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  1. I would! A lot! With the SBS Macchi M.72 in 1/48th coming and the hint of a supermarine S.4 as a possibility... I would gladly skip the Karaya Crusader, my abilities/information/tools are not up to correcting the karaya kit (I'm already working on their 1/72th Savoia Marchetti and really donĀ“t know if I will be able to pull this of). So Please keep in the loop if you produce a kit of this plane! best regards, Antonio Rivas ps. you really are putting some inspiring work on this thread, awesome work!
  2. Interested in this kit also, after getting the 1/72th one which is a work of art. Hope the S.4 becomes a reality and a good compliment to that could be a Macchi M.52, anyways patiently waiting to hear about this M.72 being released! best regards, Antonio Rivas
  3. Great reviews! I have this kit "out for delivery today..!" in the nuclear strike role would the RBT carry the RN-28? which pylon would carry this weapon? There is one by Advance Modeling, don't know it an adapter would be necessary to mount it to the pylon (or which adapter?) I guess only one of this things would be carried in a nuclear strike mission... best regards, Antonio Rivas
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