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  1. A Phantastic Phantom to complete your trio tribute to 29(F) 'XXX' (Lord Riots comment) You could do with a Lightning F3, and another FGR2 (Grey Ghost) to make your collection perfect. This Phantom has been a long time in the making, but well worth the wait! Thanks
  2. I presume as it is 'P' XV399 - you have used the X48200 Xtradecal sheet? This is the first time I have seen them applied. I await the photo's of the finished build. Keep up the Great work
  3. Your Typhoon is Terrific! (well recovered ), XV399 ? (P) has been a long time in the coming, but I am sure the wait will have been worth it Carry on the Great Work, Cheers 29 Triplex
  4. Another Phantastic Phantom to add to your collection But there's still one missing! I suppose XV466 was a XXX kite when we took her to the Falklands Keep up the Great work
  5. High praise to you sir ! Great work and a fantastic finish
  6. to what Silver Fox said. Mark, I too love the research and find it a very satisfying part of our hobby. Great work!
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