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  1. Reggie, Another amazing Phabulous Phantom build Keep up the excellent work! and I eagerly await the next Phantom build from your stash
  2. Phantastic, beautiful finish and brings back happy memories <- My profile photo, is of XT898 in 1980 when we had her on 29(F) Sqn: She was a good kite
  3. Patrick, First of all - welcome to Britmodeller. Your F-15 builds are excellent. In fact it is hard to believe that they are not 1/48 scale - with the detail you have achieved. I look forward to your future contributions, so keep up the great work
  4. to ALL the comments above! Excellent build and display (as usual) - keep up the great work
  5. A Phantastic Phantom to complete your trio tribute to 29(F) 'XXX' (Lord Riots comment) You could do with a Lightning F3, and another FGR2 (Grey Ghost) to make your collection perfect. This Phantom has been a long time in the making, but well worth the wait! Thanks
  6. I presume as it is 'P' XV399 - you have used the X48200 Xtradecal sheet? This is the first time I have seen them applied. I await the photo's of the finished build. Keep up the Great work
  7. Your Typhoon is Terrific! (well recovered ), XV399 ? (P) has been a long time in the coming, but I am sure the wait will have been worth it Carry on the Great Work, Cheers 29 Triplex
  8. What a Cracking pair ! You've really eggcelled yourself with these two
  9. Another Phantastic Phantom to add to your collection But there's still one missing! I suppose XV466 was a XXX kite when we took her to the Falklands Keep up the Great work
  10. High praise to you sir ! Great work and a fantastic finish
  11. to what Silver Fox said. Mark, I too love the research and find it a very satisfying part of our hobby. Great work!
  12. Hi Rick, I got to Marham in the mid 80's, as part of the initial engineering cadre for the Tornado Force, so I suppose that I was part of 'the problem'. Marham was (I am led to believe) a sleepy hollow - with Canberra's and Victor's, until the Tonka's moved in. Then came the exercises every other week, and on at least one occassion I can remember - we had two in the same week. Ask your dad about the exercise when the Para's came to attack using Chinooks. Then there was SRF, where we had to take turns doing the Snowdrops job of doing extra guard (because of the WE177 sunshine buckets). Along with the high pofile 617 Dumb*stards 'standing-up' and then 27 - It was quite an intense period before your dad left in '85. They were the not-so-good times. But, with a SWO like Bernie, there was always good times to be had - down the Bell, in Marham village (now long gone!) - at the end of a long week . Regards, 29Triplex.
  13. You've done an Old Lady very proud! Brings back a happy memory of Marham, and those are few and far between.
  14. to what Phone Phixer wrote; The Greys look just right Terrific Job! Please enlighten us as to which colours?/what make Rattle Can you used?
  15. Terrific Tonka, and a great result for all your trials and tribulations
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