clearest. De-icer boots seem to have been removed from the wing leading edges. The cowlings seem a mix of heavily stained areas and clean areas, which suggests to me a series of mechanical repairs over time. Engine, supercharger & cooling system replacements would be a good bet there. Colours : Overall NMF with standard olive drab anti dazzle panels inboard of the engine cowlings. It doesn’t seem to have an anti-dazzle area on the upper nose, but it could be very faded & hard to see. National markings in the standard 4 places. Codes in black. All yellow fin, rudder, horizontal stabilisers and elevators. Serial number on fin in black. Black P within a white square 3rd Air Division / group marking on fin. Yellow wingtips. Red/Yellow chevron on upper starboard and lower port wings, pointing forward, red outermost. This aircraft has an unusual feature. The outer starboard wing panel replaced by one salvaged by another 3rd Air Division B17G. The upper surface is olive drab and there is evidence of a white square group marking. The wingtip has been overpainted yellow and the white square has been overpainted by the red / yellow chevron, thereby almost totally obscuring the group letter. Try as I might, I can’t decipher the little that remains to be seen. I have not seen any evidence, but I assume that the underside of this replacement outer wing would have been the standard underside grey & would have been marked with the blue/white star & bar national insignia. The only olive drab B17 allocated to the 487th BG was a B17F, she was ‘Shady Lady II’ 42-3542, formerly of the 509th bomb squadron, 351st BG, assigned to the 487th on 16th July ’44 & used first as a conversion training ship in July ’44 when the group converted from B24H’s & J’s to B17G’s as part of the USAAF command policy to use only B17’s in VIII Bomber Command and re-assign all the B24’s to the PTO where their greater range was needed. This B17F stayed with the 487th BG, flying, non-operational & unarmed, being used to collect supplies & spares and to collect/deliver personnel. So, returning to 43-38045, the replacement starboard out wing panel must have come from a B17G of another 3rd Air Division bomb group, based at another airfield. Every 8th Air Force airfield had an area where aircraft that were uneconomical in time & money to repair were stripped of parts for reuse. There were also ‘ parts dumps’ in various places where ground personnel could go to search for spares. Recycling isn’t a new activity and it proves that even late in the war, the supply of new spares to combat units was still an issue. There obviously wasn’t a replacement NMF outer starboard wing unit available anywhere when the repair was done, so a salvaged one had to be sourced that just happened to be olive drab, to get the bomber airworthy again. At the moment I have no information as to whether ‘Salty Dog’ had a name, artwork or mission tally on the nose, or what they might have looked like. I’d welcome any help with those. The only fly in the ointment is that Airfix chose an Autocar U-7144-T tractor. Period photos from Station 137 show the bigger Federal F1 tractor units towing the F1A bowsers and I don’t think anyone does this vehicle in 1/72nd, do they? Perhaps I’ll have to source an old Matchbox Diamond T to use as the basis for an extensive conversion… In the meantime I hope that Airfix engineer the new B17 such that E/F variants can be released in the future & I also hope that they re-tool the B24H/J, P47D, P38 & B29. I’ll make a leap of faith and assume that when Airfix were recently at Duxford that they took every opportunity to LIDAR scan, photograph and measure EVERY accessible likely aircraft subject there, so what might be next in 1/72nd? SOOO long to wait……. Tim
  3. Chaps, Looking at the Mk1 Blenheim at Flying Legends recently, I noted that the gunners access hatch, forward of the dorsal turret is glazed. Studying photos of the late second flying MkIV, it’s hatch seemed to be the same. I contacted ARC to ask about the glazed hatch and they told me it was a standard fit. All the hatches I recall seeing on most Blenheim photos seem to be solid. Also, part of the nose glazing seems to be dark earth. Is this painted glazing, or a metal panel? Why? Can anyone kindly advise please? Thanks, Tim
  4. Chaps, I would welcome your opinion as to which kits are best to cover the following aircraft types in 1/72nd scale: Seversky P-35A Curtiss P-36A Brewster F2A-3 Buffalo P-40E P-400 Aircobra Vought OS2U-1 Kingfisher Grumman J2F Duck Vought SB2U Vindicator F6F Hellcat F4U Corsair Douglas SBD Dauntless Grumman TBM/TBF Avenger Douglas TBD Devastator As to individual aircraft variants, my interest covers the Pearl Harbor, Bataan, Wake, Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal clashes. Thanks, as always, Tim
  5. oldgit

