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  1. the refueller is from Gaso-line, a company based in France that has a huge choice of 1/48 french armor in a kinda of resin diecast : Here is the link for the webshop : http://www.phpshopxml.com/quakit.shop/CID/30f206279c39064d17221490391add0c/function/catalogPageDisplay/shopLanguage/ENG/shopCurrency/EURO Cheers Norbert
  2. Hi The alternative is to make the whole team, like here : https://www.facebook.com/reedoakmodels Norbert
  3. Hi Julien this conversion is only for the AH-6J boxing, as it has the requested quantity of rotor blades requiered. Norbert
  4. norbert


    Hi here in this link http://blackopsmodels.com/ on the homepage, you see they are working on a 1/35 conversion set first picture on the picture caroussel Norbert
  5. you have the right nose, the right rear sliding doors and the right tail in the box Eventualy, you have to find a flir somewhere, but they are not installed everytime Norbert
  6. Hi With this boxing, you can make the black ? ZJ782 Army Air Corps AS_365N3 Dauphin II as shown here : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_6_eHhH__mn8/TTQu5rHqDaI/AAAAAAAAVQ4/soRB1H6hOrs/s1600/MH-ZJ782_BHX_13Jan11X.jpg Norbert
  7. Live Resin is about to release Blackhawk weapons with mount and ammo cases Norbert
  8. Hi I got the model and I must share I'm very pleased with it. I made some dryfit to check the pannel assembly, and I had no bad surprise details are subtle and it renders well the composite fuselage I think that KH made the choice to offer several versions for various markets. This brings to some compromises n the model layout. In my opinion, we have to respect this, helicopters is not such a big market like spitfires and I'm thanksfull to KH to produce this one. So why this layout ? it enables to get, starting from the tail : 2 types of tails, composit and metallic, for any Dolphin 2 types of tailbeams, as US Coastguards have an armour on it 2 types of rear cover, as there is also an APU on USCG airframesn Not shown here, 2 types of turbines outlets, and 2 types of housing behind them, allowing also MH-65C or D or AS-565 N3+ 2 types of doors, plus USCG side 2 types of roof, as USCG roof is also different 3 types of nose windows configurantions (already in the box) Short or long nose So far, it fits well. You build first the inside, and the outside goes around it Norbert
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