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  1. Thanks guys... Tricky business is figure painting. I still knock up the odd kit, but figures are my main interest now... Don't take up so much room when finished you see.
  2. Guys... Finally got round to finishing this chap, he's only been on the bench for about a year (not bad, eh? ) It's the 120mm Verlinden figure, painted mostly in Vallejo acrylics... Still need to perfect the skill of skintones, but I'm getting there. Hope you enjoy...
  3. Phil... There's another leaflet that compares the two... http://www.ak-interactive.com/ak/NEWSMARCH2015/TRUEMETAL_VS_XTREMEMETAL.pdf
  4. Just come across this on Facebook... http://www.ak-interactive.com/ak/NEWSMARCH2015/XTREME_METAL.pdf
  5. Great Job... I'm looking at one of these myself. Only one piece of very minor criticism... That's NOWHERE near dirty enough for a Trident... They were always filthy.
  6. I'd have the same dilemma to be fair. The obvious choice, for me, would be a 22 sqn HAR3a, as I live in the area covered by them, and try to model on a "local" theme. But I am a bit partial to the Grey and Red "Ace of Clubs", as used by the Andrew's 771 sqn.
  7. Cheers guys. It was an enjoyable, if slightly long build. I'm toying with the idea of a Battle of Britain class now... But having said that, I've also got a load of others already that need attention.
  8. Now let's put the whole thing together... Weathering on the loco with various stages of airbrushing, for this I used Createx Wicked Detail (auto) colours, Smoke Black, Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre... Cows and Cycle are supplied unpainted from Model Scene railway accessories... Smoke from the stack is aquarium filter wool formed around a fine wire frame and detailed with Createx Smoke Black. I was looking at producing a dio of a tired old loco, on it's last legs, I'm pretty happy with the result. These group of pics are the finished article... If the mods wish these to be put into an RFI thr
  9. Now... Let's make this little lot a bit more 3D... Good old Papier mache to make up the banking, more plaster of paris for the wall... Now time for the groundwork and foliage. Mostly Woodland Scenics... Bit more, with some weathering, especially to the tunnel entrance (exit), Smoke stains and bird "poo", etc... Further down the line, we have a fogmans hut... And a close up of the "rusty" wire fencing. Painted fishing line with MIG rust effect fluid... And looking along the whole stretch...
  10. More of the Loco later... On to the Dio base work... Length of "Standard" Hornby rail, with the start of some colour... Bit more advanced, also with added Ballast... What's an old steam loco without a old wagon to pull? Some way through the battered wagon, which is a Parkside kit. Actually far too good for a static display, as it's got smooth ruuning wheels and all, but there we go... Now back to the base... Anyone remember an old Plaster of Paris system called Linka? I still have a far bit from years ago, and decided to put it to good use... Now to turn this little lot into
  11. It's been a while since I posted any work on here... Other things to be getting on with, and all that! I've just finished this project, so this will be a "Work AFTER Progress", rather than a "WIP" in the true sense. I looked into what kits were available to replicate a scene from the "Last Days of Steam" (-ish), Black freight loco, and decided that the old Dapol BR Mogul fitted the bill lovely. I haven't included all the photo's because that would just get a bit monotonous, but the important ones are posted. So here goes... In all her unmade glory... Obviously old molds... Massive am
  12. pte1643

    Wood effect

    Ha Ha Ha... I have that colour and have used it many times... I've never noticed that before. In some kind of bizarre coincidence I've just been using it and had a quick look at the bottle. Great wood effect btw, Honeybee.
  13. http://www.xdiecast.com/14-diecast-ducati-panigale-1299-s-by-pocher-wows-the-premium-bike-collectors
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