    Candy Clipper

    Chaps, Can anyone please confirm the identity, colours and markings of the Grumman J2F Duck known as the ‘Candy Clipper’ that was reputedly the last US aircraft to fly out of Bataan? I understand there was a restored Duck flying in the markings of this aircraft at one time but I’m not sure if the colours it carried were representative of the ‘Clipper’ when it flew out the final time. Also, which 1/72nd offering of the Duck would be best? Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks, as always, Tim
  6. oldgit

    If in doubt brew up

    Chaps, Can anyone kindle advise me if any figure manufacturer produces British, Commonwealth, German or Italian WW2 troops ‘at rest’, i.e. eating, drinking, cooking, in 20mm or 1/76th please? I’m thinking primarily of a North African setting, but figures can often be adapted/painted to suit. Thanks everyone, Tim
  7. Chaps, I’d like to add some barbed wire around a typical type 24 pillbox as part of a slow burning Battle of Britain diorama in 1/76th and I’d appreciate any advice on whether the wire would have been ‘coiled’ or ‘fenced’. Also, what was the prescribed method of anchoring the wire? Did they still use iron pickets in early WW2, or would it have been timber stakes? Was the wire delivered in rolls or were the coils compressed into ‘hoops’? Finally, any advice on making barbed wire in 1/76th would be very, very welcome. I was thinking along the lines of painted fuse wire, wound around a cylindrical ball point pen, with blobs of adhesive or paint to perhaps represent the barbs, if indeed they could actually be seen in 1/76th, but I would welcome any of your preferred methods. Thanks everyone, Tim
  8. Chaps, Does anyone know if the R.A.F. used single and twin axle flatbed or drop-side trailers during WW2 of a size that could be towed behind a typical Tractor such as the Fordson Type N. If they did, can anyone please recommend a likely kit in 1/76th scale? Thanks everyone, Tim
  9. Chaps, I'm very grateful for your informative responses and for the links. I've continued doing some digging and for those with an interest in the subject, I found some very useful detail photos of the FW200 Condor exterior, interior & armament here: http://mundosgm.com/ano-2008/focke-wulf-fw-200-'condor' The pics are self explanatory but for the rest, you may need an online translator! It's a superb Fw200 reference. Thanks again, Tim
  10. Chaps, Can anyone please help with further information regarding Battle of Britain era Luftwaffe camouflage? Late Battle of Britain Luftwaffe fighter colours Evidence in several books I have read suggest that generally speaking, the Luftwaffe Bf109 and Bf110 aircraft during the Battle of Britain moved from the RLM 65/70/71 camouflage scheme colours to RLM 65/02/71 and then finally to a series of grey shades, possibly RLM74/75/76. Can any ‘experten’ out there please confirm any particular Bf109E/F’s and Bf110C/D’s that may have worn the 74/75/76 colours during the Battle of Britain? Anecdotal evidence, some apparently from British reports of Luftwaffe crash landings in the UK also suggests that an under surface colour similar to ‘sky’ may have been used by a very few Luftwaffe aircraft during the Battle of Britain, along with colours similar to light blue and even a light brown being used as part of upper surface camouflage on even fewer. Does anyone have any information that might expand upon these colours and usage? Can any specific aircraft be identified ? Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarine camouflage colours I believe that in 1940 at least some WW2 German maritime aircraft were camouflaged in RLM 72/73 greens rather than the more standard RLM 70/71. I’m not sure however, how widespread the use of 72/73 colours was. Were they used on all ‘over water’ aircraft, only on flying boats and seaplanes, or only on certain types? Thanks everyone, much appreciated as always, Tim
  11. Chaps, I have some questions regarding the maritime air element of the Luftwaffe and possibly Kriegsmarine during 1940 which I hope someone, perhaps some of our forum ‘experten’ might kindly respond to. Can anyone please help with the following? Early Focke-Wulf Condor Could anyone kindly help me with details regarding the Fw200C-1 please? The C-1 seems to be a very elusive bird and whereas there are numerous general photos and 3 views, I’ve never seen any of the detail info I’m looking for, anywhere. Has anyone got any pictorial detail of the defensive gun mountings, particularly the forward dorsal and rear ventral? Could anyone kindly advise what changes I would need to do to the Revell 04678 kit, apart from the obvious changes to the upper dorsal turret? Engines perhaps? Dornier Do24 during the Battle of Britain The limited information I have been able to find regarding the Dornier 24 rescue aircraft during the battle seems to suggest that there were only a handful aircraft operational during the July – October 1940, taken over from the Dutch and that one of them may have been shot down during that period. I understand that the first was the unarmed ex Dutch Do.24N re-registered D-AEAV, soon followed by re-registered D-APDA, both being delivered to Seenotflugkommando 1 in July 1940. Both were initially white overall, with Geneva red cross and civil registrations, although I think D-APDA may later have been armed and then camouflaged. Can anyone help with possible codes used by other Seenot 1 Dorniers? Also, might anyone be able to shine any light on the possible combat loss of one such machine during the Battle of Britain? From a modelling point of view, are there any significant changes between the Do.24N & Do24.T? Seenotdienst Breguet Br.521 Bizerte Does anyone have any information regarding the ex French Breguet Br.521 flying-boats used by the German Seenotdienst in 1940, particularly regarding colours and markings? Has a 1/72nd kit ever been produced of the Br.521? Luftwaffe/Kriegsmarine coastal air patrol during the Battle of Britain From looking at ‘Battle over Britain’ by F.K. Mason and my long treasured first edition of ‘Battle of Britain – Then & Now’ by W.G. Ramsey, it seems that the Luftwaffe flew regular coastal patrols using a variety of He115, Do18, Ar196 and other aircraft. Can anyone confirm, please, if the He60, He114 or Ju52 floatplanes were used in any numbers, and if so, by which Gruppe? Also, were the crews of all these seaplanes Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine or a mix? Thanks everyone, Tim
  12. oldgit

    PA474 and C-GVRA

    Chaps, A plea to the Lancaster experts out there. Could you please explain the differences between PA474 and C-GVRA please? I know the obvious, Martin mid upper turrent with twin fifties and Packard Merlins for the Mk.X, different fuselage windows, etc, but what else is there to look out for from a modelling point of view? I understand for instance that PA474 has different rudders and Shackleton / Halifax parts also? Does anyone produce a 1/72nd scale martin mid upper turret? Does anyone produce decals of the current markings worn by PA474 & C-GRVA? Finally, am I in a minority in being offended by the 'Thumper' & 'Vera' names? To me it seems a typical 'dumbing down' of a subject which seems to be happening far, far too often these days... Thanks everyone, as always, Tim
  13. oldgit

    Tora Tora Tora

    Thanks for the great response everyone. I have that article Steve, but thank you anyway - very thoughtful. As for paint, I was thinking of the colours used for the film work, rather than authentic period colours. It will be interesting to see how far 'off' the film aircraft were compared to the actual colours and markings. Can anyone offer an opinion there? Doing a bit of digging, I've noticed that Revell have done a couple of boxings of 1/48th scale AT-6 Texans - 85-5251 and 04516. Are these two different kits or the same one reboxed? Likewise, there seem to be two Revell P40E's - 04566 & 4319. Does anyone know their pedigree? (I know they should be P40B's historically. but the movie used the E model). Finally, I beleive that Nichimo did at least a B5N Kate in 1/48th. Does anyone know if they did a D3A Val or an A6M2 type 21? Were they reasonable kits? Thanks again, Tim
  14. oldgit

    Tora Tora Tora

    Chaps, Has anyone ever attempted to build the Tora Tora Tora Movie replica IJN aircraft as subjects, i.e the AT6 Texan converted into an Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 21 replica, the AT-6/BT-13 cross replicating the Nakajima B5N ’Kate’ and the stretched & modified BT-13 Valiant that produced the Aichi D3A ‘Val’? I know that there is quite a lot of scratch & conversion work involved. Has anyone tried? Can anyone recommend suitable AT-6 & BT-13 kits in 1/48th scale please? Would anyone know if 1/48th kits are presently available of the actual B5N & D3A, or which A6M2 type 21 might be best in that scale? Looking at the mods below, I wonder if a simpler alternative approach might be to add AT-6 & BT-13 parts to ‘Zeke’, ‘Val’ & ‘Kate’ kits, rather than trying to modify the AT-6s and BT-13s. What do you think? Here’s what I’ve found out about the actual aircraft involved in the film: Work began building the hybrid AT-6, BT13 & AT-6/BT-13 replicas in early August, 1968 - 30 in total – 9 x Vals, 9 x Kates & 12 x Zekes. The AT-6 were modified to duplicate the Japanese Mitsubishi A6M2, type 21. The aircraft were given a false lower rudder extension, modified cowling, cooling gills, cockpit canopy, large fore & aft wing root fairings, rounded wing tips, new main undercarriage doors, upper decking, spinners, fake arrester hooks, aux fuel tanks & dummy guns. Some had geared R-1430 engines fitted, with three blade props while others retained their original engines and two blade props. Some even retained the second seat under the fuselage & canopy modifications. I understand that some aircraft were also fitted with BT13 tail wheels. The ‘Zekes’ were mainly painted light grey-green with black cowlings & red stripes. The BT-13 were modified to duplicate the B5N ‘Kate’ torpedo bomber by using AT-6 Texan centre fuselages, with a 16 inch extension forward of the cockpit & behind the engine, another 7ft extension aft of the cockpit & a BT-13 tail assembly. Fin & rudder shape was slightly modified; the canopy was re-built, with a rear folding section and rear gun to represent the 3 seat B5N. Large fore & aft wing root fairings & rounded wing tips were added. Many of the replica ‘Kates’ had geared R-1430 engines replacing the original R-1340’s. Dummy torpedoes on working release gear were added. The ‘Kates’ were mostly pained dark green with black cowlings. One aircraft had red & yellow horizontal tail stripes – I assume to represent Mitso Fuchida’s aircraft. The BT-13 were modified to duplicate the Aichi 99 ‘Val’ dive bomber with 600hp R-1340 engines instead of the original R-985s, the forward fuselage lengthening similar to the Kate, new canopy, fibreglass dorsal tail fillet, dummy dive brakes, additional fibreglass undercarriage spats & dummy bombs on working release gear. The ‘Vals’ were mainly painted light grey-green with black cowlings. I think that the BT-13 main-planes were extended around 4ft also, on both the ‘Kate’ & ‘Val’ replicas. Nineteen AT-6 Texans were modified to various degrees in Japan. Two were rebuilt as A6M2 type 21 ‘Zekes’ and 5 as B5N ‘Kates’, in a similar manner to the American replicas. The Japanese film ‘Zekes’ were painted silver. No D3A ‘Val’ replicas were built in Japan and I think these are absent from the carrier take off scenes. Standard AT-6 aircraft painted dark green with red Hinomaru markings are noticeable in background carrier footage. In addition to the 30 aircraft ‘IJN’ fleet, Five B17F & B17G’s, Two P40E’s, a PBY5A and a PT-17 were also used in the flying sequences. 27 replica P40’s were constructed for non-flying work, some of which had Alison engines to enable them to taxi. I think all were destroyed during the filming. Four or five PBY hulks were also destroyed during filming, along with a partial B25 rigged with a strange single fin and at least one static replica OS2U Kingfisher floatplane. Great Film, done the old fashioned way. Real aeroplanes and no CGI. Those replicas must have been ‘interesting’ to fly! If anyone can add to this, add/correct any details or advise on the modelling aspect please do so. In the meantime, what colour ‘dark green’ ‘silver’ and ‘light grey-green’ would you suggest as correct for these aircraft? Thanks everyone, as always, Tim
  15. Chaps, First of all, with my apologies to our Moderators, if I have put this in the wrong area, please would you kindly move it to where it should be? Thank you. Now, who’s going to Flying Legends? I’ll be there on the Saturday, at around 08:30, traffic and road works permitting. It’s 4 hours each way for me, so it’ll be a pre dawn start I think… What I’d like to know is what model traders might be there? Can anyone tell us please? Like most, I’ve got a finite amount of slowly smouldering cash in my pocket and a rough n ready shopping list that includes an element of ‘either / or’ alternatives, so it would be useful to trawl the various traders beforehand to see who has what, in anticipation of a lightning dash around the marquees and gazeebos prior to claiming a pitch ready for the flying… Could those of you who are seasoned veterans of airshows please advise if it’s possible to pre order kits beforehand with attending traders for collection ‘on the day’ ? Thanks everyone, Tim
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